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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 472 B R I T I S H C O LU M B I A through summer (Todd Kohler, m.ob.). Single Broad-winged Hawks were noted on s. Van - couver Island at Panama Flats in Saanich 19 May (Geoffrey Newell) and at Mount Tolmie, Victoria 27 Apr (Gabe David); another was in the Blaeberry Valley near Golden 6 May (Doug Leighton). A light-morph ad. Ferruginous Hawk was well described from the grasslands of Beaver Lake Rd. in Lake Country 28 May (Logan Lalonde, m.ob.); another was at Sepa - ration Lake near Kamloops, where this species has appeared a number of times over the years, 16 May (Rick Toochin). On Vancouver Island, where American Avo - cets are rare, the appearance of one at the Eng- lishmen River Estuary near Parksville 23-27 Apr (Christoher Stevens, m.ob.) was notable. In the Okanagan Valley, a pair of Black-necked Stilts appeared at the Glenmore Landfill 10 Apr and remained into the breeding season, most likely raising young (Kyle Fitzpatrick, m.ob.). An American Golden-Plover at Beaver Ranch Flats near Quilchena 25 May (Peter Candido, m.ob.) made for a rare interior spring sight - ing. At Revelstoke, a Willet was noted at the airport wetlands 13 May (Michael Morris, Don Manson). In the Okanagan, where Willet is a casual visitor, a single bird was noted in the oxbows along the Okanagan River Channel at Penticton 17-18 May (Richard Cannings, Eva Durance, m.ob.). A Willet at Oban Cove on Thormanby Island on the Sunshine Coast was a first for the local checklist area 5 May (Marcia Mason). The Okanagan's third Mar - bled Godwit was photographed at the mouth of Mission Creek in Kelowna 28 Apr (Scott Thomson). The "Patagonian Picnic Table Ef - fect" took hold at Beaver Ranch Flats, where a Hudsonian Godwit was found 26 May and re - mained into summer (John Reynolds, m.ob.). East of Prince George, 9 Hudsonian Godwits at Lone Oak Ranch near Eaglet Lake in Gis - come 2 May (Christopher Coxson) provided a local high count. A rare migrant in the spring in the Kootenays, a Dunlin was at Wasa Lake near Cranbrook 5 May (Dean Nicholson). In Kelowna, a Sanderling visited the sandbar at the mouth of Mission Creek 24-27 May (Logan Lalonde et al.). A single Sabine's Gull, a species not often seen close to shore in coastal areas, was at the Ogden Point Breakwater in Victoria 16 Apr (Keith Taylor et al.). In the interior, an ad. Sabine's Gull was along the e. side of Kam - loops Lake 31 May (Ken & Marina Lipinski). Tachick Lake near Van - derhoof produced yet another ex- cellent gull sighting, with 2 Little Gulls 23 May (Nancy Krueger). In the Lower Mainland, where Frank - lin's Gulls are rare annual visitors, one was noted at the Iona South Jet - ty 25 Apr (Bridget Spencer, m.ob.). An ad. Franklin's Gull, perhaps the same one, appeared again at the Iona South Jetty 30 May (Derek Kilby); perhaps the same Franklin's Gull was at Maplewood Flats in North Van - couver 12 May (Derek Kilby). At Chilliwack, 2 Iceland Gulls seen during the winter period at the local landfill remained until at least 18 Mar (Rick Toochin, m.ob.). In the Okanagan Valley, an Iceland Gull was at the Kelowna Landfill 11 Mar (Chris Charlesworth, Ryan Tomlinson et al.). At the beach in White Rock, an ad. Forster's Tern was found 27 May (Kath - erine Boylen), and another was at the airport wetlands in Revelstoke 29 May (Dusty Veide - man, Don Manson). The only location in Brit- ish Columbia where Forster's Terns are regu- larly found is at Duck Lake near Creston, and the species has been considered a rare to ca - sual visitor elsewhere in the province. In recent years, however, there have been a few Forster's Terns on Shuswap Lake near Salmon Arm, and this spring, 3 birds arrived there 31 May and remained into the breeding season (Roger Beardmore, m.ob.). HUMMINGBIRDS THROUGH FINCHES A male Black-chinned Hummingbird, a rarity outside of the s. Interior, was banded at Iona Island in Richmond 31 May (Paul Levesque). A male Costa's Hummingbird was photographed at a feeder in Burnaby 3 May (Pat Stephens). A Great Gray Owl was seen at Lois Lake s. of Powell River 15 Mar (Neil Hughes), and a dead Boreal Owl was discovered at Black Creek on Vancouer Island 17 Apr (B. Lane). A casual visitor to anywhere in s. British Columbia, single Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were noted at Carnarvon Street and Celtic Avenue, Vancou - ver 9 Mar (Ben Keen) and in the Kootenays at a private Nelson residence 4 Apr (Paul Prar - ras). Fairly rare in the Revelstoke area, a Lewis's Woodpecker was seen 5 May (Darlene Cancel - liere); one found in the Blaeberry Valley near Golden 6 May (Doug Leighton) was slightly out of range. In the Okanagan, an imm. gray- morph Gyrfalcon was noted at Otter Lake near Vernon 4-7 Mar (Chris Siddle, mob.). Part of an unprecedented irruption of White-faced Ibis into southern British Columbia, these birds were at Separation Lakes near Kamloops, 15 May 2015. Photograph by Rick Howie. This Willet was at Penticton in British Columbia's Okanagan Valley, where it is a casual visitor, 18 May 2015. Photograph by Chris Charlesworth. This gray-morph Gyrfalcon thrilled birders at Otter Lake near Vernon, British Columbia in early (here 5) March 2015. Photograph by Michael Force.

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