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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 450 C O LO R A D O & W YO M I N G joined by 3 other early birds (J. Kendall); this occurrence provides Wyoming's third winter report and an incredibly early spring record. Cited observers (subregional editors in bold - face): Jim D. Beatty (sw. Colorado), Craig Benkman, Shawn Billerman, Coen Dexter (w.-cen. Colorado), John Drummond (JDr; se. Colorado), Matthew Fraker (Wyoming), Bob Hargis, Zak Hutchinson, Joey Kellner, David A. Leatherman, Forrest Luke (nw. Colorado), Libby Megna, Steven G. Mlodinow, Brandon K. Percival (Pueblo, Colorado area), John Rawinski (San Luis Valley), Sean Walters (montane Colorado). Many other individu - als contributed information to this report but could not be acknowledged here; they have our appreciation. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Tony Leukering, 1 Pindo Palm Street W, Largo, Florida 34770 ( Matt Fraker, The Prairie Oak Veterinary Center, 207B Landmark Drive, Normal, Illinois 61761 ( records) and 2 Scarlet Tanagers (now 19 re- cords), both of the latter providing first latilong records: at Laramie 11-12 May (H. Coates, SB, V. Samstag) and at Rawhide W.H.M.A., Goshen 23 May (SB, LM). Rarely reported in spring in Wyoming (and then mostly in Jun), single Dickcissels made appearances at Wyoming Hereford Ranch, Laramie 17 May (T. Floyd, BH) and at Jackson 9-10 May (fide S. Patla), perhaps a second Teton record. The winter's Rusty Blackbird at Alta, Teton continued until 16 Mar (M. Moosman), be - coming only the second Wyoming spring re- cord. After the strange winter-spring dearth last year, Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch made a strong spring Wyoming showing this year, with several areas of abundance (m.ob.). Wyoming had a good spring for White-winged Crossbills, with at least 6 at Laramie 24 Mar– 11 May (m.ob.) and one at Lovell, Big Horn 12 May (S. Hansen), a latilong first. A belated report had a male Lesser Goldfinch arriving at a residence in Green River, Sweetwater "mid- Feb" and remaining into mid-Apr, when it was was thrown in for good measure (all in e. Colorado). Eastern Colorado's fourth Lucy's Warbler was at Eaton, Weld 10-14 May (DAL). Though Black-and-white Warbler is not sea - sonally unexpected in Wyoming, the species is rare in the sw. part of the state; nevertheless, both spring records came from that neck of the woods: one at Green River, Sweetwater 11 May (F. Linton) and 2 at the Sunrise Ranch 25 May (N. Callister), the latter providing first Uinta and latilong records. Rare warbler species in - cluded 5 Mourning Warblers, a female Cape May Warbler, a Prairie Warbler, and a Painted Redstart at Black Canyon of the Gunnison N.P., Gunnison 15 Apr (ph. M. DeSaix). Eastern Towhee genes continue to be re - ported in May in ne. Colorado, where they are mostly present in apparent hybrids. A female Eastern Towhee was well described at Fox Ranch, Fox Ranch, Yuma 21 May (S. Larson, SGM). A great surprise was the Baird's Sparrow in Pueblo 16 Apr (BKP), as most spring Colorado records are from much farther east. Wyoming scored 3 Summer Tanagers (now 27 records of this species in n. Idaho. Consistent with a recent trend, a Glossy Ibis was verified in Jefferson, ID 2 May (ph. DC). An extralimital White-faced Ibis that made it to Mann Lake, ID 7-27 May (KC) was notable. Rare Broad-winged Hawks made a good spring season showing, with singles in Mis - soula, MT 28 Apr (ER), Gallatin, MT 4 May (AG), Flathead, MT 9 May (GS), and Jefferson, ID 30 May (†JR). Single Black-bellied Plovers, not annual in spring, came through Jefferson, ID 20-21 May (LA, D&EF) and Beaverhead, MT 29 May (AS). Especially rare in spring was a Snowy Plover in Ada, ID 16 Apr (ph., †MR). It was the best season ever for the Regionally rare Whimbrel, with one at Warm Springs, MT 9-10 May (NK), 2 at Cottonwood Reservoir, MT 13 May (AG, VF), one at Kuna, ID 14 May (ph., †RMo, JT), and an amazing flock of 11 in Jefferson, ID 15 May (DC). A Red Knot identi - fied in Jefferson 20 May–1 Jun (†DF) marked Idaho's fifth record. Uncommon in spring were single Baird's Sandpipers at Warm Springs, MT 1 May (GS) and Island Park, ID 17 May (CW). Also unexpected before autumn was a Pectoral Sandpiper in Jefferson, ID 17 Apr (DC). Dunlins were also unusually prevalent for the season: one was in Jefferson, ID 18 Apr (DC), another was there 21-22 Apr (DC), and one was at Kuna, ID 14-15 May (ph., m.ob.). David Trochlell –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– A strengthening El Niño event brought unusually warm weather to the Region in spring. Much-needed precipitation that fell in May failed to relieve a mostly dry season. Overall, plant phenology and bird mi - gration were thought to be at least somewhat early to very early. Despite the lack of weather- Idaho & Western Montana induced migration fallouts at birding hotspots, it was one of the best seasons in memory for impressive bird vagrants, headlined by the Re - gion's first Acorn Woodpecker. WATERFOWL THROUGH FINCHES Cackling Goose made a strong spring season appearance, with 6 in Jefferson, ID 7 Mar–12 May (ph. JR, ZW) and one in Lake, MT 7 Mar (ER). A Bewick's Swan that stopped in Koote - nai 20 Mar (ph., †RD) provided Idaho's fifth record of the subspecies. The season's tally of northbound Eurasian Wigeons was well above average, with 19 reported. A Eurasian Teal made an appearance in Lake, MT 11 Apr (CH). Harlequin Ducks were unexpected finds at Coeur d'Alene, ID 1-3 Mar (MD), Lewis and Clark, MT 10 May (DO), and Latah, ID 15 May (CS). Especially rare in spring were White- winged Scoters at Helena, MT 12-14 Apr (BM, DO) and in Flathead, MT 22 Apr–1 May (CH). The Black Scoter present in Twin Falls, ID since 28 Dec was last reported 2 Mar (LA). The only Long-tailed Duck passed through Roberts, ID 4-6 Apr (SB). A Pacific Loon in Adams, ID 23- 31 May (FE) provided an especially rare spring record. Casual for n. Idaho was a Snowy Egret at Elk City 16 May (ph. MD). Also remarkable were 3 Cattle Egrets that wandered to Mann Lake 7-27 May (ph. KC, JH); there are few

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