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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 455 N E W M E X I C O ameda bridge 19-20 May (ph. WM, ph. MB). Black-throated Blue Warbler is much more scarce in spring than fall; this season, a male at N.R.T. 9 May (JP, ph. JO) provided the only report. Two Palm Warblers were at Albuquer - que, one near the Alameda bridge 4 May (BM, ph. WM) and one s. of the Montaño bridge 10 May (ph. WM), and one was at N.R.T. 18 May (ph. JO). Yellow-throated Warbler is another New Mexico rarity; this season, singles were at Santa Fe 25 May (LH, ph. JB, ph. BF), R.S. 2 May (SW, JP, ph. JO), and Signal Peak Rd., Pinos Altos Mountains 1 May (LM). A Hermit Warbler was e. to Water Canyon 9 May (MB); others were confined to Hidalgo, with singles in Clanton Canyon 27 Apr (ph. DG) and at Aspen Spring 9 May (WE) and 2 at Clanton Cienega 9 May (NM-C, RW). A Black-throat - ed Green Warbler w. to Albuquerque 18 May (WM, MS) provided the lone report. Far from suitable habitat, a Painted Redstart was below E.B.L. Dam 27 Mar (ph. DJC). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Cassin's Sparrow responded positively to im- proved habitat conditions, especially in the e., where numbers were greatly above those of recent years, e.g., 125 on the Hobbs B.B.S. 31 May (DH). Up to 5 Botteri's Sparrows were in the Rodeo area 17-27 May (ph. BZ, RW); in their Animas Valley stronghold, Botteri's were at two sites 9 May and later (NM-C, ph. DG). Far s., an American Tree Sparrow was at Dripping Springs e. of Las Cruces 13 Mar (CG); an impressive 53 were at Springer Lake 7 Mar (DH). Two male Chipping Sparrows were singing in the Corrales bosque through 31 May (DK), suggesting continued lowland colonization. Far w., and providing a local first, a Field Sparrow was at Chama 19 Apr (WE, ph. RC). A recent colonizer of the lower Gila River, Song Sparrow was again much in evidence there, including one singing at Re - drock 2 May (RS), 2 at Nichols Canyon 17 May (DG), and 16, including at least six pairs, in the Gila Lower Box canyon 27 May (ph. DG). Late for the s., a Lincoln's Sparrow was THRUSHES THROUGH WARBLERS A Wood Thrush was w. to Galisteo 17-18 May (BF, ph. JB). A singing Worm-eating Warbler was at Albuquerque 14 May (ph. WM) and another was at N.R.T. 9 May (JP, ph. JO). A Black-and-white Warbler was w. to the Animas Mountains 9 May (WE). A female Tennessee Warbler was at N.R.T. 13 May (JP) and an - other there 28 May (ph. JO). Lucy's Warbler arrived in force n. to the Albuquerque area by 29 Mar, with birds detected from the Alameda bridge southward (m.ob.); most were concen - trated in the South Valley bosque near V.D.O. and adjacent State Land Office property, where at least eight pairs were present (DH, WM, m.ob.). Much the same was true just to the s. in Valencia, with Lucy's Warblers detected at two Belen sites (DH, MH) and up to 11 sing - ing near the village of Bosque 17 May (DH); in n. Socorro, 4 were near Veguita and 2 were at Bernardo 17 May (DH). Two male Hooded Warblers were noted singing in Albuquerque's South Valley bosque 26-27 Apr (ph. WM, MH); in the e., one was at Mosquero 18 May (WE). Northern Parula made a big showing at Albuquerque, with singles at Shady Lakes 24 Apr (BM, ph. WM), Alameda bridge 16 May (WM), Central Avenue bridge 21 May (BF), Tingley ponds 28 May (WM), and the South Valley 13-15 May (WM, EG); elsewhere, sing - ing males were at Galisteo 16-18 May (BF, ph. JB), and N.R.T. 8 (JP, ph. JO) & 29-30 May (JP, ph. JO, DH). A female Magnolia Warbler was at N.R.T. 16 May (JP, ph. JO, ph. NH, CR, WE), and a male was at Albuquerque 17 May (ph. WM, S. Drilling). Chestnut-sided Warbler is a scarce but regular spring and fall transient in New Mexico, averaging about nine records per year; this season, singles were at three Al - buquerque locales 18-28 May (E. Austin, MB, MH) and at Galisteo 15 May (ph. WE), Teco - lote Creek, San Miguel 9 May (C. Ruge), and N.R.T. 7-8 (JP, ph. JO) & 22-23 May (ph. JO, JP); noteworthy was one netted and banded at remote San Andres Spring, Doña Ana 27 May (ph. MEW). Single Blackpoll Warblers were at N.R.T. 15 May (JO) and Albuquerque's Al - May (m.ob., ph. WM); noteworthy for far se. New Mexico were 3 singing males at Jal 30 May (JO). A respectable Yellow-throated Vireo season brought singles to Albuquerque 19-20 May (WM, M. Mackey), near Engle 18 May (DJC), Milnesand 12 Apr (GB), and R.S. 4 May (WW). A Hutton's Vireo was singing n. to Zuni's Chaema Canyon 29 May (JT). A Red-eyed Vireo was w. to Gila 19 May (ph. A. Benson); others were singles at Albuquerque 22 May (ph. WM), N.R.T. 3 May (JP, JO), and Trigg Rd. s. of Mosquero 7 May (MM). Con - tinuing from winter, a Blue Jay was at Albu- querque's South Valley flood arroyo through 14 May (DH, m.ob., ph. WM); presumably another was at V.D.O. 30 Apr (L. Ladwig). Lowland Purple Martins of note were 6 at Ro - deo 17 May (ph. BZ) and one along the Gila River at Nichols Canyon 17 May (ph. DG). Ever expanding, about 30 Cave Swallows had established a new colony n. to Kenna, Roos - evelt by 29 May (JP, ph. JO); another colony of 30 was in e. Chaves near Waldrop Rest Area 17 Apr (ph. RN) and 1 May (JP, ph. JO), and a colony of about 20 was in e. Eddy near Loco Hills 1 May (JP). A vocal Pacific Wren was near Los Alamos 5 Apr (M. Smith). Single Winter Wrens, some continuing from winter, were at Santa Fe 28 Mar (BF), Cienega Can - yon, Sandia Mountains 21 Mar (CR), Percha S.P. 7 Mar (JP), Mesilla Park 12 Mar (B. Os - tyn), and R.S. 1 Mar (ph. RN). First detected 13 Feb, a singing Carolina Wren continued near Leasburg S.P. into May (NS, JP, MTS); meanwhile, 2-3 continued at Bosque N.W.R. all season (m.ob.). White-eyed Vireo reports have continued to accumulate in New Mexico, where there are now records from over four fifths of the state's counties; this one was singing at Los Alamos, Los Alamos County 11-17 (here 11) May 2015. Photograph by Mouser Williams. A rare find in New Mexico, and even rarer in Santa Fe County (where last seen four decades ago), this singing Yellow-throated Warbler was at Santa Fe 25 May 2015. Photograph by Jonathan P. Batkin. Spreading upstream from Arizona, the southwestern subspecies of Song Sparrow has recently colonized New Mexico's lower Gila River Valley; this one was among 16 found in the Gila Lower Box Canyon, Hidalgo County 27 May 2015. Photograph by David J. Griffin.

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