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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 462 A R I Z O N A Catalina Mountains 3-8 Apr (MMS) represent- ed a high count for this location. Cited observers: Moez Ali, Charles Babbitt, Robert Behrstock, Andrew Core (Tucson), Troy Corman, Henry Detwiler, Brian Gatlin, Lau - rens Halsey, Lauren Harter (LHa), Eric Hough, Dave Jasper, Tom Johnson, Keith Kamper, Chuck LaRue, Chris McCreedy (CMc), Jake Mohlman, Narca Moore-Craig, David vander Pluym, Molly Pollock, Cindy Radamaker, Kurt Radamaker, Alan Schmierer, Alan Schmierer, Mark M. Stevenson, Paul Suchanek, Carl S. To - moff, Richard E. Webster. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS Four Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks were at Wellton 2 Jul (ph. HD); this species is acciden - tal at best in Yuma and may have provided a first record county record. A Ross's Goose was at J. D. Dam Lake, sw. of Flagstaff 3-13 Jul (ph. J. Crouse); this individual was thought to have been the same individual that was pres - ent there during Apr and May and was likely injured or ill. A lingering Canada Goose was at Cibola N.W.R. 17 Jul (DVP, LHa). A Wood Duck present at Reid Park, Tucson during spring continued throughout summer; an American Wigeon also lingered during the entire summer (MP). Gadwall is casual in s. Arizona in summer, so one at Willcox 11 Jun (ph. AC) and 2 at Havasu N.W.R. 14-30 Jul were of note. Spreading northward and west - ward in the state in recent years, a Mexican Duck was at Lake Havasu 3 Jun (DVP). Scat - tered Northern Pintails lingered at a number of s. Arizona localities into late Jun and Jul. A flock of 14 Green-winged Teal was at Willcox 1 Jun (AR), an unusual concentration for this date. Relatively large concentrations of Red - heads were present on Lake Havasu during Jun and Jul, with a peak of 97 (including groups with ducklings) there 13 Jul (LHa, DVP); this species has been confirmed as nesting locally previously. A male Ring-necked Duck lingered at Reid Park in Tucson for the entire summer (MP). A female Lesser Scaup spent the summer at G.W.A. (ph. S. Fitzgerald). A late Bufflehead was at G.R.P. 10 Jun (D. Clark). A Common Goldeneye lingered at Granite Reef along the Salt River until 1 Jun (ph. S. Fitzgerald). An Eared Grebe was at Willcox 4-22 Jun (JY; ph. B. O'Connor), and 3 were there 17 Jul+ (W. Jaremko-Wright; ph. H. Hansen); this species has bred at this location previously but not for many years. Unusually high concentrations of were all n. and e. of this species' normal breed- ing range in the state. Summer Tanager is not known to breed n. of the Mogollon Rim in ne. Arizona. A pair of Flame-colored Tanagers was discovered in Ramsey Canyon 9 May+ (M. Phillips, B. Brown et al.; ph. M. Schackwitz), with a nest found 17 May, nest abandoned 23 May, and second nest discovered 25 May; this species is a casual nesting species in Arizona, with about 17 previously accepted records for the state. Caution should still be exhibited in identifying this species in Arizona, as a Flame- colored Tanager x Western Tanager hybrid was again documented in Miller Canyon 10 Apr–8 May (ph. DS). Northern Cardinals were n. and w. of normal distribution in the state, with sev - eral above Alamo Lake 19-22 Mar (DVP) and 2 at Bill Williams N.W.R. (Cougar Point) 30 Apr (LHa). A male Pyrrhuloxia was n. of its normal breeding range at San Carlos S.T.P. 9 May (ph. E. Dunn). A male Painted Bunting was at Dead Horse Ranch S.P. 3-5 May (ph. B. Mantell, V. Nelson); this species is casual in spring and much more numerous as an early fall (Aug) migrant. A male Bobolink was at Sweetwater 20 May (†MMS); this species is casual in the state. A Common Grackle was reported from Taylor 30 Mar (†N. Worth); reports of this species have been on the increase in Arizona, with no fewer than 13 during the past five years and now more than 30 for the state in total. A Bronzed Cowbird was n. and w. of usual breeding areas in Arizona at Willow Lake, Havasu N.W.R. 20 May (LHa, K. Murphy; v.r. B. Wilcox). A male Orchard Oriole was at Holbrook 11 May (ph. A. Strawn de Ojeda); this species is casual in the state, particularly during spring. A male Hooded Oriole was at Flagstaff 18-31 May (CL), where casual at best. The ad. male Bal - timore Oriole that wintered at Sweetwater was last reported 1 Apr (m.ob.). Another was at Portal 1 May (D. Cowan; ph. LH); this species has become more regular in the state and has been removed as a review species by the A.B.C. An ad. male Scott's Oriole was at an odd loca - tion at Cibola N.W.R. 13 May (C. Van Oosten). The Purple Finch discovered at Rotary Park, Lake Havasu City during the winter was seen again 30 Mar (M. Lester). Cassin's Finches staged a mini-irruption during the spring, with numerous reports from montane and lowland areas throughout s. Arizona during Mar and Apr; 200+ in the Pinal Mountains 12 Mar (D. Pearson) made an excellent count for these mountains. Eighty Red Crossbills in the Pinal Mountains 12 Mar (D. Pearson) was also a good count for this species. Evening Grosbeaks were reported in small numbers at numerous locations throughout cen. and n. Arizona dur - ing the spring; up to 14 at Bear Wallow, Santa is earlier than usual; this is not surprising, as this species has been found wintering more frequently in Arizona in recent years. Clay- colored Sparrow was much more prevalent in se. Arizona this spring than normal, with no fewer than 15 reports received; particu - larly of note were concentrations of 25 at Kino Springs 21 Apr (ph. D. Irons, S. Finnegan) and 9 at Arivaca Cienega 23 Apr (ph. T. Spahr). At least three pairs of Five-striped Sparrows con - tinue at Chino Canyon, Santa Catalina Moun- tains 20 Mar+ (ph. S. Stumbo et al.); this spe- cies was rediscovered in this canyon in 2013 after a long hiatus, but it is remote and not often birded. A Lark Bunting at Yuma 7 Mar (HD) was unusual for Yuma. No fewer than 16 Fox Sparrows were reported, all of the Rocky Mountain (Slate-colored) subspecies group. A late Swamp Sparrow was at Willcox 6 May (TJ). The Harris's Sparrow that was found at Flagstaff during the winter remained until at least 19 May (ph. J. Crouse). Another was at Marana 6 Mar–2 Apr (ph. R. Hoyer, KK). No fewer than 8 Golden-crowned Sparrows were reported this spring, none of which had been found during the winter. A Yellow-eyed Junco found at the base of Mount Elden, Flagstaff, 11-15 Apr (ph. N. Renn) established a first county record for Coconino. Hepatic Tanagers are not often detected in the lowlands during migration, so males at Sweetwater 30 Apr (ph. C. Miller) and at Marana 6 May (ph. AC) were of interest. Sum - mer Tanagers at Taylor, Navajo 11 May (ph. N. Worth), at Holbrook 15-16 May (ph. A. Strawn de Ojeda), and at Ganado Wash 19 May (CB) This Blue Mockingbird mist-netted along the Upper San Pedro River 25 July 2015 establishes only a fifth Arizona record. Photograph by Diane Laush.

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