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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 454 N E W M E X I C O PARROTS THROUGH WRENS Previously unreported in New Mexico, a Rosy- faced Lovebird, an African psittacid popular in the cage bird trade, was noisily building a nest in se. Albuquerque 27 May (ph. WM) but apparently had no mate. Rare and irregu - lar in New Mexico, an Eastern Wood-Pewee was singing in the rain at Tatum 21 May (CB). Eastern Phoebe has recently expanded its breeding range w. to the R.G.V.; this season, a pair was at Albuquerque's Shady Lakes Apr– May (m.ob.), and another pair was at the Co - chiti Lake spillway 24 May (DK, JR). Vermilion Flycatcher continued to press northward, in - cluding a male at Maxwell N.W.R. 23 Apr (ph. L. Wilkins) and a female near Otto, Santa Fe 30 Mar (WE, ph. RC); a male was at 2195 m in the Black Range at Poverty Creek 1 Apr (DJC). Remarkably out of range was a vocal Dusky- capped Flycatcher at Bosque N.W.R. 17 Apr (JP); 2 were again n. to Cherry Creek Camp - ground, Pinos Altos Mountains 1 & 7 May (LM, D. Beatty); very early was a vocal one in P. O. Canyon 17 Mar (CL). A Great Kiskadee at R.S. 17-19 May (ph. I. Dolly, m.ob., ph.) provided the tenth New Mexico record and the first since 2007. A Western Kingbird was early at Albuquerque 26 Mar (MB). Several Scissor-tailed Flycatchers wandered w. to the R.G.V., including singles at Santa Ana Pueblo 23 Apr (ph. G. Harper) and V.D.O. 22-23 May (MH, ph. WM, ph. NH) and another was even farther w. to the Rio Puerco area, e. Bernalillo 6 May (ZK). Now annual in spring/summer in New Mexico, a White-eyed Vireo at Los Alamos 11-17 May (ph. MW, ph. C. Martin, m.ob.) furnished a Los Alamos first, and 2 were at the Santa Fe Canyon Preserve 30 May–6 Jun (T. Taylor, ph. JB, BF). Bell's Vireo again pushed n. to Albuquerque, with detections at five locales throughout the bosque 15 Apr–23 below the mouth of Chloride Canyon 6 May, and 3 along forest road 157 in the Monument Creek–Palomas Creek drainages sw. of Win - ston 14 May (v.r. DJC). Remarkable for the Peloncillo Mountains, a silent Spotted Owl was seen briefly in Clanton Canyon 27 Apr (DG) and heard briefly 9 May (WJ-W). Long-eared Owl pairs fledged young at Nambe 9-10 May (EM) and Galisteo 20-25 May (JB); an ad. was on a nest at Zuni's Blackrock bosque 29 May (JT). On Otero Mesa, 4 Short-eared Owls were at Cocklebur Tank 10 Mar (RM), and at least 14 were in nearby El Paso Draw 21 Mar (RM); the species nested in those areas in 2014. North of historic range, single Mexican Whip-poor-wills were vocal in Sulphur Canyon, Sandia Moun - tains 14 May (AJ) and Los Alamos Canyon, Je- mez Mountains 28 May (JF). Lucifer Hummingbird numbers in P. O. Canyon peaked at 23, and a nest with one young was found, 31 May (CL). Irregular in New Mexico, a male Costa's Humming - bird was near Radium Springs 23 Mar (MTS, JZ), and 3 males were singing in Guadalupe Canyon 25 Apr (MB, NP). Early male Ru - fous Hummingbirds were at P. O. Canyon 25 Feb and 3 Mar, followed by 27 during 23 Mar–21 Apr (CL); elsewhere, single males were at Animas 27 Apr (DG), near Hachita 20 Apr (DG), at Gila Cliff Dwellings 20 Apr (C. Atwood), and at Santa Fe 25 Apr (I. Bruen-Morning - star). The Lewis's Woodpecker that wintered at Deming contin - ued through 17 Apr (LM, MB). The Red-bellied Woodpecker that wintered at White Rock, Los Alamos (m.ob., ph.) was last reported 3 May (T. Miller, ph. R. Walker). Among nine active American Kestrel nests at Nam - be 9-10 May was one male tend- ing females in two different nest boxes (EM). A late Merlin was at Bosque N.W.R. 26 Apr (ph. NP). there are but three previous records, the last in 2000. Up to 8 California Gulls were at E.B.L.'s Rattlesnake Island 26-28 May, including 2 alternate-plumaged ads. (ph. DJC). Continu - ing from Feb, a first-cycle Glaucous Gull was in the Farmington–Morgan Lake area through 20 Apr (ph. TR). Two Least Terns were nw. to Morgan Lake 17 May (CB). A good Caspian Tern season found singles at Morgan Lake 9 May (ph. TR), Ute Lake 14 May (JP), Brant - ley Lake 16 May (DC, ZK), and E.B.L. 26 May (ph. DJC); single Commons were at E.B.L. 19 & 26 May (ph. DJC). A vocal Common Ground-Dove was near Radium Springs on various date 13 Apr–11 May (MTS, JZ), where the species has nested in recent years, and one was at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 15 May (ph. CG); farther w., 2 were along the Gila River at Redrock 2 May (RS) and up to 4 in Guadalupe Canyon 25 Apr–9 May (MB, NP, WJ-W, JJ, KS). A Yellow-billed Cuckoo was very early at R.S. 4-6 May (SW, WW), as were singles at two Albuquerque sites 7 May (WM, C. Wolf). An early Flammulated Owl reached P. O. Canyon 3 Apr (CD). An Elf Owl was a sur - prise on the e. plains at Milnesand 14 Apr (ph. S. McIntire); the earliest arrivals were singles at Rocky Arroyo, Eddy 2 Apr (ph. RN) and in Si - erra at Las Animas Creek (CR, WE) and Tierra Blanca Creek (DJC) 4 Apr. Our knowledge of the status of Elf Owls in the e. foothills of the Black Range was greatly enhanced this season by surveys Apr–May that documented 15 ter - ritories in four general locales: three territories along Tierra Blanca Creek 29 Apr, four along Middle Percha Creek between Hillsboro and Kingston 20 May, five along Chloride Creek Cave Swallow is expanding rapidly in New Mexico and is now found breeding far from its traditional Guadalupe Mountains stronghold. This individual was part of a nesting colony of about 30 Cave Swallows found north to Kenna, Roosevelt County 29 May 2015. Photograph by Jerry R. Oldenettel. Providing only the tenth New Mexico record, this Great Kiska - dee was at Rattlesnake Springs, Eddy County 17-19 (here 17) May 2015. Photograph by Zane Kominek. Always a rare treat in New Mexico, this adult male Scarlet Tanager was at Los Alamos, Los Alamos County 9-10 (here 10) May 2015. Photograph by Mouser Williams.

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