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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 471 A L A S K A Observers: G. S. Baluss, G. Beiber, R. B. Benter, A. Bowman, D. Crowson, L. H. DeCic - co, B. H. Demerjian, N. K. Drumheller, J. L. Dunn, C. D. Eckert, E. Fernandez, G. Frost, D. D. Gibson, M. R. Goff, S. Golodof, C. Gregory, N. R. Hajdukovich, S. C. Heinl (Southeast), I. J. Helmericks, R. Hibpshman, R. Hoyer, B. L. Hunter, J. Huntington, A. J. Lang (South- coastal Alaska), K. R. Larsen, J. Layton, J. D. Levison, J. H. Lewis, R. A. MacIntosh, H. Mas - ters, J. McDermott, L. Olson, B. B. Paige, C. & E. V. Parker, B. Peluso, A. W. Piston (South - east), P. Pourchot, R. Prentki, P. A. Rose, W. T. Sampson, P. Scully, M. K, Schwan, D. Shirley, J. Smith, D. W. Sonneborn, St. Paul Tour (S. Schuette, Cory Gregory et al.), D. Stoker, G. B. van Vliet, R. Winckler, J. J. Withrow, B. Zim - mer, K. Zimmer. Referenced details (†), audio recordings (v.r.), and photographs (ph.) are on file with the Alaska Checklist Committee. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Thede Tobish, 2510 Foraker Drive , Anchorage, Alaska 99517 ( chikan airport for the fourth consecutive sum- mer; at least 4 singing birds were located 19 Jul, as well as 2 probable females and at least 5 streaky juvs. (SCH). The female Red-winged Blackbird e. of Nome near Solomon 18 Jun (ph. GB, VENT) was certainly a surprise; there are at least three prior Seward Peninsula records. The Common Rosefinch at Gambell 10-11 Jun (JH, DP) fol - lows the pattern from that outpost of occa- sional early Jun reports. Crossbills pushed into the Bering Sea at St. Paul Island in mid-sea - son, with a few Red Crossbills there 26 Jun–5 Jul and then 3 on 30 Jul, and White-winged Crossbills 26 Jun–5 Jul and 12 Jul–5 Aug, with a high count of 32 there 22 Jul (St. Paul Tour). There are fewer than a dozen reports for both species from the Pribilofs. A Petersburg feeder attracted a bright American Goldfinch 22-24 Jun (JS, ph. BLH), the Region's eighth report and the fifth from Southeast. The season's only Hawfinches were singles at St. Paul Island 29 May–3 Jun and 16 Jun (St. Paul Tour). of birds showing intermediate plumage traits. An Olive-backed Pipit was getting late at St. Paul Island 13 Jun (St. Paul Tour), the sum - mer's only observation. It was a particularly uneventful summer for warblers. The only notable report was another extralimtal Common Yellowthroat at Anchor - age's Potter Marsh 24-26 Jun (ph. BZ, PP, DWS et al.). Single yellowthroats have turned up in summer at Anchorage every few years follow - ing the first in 1988. Two Clay-colored Spar- rows, including a singing bird, were observed in thickets at the edge of Hyder's extensive tide flats 7-8 Jun (ph. IJH). One of the birds was collecting nest material and taking it to the same spot in the sweetgale thicket, providing the first evidence of nesting for Alaska. Sub - sequently, a single Clay-colored Sparrow was observed in the area 24 Jun (JJW), but no ad - ditional breeding evidence was detected. This marks the Region's second summer and about the fifteenth overall record. Pugetensis White- crowned Sparrows nested again near the Ket - British Columbia over Rd. 22 on 19 May (Chris Charlesworth) and from Rose's Pond near Vernon, where one was present 27 May (Scott Thomson). Ameri - can White Pelicans, rare along the coast, were noted at several locations on Vancouver Island, including Mount Douglas, Victoria, where a flock of a dozen was seen 28 Apr (Daniel Don - necke); 10 were seen near Duke Point at Na- naimo 10 May (Jeremy Kimm); up to 20 were at Cowichan Bay near Duncan, 10-17 May (S. Large, m.ob.); and what was most likely the same flock appeared at nearby Sidney Island 15-17 May (Daniel Donnecke, m.ob.). American Bitterns have become extremely rare in the Okanagan Valley, so the report of 3 in the marshes at the s. end of Swan lake in Vernon 27 May was intriguing (Scott Thom - son). Great Egrets are rare wanderers n. to Brit- ish Columbia; singles were at Brunswick Point, Ladner 7 May (Richard Swanston et al.), Sidney Island near the s. tip of Vancouver Island 15-17 May (Daniel Donnecke, m.ob.), and Horseshoe Lake near McBride in the Robson Valley 12-16 May (Elsie Stanley). British Columbia enjoyed an unprecedented invasion of White-faced Ibis this spring, with 12 at Separation Lake near Kamloops from 13 May (Chris Chutter, m.ob.) through at least 10 Aug, one near the Revel - stoke Airport 17 May (Brent Diakow, Wayne Diakow), 2 at Separation Lakes near Princ - eton 19-25 May (Cathy Lahaie et al.), and 4 at Beaver Ranch Flats near Quilchena 18 May Chris Charlesworth –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he warmer-than-average winter contin- ued into March over much of the prov- ince, with +3-4º C temperature anoma- lies over much of the interior. In April, mean daily temperatures at most reporting stations were about 2º C warmer than the 30-year av - erages, with only the northeastern corner of the province 3º C warmer in April. May tem - peratures were closer to long-term averages but still above in most areas. Precipitation to - tals were near long-term averages, though the central swath of the province was categorized as "abnormally dry," the least severe drought classification in the Canadian Drought Moni - tor, by 31 May. WATERFOWL THROUGH ALCIDS Though Snow Geese winter and migrate in huge numbers across British Columbia's Lower Mainland, Ross's Geese are much rarer; one was at Brunswick Point, Ladner 10-11 May (Ben Keen, m.ob.). In the interior of the prov - ince, where Ross's Geese are also rare, one showed up in the Moberly Marsh hayfields near Golden in the Columbia River valley 21 Apr (Doug Leighton). A Eurasian Teal was noted near the Revelstoke Airport 26-27 Mar (Don Manson et al.). A rare inland Long-tailed Duck appeared at Moberly Marsh near Golden 29 Apr (Doug Leighton). A flock of 31 Pacific Loons was reported inland on Little Shuswap Lake 17 May (Allan Dupilka). Double-crested Cormorants are abundant in coastal locations in the province but scarce over much of the interior. An imm. Double-crested was noted at Munson Pond, Kelowna 15 May (Gwynneth Wilson, m.ob.). Other Okanagan records came from Osoyoos, where one was noted flying

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