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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 465 Great Basin County Wetlands 2 May (TAl) and Floyd Lamb 8 May (GS). Least Bitterns returned again this year to Riverside Marsh, St. George, Washing - ton, UT, with observations 28 May and 8 Jul (CE). Two Glossy Ibis were at Weber, Weber, UT 22 Apr (BF, MHe, TA). A Mississippi Kite was photographed at Corn Creek 21 May (JTi). White-tailed Kites continued through the summer season at Pah - ranagat 5 Mar+ (DB et al.), and one made a rare appearance at Pyramid Lake 15 Apr–9 May (WH et al.). A juv. Broad-winged Hawk was seen at Corn Creek 21 May (JTi). Zone- tailed Hawks were reported from Pahranagat 2 Apr (SP) and Lytle Ranch 27 May (ph. J&KB) and 7 Jul (S&CS). The Antelope Island Cause - way continues to be the premiere shorebird location in the Region hosting large numbers of individuals, a high diversity of species, and regular vagrants. Noteworthy sightings in - cluded 2 Whimbrels 15 May (S&CS), single Ruddy Turnstones 9 May (BO) and 24 Jul (LM, SB), and a flock of 12 Red Knots 9-15 May (BO et al.). A Semipalmated Sandpiper visited South Fork S.R.A., Elko, NV 22 Jul (GS), and a Stilt Sandpiper was photographed at H.B.V.P. 12 Jul (EH fide JT). Two juv. Franklin's Gulls were found at Pyramid Lake 23 Jul (ph. MM). An imm. Mew Gull was photographed at Sparks Marina, Washoe, NV 24 Apr (PH). Lesser Black-backed Gulls were observed at Pioneer Road Marsh, Weber, UT 7 Mar (ph. MH), Sparks Marina, Washoe, NV 8 Mar (MM et al.), Virginia Lake, Washoe, NV 19 Mar (FP), and H.B.V.P. 11 Apr (WP). Single Least Terns passed through the Great Basin at Clark County Wetlands 23 Apr (DV), Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, UT 28 May (MHa), and Sand Hollow 5 Jun (ph. RF et al.). A White-winged Dove was unexpected at Miller's R.A. 22 May (D&RS). A Black-billed Cuckoo was reported from Matheson Wetland Preserve, Grand, UT 9 May (MaH), and a Yellow-billed Cuckoo visited Lytle Ranch 25 May (RF). An Acorn Woodpecker lingered at Crystal Peak Park, Washoe, NV 27 Apr–26 May (AW, J&GA), and a Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was found at seldom-bird - ed Wells, Elko, NV 20 Apr (CL). PASSERINES At least 2 singing Least Flycatchers were discovered at Willard Bay S.P., Box Elder, UT 28 May–3 Jul (KP, VW et al.). Eastern Kingbirds were a nice surprise at Mogul, Washoe, NV 11- 24 Jun (JA, PH) and Jarbridge Wil - derness, Elko, NV 21 Jun (JoS). A White-eyed Vireo was photographed Rick Fridell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING + SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he drought continued through much of the spring and summer in the Great Ba - sin; however, June brought more normal precipitation levels to the southern portion of the Region. Many contributors lamented the relatively slow spring migration and fewer va - grants than average in the Great Basin. Nevada highlights included a White-eyed Vireo, Ken - tucky Warbler, Painted Redstart, and Orchard and Baltimore Orioles. Utah highlights includ - ed a Blackpoll Warbler and Scarlet Tanager. Abbreviations: Antelope Island (Antelope Island S.P. and Causeway, Davis, UT); Clark County Wetlands (Clark County Wetlands Park, Las Vegas, Clark, NV); Corn Creek (Corn Creek Unit, Desert N.W.R., Clark, NV); Floyd Lamb (Floyd Lamb Park, Las Vegas, Clark, NV); H.B.V.P. (Henderson Bird Viewing Preserve, Clark, NV); Lake Mead (Lake Mead N.R.A., Clark, NV); Lytle (Lytle Ranch Preserve, Wash - ington, UT); Miller's R.A. (Miller's Rest Area, Es- meralda, NV); Pahranagat (Pahranagat N.W.R., Lincoln, NV); Pyramid Lake (Pyramid Lake, Washoe, NV); Quail Creek (Quail Creek S.P., Washington, UT); Sand Hollow (Sand Hollow S.P., Washington, UT). WATERFOWL THROUGH WOODPECKERS A Eurasian Wigeon was observed at Dyer Pond, Esmeralda, NV 26 Apr (RS, DG), and a Mexican Duck x Mallard hybrid was at Clark County Wetlands 10 Jul (DVP). A Pacific Loon made a rare summer appearance at Boulder Beach, Lake Mead 20 Jul (JP), and 2 Common Loons lingered at Quail Creek 23 Jun–2 Jul (ph. RF et al.). Single Red-necked Grebes were found at East Canyon S.P., Morgan, UT 1 Apr–1 May (WS), Sparks Marina, Washoe, NV 24 Apr (GS, JH), and Willard Bay S.P., Box Elder, UT 3 Jul (VW). Neotropic Cormorants visited Clark at Floyd Lamb 21 Jun (ph. JTi). A Black-billed Magpie made a rare appearance in Esmeralda, NV at Arlemonte Ranch, Dyer 12 May (GS, RS, DG). Gray Catbirds turned up at Miller's R.A. 23 May (RL, BS), Sage Hen Rd., Dyer, Esmer - alda, NV 30 May (GS, RS, DG), Lamoille Can- yon, Elko, NV 21 Jun–21 Jul+ (JoS, GS), Corn Creek 8 Jun (BZ), Dyer, Esmeralda, NV 16 Jun (AHo), Kolob Meadows, Washington, UT 28 Jun–17 Jul (RF), and Yerington, Lyon, NV 30 Two juvenile Franklin's Gulls photographed together 23 July 2015 at Pyramid Lake, Washoe County, Nevada led observers to wonder if breeding had occurred in the vicinity. Photograph by Martin Meyers. Representing only the second endorsed spring record of Blackpoll Warbler in Utah, this bird was observed 8-9 (here 8) May 2015 at Tonaquint Park, St. George, Washington County. Photograph by Rick Fridell.

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