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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 456 N E W M E X I C O species in the east and south and a number of southwestern or Mexican species wandering north of usual, including a Thick-billed King - bird to the Black Range, an Olive Warbler to the Manzano Mountains, and, most spectacu - larly, an Orange-billed Nightingale-Thrush to the Zuni Mountains. GREBES THROUGH TERNS Breeding Eared Grebes included 48 birds plus numerous nests with eggs at the Clovis water treatment ponds 31 Jul (WE), a pair mating and nest building at Las Vegas N.W.R. 4 Jul (WJ- W), and 58 individuals including juvs. at Stone Lake, Rio Arriba 24-25 Jun (CH). Aechmopho - rus grebes were much in evidence at E.B.L., with Clark's greatly outnumbering Westerns; up to 38 chicks were with ad. Westerns there 9 Jun (ph. DJC), while 387 chicks were with ad. Clark's the same day (ph. DJC); up to three pairs of Clark's had chicks at nearby Caballo Lake 12-18 Jun (DJC, CS). At least 18 Neo - tropic Cormorants summered at Albuquerque Jun–Jul (DH); one was n. to Ohkay Owingeh Lake 15 Jul (WE). An American Bittern at Bosque N.W.R. 26 Jul (A. Mueller, M. Linz) provided the lone report; the species formerly summered in at least 12 counties statewide. Cattle Egrets nested at Las Cruces, where up to 40 ads. were in two colonies 23 Jun (DG). Only 2 Yellow-crowned Night-Herons were report - ed, single subads. at V.D.O. 1 Jun (MH) and Bosque N.W.R. 2 Jun (ph. S. Mendoza). A late ad. Glossy Ibis was at Albuquerque 9 Jun (ph. WM, DH). Always newsworthy, an imm. Rose - ate Spoonbill was at B.L.N.W.R. 8-31 Jul (ph. J. Morling, ph. B. Wadlington, JIS, ph. WE). Mississippi Kites were at numerous locales from the R.G.V. eastward, including dozens in both the Corrales-Albuquerque area (m.ob.) and Carlsbad (SW); noteworthy was one along the Gallinas R. AT Las Vegas 21 Jun (WJ-W). An active Northern Harrier nest was at Ander - son Tank, se. Socorro 22 Jun (ph. CB); often overlooked by field guides and compendia, and Ned Houk Park n. of Clovis 8 May (JO). A young male Orchard Oriole w. to Farmington 25-26 May (D. Collins, ph. TR) provided a San Juan first; another was a surprise at Santa Fe 12 May (C. Cave). An ad. male Hooded Oriole was early at Silver City 29 Mar (ph. N. Bai - ley); another Hooded was n. to Albuquerque 26-27 Apr (JP, ph. WM, MH). A female Baltimore Oriole was at N.R.T. 3 May (JP), and a male was reported there 13 May (JS); at Luis Lopez, at least one ad. male was present 7-8 May (ph. JO, ph. S. Fullingim, MB, NP). The Cassin's Finch invasion that was evident in late winter continued into the spring in the w. two-thirds of New Mexico; late for the far sw. corner were 10 in Guadalupe Canyon 25 Apr (MB, NP), 2 in P. O. Canyon 7 May (CL), and 7 in the Animas Mountains 9 May (WE, DG). Initialed observers: Francisco Anaya, Jona - than Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Grant Beau- prez, Charles Black, Douglas Burkett, Christo- pher Chappell, Roger Clark, David J. Cleary, Dylan Cuellar, Wyatt Egelhoff, Stephen Fettig, Joe Fitzgibbon, Gary Froehlich, Bernard Foy, Coleman Goin, Erin Greenlee, David Griffin, David Hawksworth, Charles Hayes, Nancy Hetrick, Michael Hilchey, Lonnie Howard, Wil - liam Jaremko-Wright, Andrew Johnson, James Joseph, Zane Kominek, David Krueper, Carol Levine, Carroll Littlefield, Ed MacKerrow, Mar - tin MacRoberts, William Maley, Larry Malone, Sonja Mendoza, Raymond Meyer, Narca Moore-Craig, Bernard Morris, Robert Nieman, Jerry Oldenettel, John Parmeter, Nicholas Ped - erson, Timothy Reeves, Christopher Rustay, Janet Ruth, Catherine Sandell, Kim Score, Marcy T. Scott, John Shipman, Roland Shook, Michael Shoop, Nancy Stotz, John Trochet, Richard Webster, Mara E. Weisenberger, Steve West, William West, Mouser Williams, James Zabriskie, Barry Zimmer. ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– S ummer 2015 proved to be among of the wettest on record for New Mexico; notable for July was a steady plume of moisture extending from Mexico northward into the state, with large areas of New Mexico receiv - ing 150-300% of average precipita- tion. Highlights of the birding season were thriving populations of grassland banded at San Andres Spring 27 May (MEW). A singing Swamp Sparrow was a surprise at Mangas Springs 18 Apr (CR); very late for sw. New Mexico was one at Clanton Cienega 9 May (NM-C, RW). Providing a Torrance first, a Harris's Sparrow was at Manzano 28 Mar (CR, ph. WM); farther w., singles were at seven sites in five counties in the Rio Grande watershed, including one at Chama 14 May (C. Grindel). Lingering Golden-crowned Sparrows were singles in Bluewater Gorge 5 Apr (D. Weide - mann), Embudito Canyon through 20 Mar (ph. NH), Mesilla Bosque S.P. 4 Apr (ph. NS), and San Andres Spring 8 Apr (ph. MEW). A highlight of the season was an ad. male Scarlet Tanager at Los Alamos 9-10 May (ph. B. Thompson, ph. SF, ph. MW, m.ob.). A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak provided a novel meal for a Zone-tailed Hawk at Los Alamos 6 May, where it was seen clutched firmly in the hawk's talons (ph. MW); Rose-breasteds where sel - dom reported included singles at Hobbs 20 Apr (CL), Cedro 5 May (A. Wakefield), and Axle Canyon Preserve, Burro Mountains 30 May (L. Zatopek). An early male Indigo Bun - ting reached Albuquerque 10 Apr (ph. WM). Varied Buntings were again reported from se., s.-cen., and sw. areas, including an early male near Radium Springs 28 Apr (NS) and 3 band - ed—including 2 hatch-year young—at San Andres Spring 7 May–2 Jun (ph. MEW); in the Peloncillo Mountains, one was n. to P. O. Can - yon 21 May (CL). Painted Buntings continued to appear in the ne. quadrant, with a singing male at Sumner Dam 25 May (CR), 4 in Mos - quero Canyon 18 May (WE), and 3 at NRT 2 & 25 May (JP, DH). Dickcissels avoided New Mexico this season, with 3 on the Hobbs B.B.S. 31 May (DH) the only report, while the only Bobolink report was an ad. male at Solano, Harding 18 May (WE, RC). Bronzed Cowbird was found across the s. and n. to Pinos Altos 21 Apr (LM), Placitas 29 Apr–31 May (J. McPhee), Corrales 9 May (JR, DK), Carrizozo 3-18 May (CR, JO), Fort Sumner 6-8 May (ph. J. Liddell), Historically rare in New Mexico, Worm-eating Warbler has recently been found annually in the state; this singing male was west to Albuquerque, Bernalillo County 14 May 2015. Photograph by William Maley. Glossy Ibis is seldom seen in New Mexico in June; this adult was at Albuquer - que, Bernalillo County 9 June 2015. Photograph by William E. Maley.

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