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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 463 A R I Z O N A along the Gila River near Emery 2 Jun (C. Gon- zales, DVP), and one at the Arizona-Sonoran Desert Museum 26 Jun (ph. M. Mount, K. Duf - fek), were all of interest, as this species is a very rare nesting species in s. Arizona, seldom re - ported. Two Magnificent Hummingbirds were at Pinetop 14 Jun (C. Bittorf), and one was at Sipe White Mountains W.A. 4 Jul (D. Roten, G. Crandall); this species is rare in the White Mountains, where it is an overshoot from its normal distribution in se. Arizona. It was an above-average summer for Plain-capped Star - throat in se. Arizona, with one returning to an Ash Canyon residence for the fifth consecutive year 11 Jun+ (ph. K. LeMay, RBe), up to 2 at Santa Rita Lodge, Madera Canyon 16 Jun+ (ph. B. Lisowski, D. Carney), one at Portal 15 Jul+ (ph. J. Yerger et al.), one at Tucson 15 Jul–2 Aug (ph. F. Worral, V. Fairchild), 2 more (based on location) at Portal 17 Jul+ (ph. L. Conrad), and one in Carr Canyon 20-27 Jul (H. & P. Brodkin); this species has increased as a visitor in recent years and is no longer a review species. A male Blue-throated Hum - mingbird at Greer 17 Jul (TD) was of interest, as there are very few reports as far n. as the White Mountains. Several Lucifer Humming - birds were reported at scattered locations in se. Arizona; this species is a rare regular sum - mer visitor (and breeder?), but its preferred breeding habitat is seldom covered by birders in Arizona, and it is typically only reported at feeders (such as at Ash Canyon). A male Costa's Hummingbird was at Prescott 26-28 Jun (ph. M. Hunt), where it is a casual post-breeding visitor. An ad. male Rufous Hummingbird at Flagstaff 19 Jun (CL) was about a week early for a southbound migrant. Another male was at Sipe White Mountain W.A. also on 19 Jun (J. Ulreich). Two or 3 White-eared Humming - birds were in Miller Canyon off and on through much of Jun and Jul (fide T. Beatty). of the sky-island mountain ranges in se. Ari- zona during summer. RAILS THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS A Sora was heard at Havasu N.W.R. 3 Jun (DD), and one was present at Sweetwater 7-12 Jul (MP); this species is casual in s. Arizona during the summer. An ad. Common Gallinule was at an odd location at Watson Lake near Prescott 7 Jul (ph. B. Patrick), where it is considered casual at best. No fewer than seven reports of Snowy Plovers were received for Jun and mid- Jul, representing an early push of migrants through the state. Two Semipalmated Sandpip - ers were at Willcox 30 Jul (M. O'Brien); this species is a rare regular migrant at ponds in Arizona. A Baird's Sandpiper at Willcox 7-14 Jun (ph. P. Jeffrey) was very late and perhaps injured. A Wilson's Snipe at Sweetwater 28 Jun (M. Ray) and one at Kachina Wetlands 30 Jun– 8 Jul (R. Sleeper) were both at odd locations for this species during the summer. Single Bonaparte's Gulls were at Amado S.T.P. 5 Jun (ph. LHa, LH), at Bill Williams Delta 15 Jun (EH), and at Tres Rios in Phoenix 23 Jun (C. Strand); this species is rare to ca - sual in the state at this time. A Franklin's Gull at Benson 16 Jun (D. Radin) was late for the state for a northbound migrant. An ad. Heer - mann's Gull in a parking lot in Sierra Vista 8-10 Jun (B. Brown; R. Welch) was unusual, both in terms of being away from water and of lingering for more than a single day; this species is a casual annual visitor to Arizona at just about any month of the year. A Least Tern was at Willcox 1-6 Jun (ph. AR), and another was at Sweetwater 23 Jun (ph. K. Fournier); this species is a rare late spring transient in s. Arizona, and the late Jun report was one of the latest on record for the state. A Black Tern at Willcox 6-7 Jun (KK, P. Tersey) was late for a migrant in s. Arizona. Scattered Forster's Terns were found during the sum - mer, but 33 at Ashurst Lake outside of Flagstaff 28 Jul (T. Linda et al.) made a good count for Arizona in sum - mer. An Elegant Tern was at Lakeside Park in Tucson 9-11 Jun (ph. C. Rohrer, MMS); this species remains a casual visitor to the state during late spring and summer. Two Yellow-billed Cuck- oos at Snowflake 31 Jul (N. Worth, C. Worth) established one of few if any records of this species in Navajo. Four Long-eared Owls along the Gila River near Fort Thomas 1 Jun (C. Gonzales, DVP), one Eared Grebes were also found during Jun, with 37 at Lake Havasu 10 Jun (DVP), 50 at Alamo Lake 20 Jun (EH), and 15 also at Lake Havasu 23 Jun (DVP); this species has not been known to breed at either location. Neotropic Cormo - rants continued their incredible spread in Ari- zona, with more than 700 active nests present in Chandler 18 Jul (TC). Elsewhere, 2 were at Bill Williams N.W.R. 16 Jul (DVP, LHa), and one was at Havasu N.W.R. 30 Jul (DVP, LHa); despite the northward and westward expansion of this species in the state, it still remains casual along the L.C.R.V. A very high concentration of at least 1000 Double-crested Cormorants was at San Carlos Lake 26 Jul (E. Dunn). An American White Pelican lingering at Marana until 5 Jun (m.ob.), and 3 at Willcox 9 Jun (AR) were both very late records for s. Arizona. Two Brown Pelicans continued at Tempe Town Lake through the summer (having been found there first in 2013). Elsewhere, one was at San Carlos Lake 10 Jun–19 Jul (KK, P. Tersey), one was at Lynx Lake near Prescott 18-22 Jun (CST; ph. B. Patrick), one was at Alamo Lake 20 Jun (EH), and one was well n. in Glenn Canyon n. of Lee's Ferry 25 Jun–6 Jul (ph. N. Marble et al.); this species is a rare regular visitor to Arizona, mostly in summer. A relatively high concentra - tion of Cattle Egret nests (estimated as about 400) was documented s. of Parker 26 Jul (DVP, LHa). Seven White-faced Ibis at Vicksburg 3 Jul (LHa) were early as migrants, and at least 1100 in the Parker Valley 26 Jul (DVP, LHa) made a high count for this date in Arizona. Single Ospreys were at Riggs Lake, Graham 2 Jul (D. Jenness), at Cibola N.W.R. 17 Jul (ph. DVP), and at Ajo 18 Jul (BN); this species is casual in s. Arizona during the summer. Gray Hawks at Portal 1 Jun (B. & B. Arregoni), at Marana 8 Jul+ (ph. AC), and in Rucker Can - yon 29 Jul–1 Aug (W. Jaremko-Wright) were all in areas where this species has not been known to nest. A Short-tailed Hawk was re - ported from high elevations in the Santa Cata- lina Mountains 3-5 Jun (RF, WR, J. Higgins); this species has become almost regular in any This adult Rufous-capped Warbler was one of a breeding pair discovered in Peña Blanca Canyon west of Nogales, Arizona 9 July 2015. Photograph by Laurens Halsey. This male Flame-colored Tanager was discovered in upper Ramsey Canyon, Arizona 4 June 2015—during the same time a nesting pair was farther down the canyon. Photograph by David Vander Pluym and Lauren Harter.

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