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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 473 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A Warbler was at Jericho Park in Vancouver 21 Mar–1 Apr (Jamie Fenneman, m.ob.). A rarity on the Sunshine Coast, a Clay-colored Sparrow was at the Wilson Creek Estuary near Sechelt 24 May (Arnold Skei). Near Golden, a Lark Sp - arow was at the Moberly Marsh hayfields 27 May (Doug Leighton). A Le Conte's Sparrow yet another nice find near Golden at Moberly Marsh 30 May (Doug Leighton). A Grasshop - per Sparrow, very rare in the West Kootenays, was at College Oxbow in Castlegar 5 May (Craig Sandvig). Stray Swamp Sparrows ap - peared at a number of coastal locations includ- ing the Iona Island Sewage Ponds 14 Mar (Pe- ter Candido) and Lantzville at Legacy Marsh 19 Apr (G. Gillespie). At the Reifel Refuge in Lad - ner, 2 remained from the winter period until at least 22 Apr (Melissa Hafting, Liron Gertsman, m.ob.). An imm. Harris's Sparrow found at the Reifel Refuge in Nov 2014 remained until at least 28 Apr, by which time it had acquired ad. plumage (Liam Singh, m.ob.). On Vancouver Island, a Harris's Sparrow was at the Nanaimo River Estuary, continuing from winter period until at least 3 Apr (Christopher Stephens). In the Okanagan Valley, a singing Harris's was noted on Penticton's West Bench 3 Apr (Dick Cannings). Others were in the Merritt area at a feeder 27 Apr (Katharine Shewchuk) and at Parsons 2 May into Jun (Peter Leicester). A in, m.ob.) and at Jericho Park 1 May (Jamie Fenneman). At Hope, in the Fraser Valley, a Dusky Flycatcher was noted at the airport 1 May (Gord Gadsden). Reports of Say's Phoe - bes were widespread in coastal areas. In the Vancouver area, one was at Iona Beach in Rich - mond 18 Mar (Milva DeSiena), one at Locarno Beach 26 Mar (Mike Tabak, m.ob.), one at Camosun Bog 16 Apr (Neill Vanhinsberg), one at Inter River Park 28 Apr (Quentin Brown), one was at East Point Park, Saturna Island, Gulf Islands 13 Mar (Ann Murray), and one at Martindale Flats, Saanich, Vancouver Island 25 Mar (Mike McGrenere). In the Fraser Valley at Hope, a Say's Phoebe was at the airport 30 Mar (Gord Gadsden, m.ob.). Very rare in the Fra - ser Valley, a Loggerhead Shrike was seen by many during its stay at the Hope Airport 3-4 Apr (Gord Gadsden, Jamie Gadsden, m.ob.); perhaps the same bird was there 24 May (Gord Gadsden). In Revelstoke, a Loggerhead Shrike was on grassy flats s. of Machete Island 24 May (Catherine Craig). The spread of Western Scrub-Jay into sw. British Columbia is confined to the lower mainland, where reports keep accumulating. A One was along 119th Avenue at York Street in Maple Ridge 11-22 Apr (Melissa Hafting, Liron Gertsman, m.ob.), another along River Drive at 21st Street in New Westminster 17-20 Apr (Amy Newman, m.ob.). Mountain Bluebirds are annual rarities along the coast of British Columbia, where a male was present at Locar - no Beach 21-31 Mar (Pierre Cenerelli, m.ob.); 2 were at Vancouver International Airport in Richmond 5-7 Apr (Mike Fung, m.ob.); and one was at the Lower Seymour Conservation Reserve in North Vancouver 1 Apr (Luis Mo - gyoros). A Sage Thrasher was a nice surprise at the Hope Airport 21 May (Gord Gadsden, Pab - lo Jost, Todd Kohler). On Vancouver Island, a Sage Thrasher appeared at Black Creek 7 May (John Todd). Brown Thrasher reports have been increasing in s. British Columbia in recent years, so the appearance of one at Kootenay N.P. in the Kootenay River Day Use Area 21 May was not a huge surprise (Frank Chappell et al.). A Northern Mockingbird was a nice find at the Wilson Creek Estuary near Sechelt on the Sunshine Coast 26-27 May (John Hodges). At Castlegar, where Ovenbird is very rare, 2 were found along the Mel Deanna Trail 30 May, and they remained into the summer pe - riod (Craig Sandvig). In cen. British Columbia, a Black-and-white Warbler was found along the Gregg Creek Forest Service Rd. w. of Prince George 24-25 May (Sandra Kinsey, Laird Law, m.ob.). In the Okanagan Valley, a Tennessee Warbler was in a Penticton garden 11 May (Laure Neish). A male Blackpoll Warbler was at Logan Lake 24 May (Rick Howie). A Palm Rare in coastal British Columbia, Dusky Fly - catchers were seen at several locations in the Lower Mainland, including one at Maplewood Flats in North Vancouver 30 Apr–1 May (Rob Lyske, m.ob.). Singles in Vancouver were at Queen Elizabeth Park 27 Apr (Mike Tooch - Rare anywhere in southern British Columbia, this Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was at Nelson 4 April 2015. Photograph by Paul Prappas. A great one-day surprise for Doug Leighton, this Green-tailed Towhee appeared in his garden near Golden, British Columbia 18 May 2015. Photograph by Doug Leighton. Seen by many, this Loggerhead Shrike was at the Hope Airport, British Columbia, a well-known vagrant trap, 6 April 2015. Photograph by Raymond Ng. Black Creek, British Columbia hosted this Sage Thrasher 15 May 2015, a rare bird on the coast. Photograph by John Todd. A hummingbird feeder in the Fraser Valley at Chilliwack, British Columbia hosted this immature male Hooded Oriole 5-6 (here 5) May 2015. Photograph by Carol Baird.

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