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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 458 N E W M E X I C O four sites from Kingston n. to Chloride 22-25 Jul (ph. DJC). North of expected, a male Var - ied Bunting was along Tierra Blanca Creek, w. Sierra 27 Jun (ph. DJC); 2 males were singing in Texas Canyon, Organ Mountains 1 Jun (ph. CB); in expected locales, up to 5 Varieds were in Guadalupe Canyon 25 Jul (JP), and the spe - cies was also present in Walnut Canyon and Slaughter Canyon, Eddy during the season (T. Hines). Continuing from May, a Painted Bun - ting was singing at Sumner Dam 2 Jun (MB); the species has been spreading westward into e.-cen. New Mexico in recent years. Respond - ing to excellent habitat conditions, Dickcissel staged a memorable invasion, with relatively large numbers throughout the ne. in Colfax, Union, Mora, Harding, San Miguel, Quay, and Roosevelt, including 16 near Miami 21 Jun (CR, ph. NH), 7 near Grenville 14 Jun (CR), and 12 at Golondrinas 3 Jun (WE); one was w. to V.D.O. 14-16 Jun (m.ob., ph.). Eastern Mead - owlarks in high-elevation grasslands included 2 n. of Jacks Creek Campground 9 Jul (AJ), 2 near Mineral Hill, San Miguel 7 Jun (CR), and 3 in the Black Range at Burnt Cabin Flat 1 Jul nesting colony of Cave Swallows at Kenna, Roo- sevelt contained 34 ads. and juvs. 31 Jul (WE). One or more Carolina Wrens were singing at Bosque N.W.R. Jun–Jul (m.ob.), where resident since 2011. Surprising for the e. plains was a pair of Mountain Bluebirds feeding recent fledglings near Rosebud, Harding 4 Jun (CH). Surprising for early summer, a singing Wood Thrush was w. to the Sandia Mountains near Cedar Crest 6-9 Jun (ph. WM, m.ob.). East of expected summer range, 6 Sage Thrashers were in juniper savannah on the sw. slope of Rowe Mesa, San Miguel 28 Jun (CR). Summer - ing Cedar Waxwings included 2 each near La Plata 12 Jun (MB) and Ohkay Owingeh Lake 12 Jun (JP). A vocal male Olive Warbler in Red Canyon, Manzano Mountains 26 Jun (AJ) provided a Torrance first. A singing American Redstart was at V.D.O. 7-20 Jun (G. Soehnel, MH); another was near Jemez Springs 1 Jul (R. Wiltraut). Difficult to find in summer, 2 Wil - son's Warblers were singing above the Taos Ski Area 12 Jun (JP). Regular in the Sacramento Mountains, a high 5 Red-faced Warblers were on the Cloudcroft B.B.S. 5 Jun (DK). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Maintaining a Guadalupe Canyon presence, 2 or more Rufous-winged Sparrows were in Guadalupe Canyon 25-26 Jul (JP, ph. JO, ph. NH, CR, WE), where the species has been resi - dent since 2011. Excellent mesquite-grassland conditions in the e. and s. yielded record or near-record numbers of Cassin's Sparrows at many locales. Black-chinned Sparrows on the n. fringes of the range included singles at The Narrows, Cibola 19 Jun (DK), Ortiz Mountains near Santa Fe 9 Jun (BF), and Burro Hill, e. San Miguel 21 Jun (CR). Noteworthy were 10 Ves - per Sparrows singing in high-elevation grass- lands in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains n. of Jacks Creek Campground 7 Jul (AJ); up to 4 Vespers were singing and others were seen at Burnt Cabin Flat, Black Range 10 Jun–25 Jul (ph., v.r. DJC). Lark Buntings took advantage of lush conditions in the ne. part of the state, including 111 on the Gren - ville B.B.S. 14 Jun (CR). Grasshopper Sparrows enjoyed a good season in e. New Mexico; noteworthy were ads. and fledglings in the Clayton area 17- 26 Jul (DH), 2 near McAlister, Quay 6 Jun (CR), singles near Solano, Hard - ing 21 Jun (CR) and at Trigg Ranch, e. San Miguel 1 Jul (MM), and one s. to Caprock, Lea 2 Jun (SOW). Unusually early was a dark-lored White-crowned Sparrow at Issacs Lake near Las Cruces 27 Jul (ph. N. Stotz). Noteworthy s. to the Black Range, single male Lazuli Buntings were at Creek Campground near the Mora line 8 Jul (AJ), and one was seen near Guadalupita, Mora 21 Jun (DH); the species now breeds widely in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, from the vicin - ity of Raton southward. A significant popula- tion of Bank Swallows was nesting in Montoyas Arroyo nw. of Corrales, where some 500 ads. were present 12-19 Jul (ph. DK). The bridge- Providing a first for New Mexico's Black Range, this Thick-billed Kingbird was north to Tierra Blanca Creek, south of Hillsboro, Sierra County, on 13 June 2015. Photograph by David J. Cleary. Since 2011, at least two Rufous-winged Sparrows have been resident in New Mexico's Guadalupe Canyon, Hidalgo County; they were noted again this season 25-26 (here 25) July 2015. Photograph by Jerry R. Oldenettel. Responding to favorable habitat conditions, Dickcissels were conspicuous throughout northeastern New Mexico in summer 2015, including this one singing near Miami, Colfax County 21 June. Photograph by Nancy E. Hetrick. A female Lucifer Hummingbird in upper Cottonwood Canyon, Peloncillo Mountains, Hidalgo County, New Mexico, 25 July 2015. The Peloncillo Mountains have been home to significant numbers of breeding Lucifer Hummingbirds since their discovery there in 1977. Photograph by Nancy E. Hetrick. Apparently a very late migrant, this Wood Thrush was singing in the Sandia Mountains near Cedar Crest, Bernalillo County, New Mexico 6-9 (here 6) June 2015. Photograph by William E. Maley. A Black Swift was nicely photographed on its nest high on the cave wall behind Jemez Falls, Sandoval County, New Mexico 4 July 2015. The locale is one of three known Black Swift nesting sites in New Mexico. Photograph by Wyatt T. Egelhoff.

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