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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 447 T E X A S (El Paso area: 4325 Boy Scout Lane, El Paso, TX 79922. email:, Mark Perhamus, Barrett Pierce, Randy Pinkston, Niler Pyeatt, Jane Ramberg, Ross Rasmussen (North-central Texas: 1325 S. Goliad St. Apt. 1302, Rockwall, TX 75087. email: ross.rasmus -, Martin Reid, Donna Rios, Colton Robbins (CRo), Chris Runk (CRu), Ben Sandi - fer (BSa), David Sarkozi (DSa), Willie Sekula (South Texas: 7063 Co. Rd. 228, Falls City, TX 78113-2627. email:, Cliff Shackelford, Judy Sharp (JSh), T. Wells Shartle (TWS), Roger Shaw, Dennis Shepler (DSh), Albert Shultz, Jim Sinclair (JiS), James Sipiora (JaS), Letha Slagle (LSl), Zach Slavin, John Sproul (JSp), Harlan Stewart, Byron Stone (BSt), Mary Beth Stowe (MBS), Lisa Studdard (LSt), Kevin Sweeney, Kristi Thomas, Bar - bara Tilton, Darrell Vollert, Christian Walker, Ron Weeks (RWe) (Upper Coast: 110 Indian Warrior, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. email: ron -, Norman Welsh, Ed Wetzel, Rick Wilde, Shirley Wilkerson, Ken - neth Williams, Bill Wright, Barry Zimmer. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mark W. Lockwood, 402 East Harriet Avenue, Alpine, Texas 79830 ( Eric Carpenter, 4710 Canyonwood Drive, Austin, Texas 78735 ( Randy Pinkston, 3505 Hemlock Court, Temple, Texas 76502 ( man, Bert Frenz (BeF) (East Texas: 221 Rain- bow Dr., #12190, Livingston, TX 77399-2021. email:, Hank George, Michael Gertz (MGe), Richard Gibbons, Euri Giles, Steve Glover, John Groves, Mary Gus - tafson (MGu), Martin Hagne (MHa), Dave Hawksworth (DHa), John Haynes (JHa), Susan Heath, Mitch Heindel (MHe), Pat Heirs (PHe), David Henderson (DHe), Karen Herzenberg (KHe), Anthony Hewetson (Northwest Texas: 4407 36th St., Lubbock, TX 79414. email: fat -, Kelly Himmel (KHi), Petra Hockey, Gary Hodne, Jason Hoeksema (JHo), Bob Honig (BHo), Bill Hubick (BHu), Huck Hutchens, Phil Huxford (PHu), Jeffrey Jackson, Dan Jones, Jack Kelly (JKe), John Kise - da (JKi), Rich Kostecke, Tom Langschied, Rick Laughlin (RLa), Sarah Laughlin, Jason Liefester, Dwayne Litteer (DwL), Dell Little (DeL), Alan Livingston, Mark Lockwood (Trans-Pecos: 402 E. Harriet Avenue, Alpine, Texas 79830 (mark., Kay Lookingbill, Robert Lookingbill (RLo), Nick Lund, Alberto Manterola (AMa), John Maresh (JMa), Mark McDermott, Jeff McIntyre (JMc), Brad McKin - ney, Amanda Moore (AmM), Darlene Moore (DMo), Arman Moreno (ArM), Jim Mueller (JMu), Derek Muschalek (DMu), John OBrien (JOB), Carolyn Ohl-Johnson (COJ), Jack Ol - son (JOl), Brent Ortego, Sue Orwig, Mike Os- trowski, Greg Page, Dan Pancamo, Jim Paton don Lake S.P., Harris 31 Jul (GP et al.). The first migrating male Yellow-headed Blackbirds in the Trans-Pecos were noted at El Paso 26 Jun (DSh) and Lajitas, Brewster 28 Jun (DoB, AB, ML). A male Bronzed Cowbird at Brenham, Washington 8 Jul (DV) was a county first. A Baltimore Oriole near Wheeler, Wheeler 21 Jun (JOl) was w. of the known breeding range. A late American Goldfinch was near Sweeny, Brazoria 9 Jun (PHu). Cited observers (subregional editors in bold- face): Gloria Alcaraz, Ed Allday, Dan Allen, John Allendorf, Connie Andrus, Marlin An - drus, Noreen Baker (NBa), James Barnes (JBa), Peter Barnes, Mark Bartosik, Brian Berry (BBe), Gary Binderim, Amy Bishop, Doug Booher (DoB), Justin Bosler (JBo), Dale Bottrell (DaB), Nicholas Brazier (NBr), Benji Brooks (BBr), Da - vid Brotherton (DBr), Luanne Brotherton, Erik Bruhnke, Kelly Bryan, Bryan Calk, Damien Carey, Lorie Carnes (LCa), Eric Carpenter (Central Texas: 4710 Canyonwood Drive, Aus - tin, TX 78735. email:, Lor- na Clevenger (LCl), Sheridan Coffey, Lisa Cole (LCo), Greg Cook, Mel Cooksey, D.D. Currie (DDC), Tripp Davenport, Drew Dickert, Marc Eastman, Maryann Eastman (MEa), Mark Ed - mund (MEd), Ted Eubanks, Ed Fair (EFa), Mu- hammad Faizan, Tim Fennell, Andy Filtness, Ellen Filtness (EFi), Joe Fischer, Brush Free - Colorado & Wyoming warmest and thirteenth wettest springs, while Colorado's spring was its sixteenth warm - est and sixth wettest (in 121 years of records for both states). Rain tends to drop migrants, and the spring migrant show was good, with Wyoming reports of Great Egret, White- winged Dove, Rufous Hummingbird, Wood Thrush, Magnolia and Palm Warblers, Field Sparrow, and Summer and Scarlet Tanagers. Colorado's highlights included nine hy - brid duck combos, 38 species of parulids, Common Black Hawk, fourth Zone-tailed Hawk, a very early Black Rail, Arctic Tern, sixth Common Ground-Dove, Yellow-bellied Flycatcher, Golden-winged Warblers, the fourth east-side Lucy's Warbler, eighth Painted Redstart, and seventh Black-chinned Sparrow. Despite the quality of these rarities, they were all over-shadowed by the long-overdue first Vaux's Swift from Colorado. Abbreviations: Brett Gray (Brett Gray Ranch, Lincoln); Chatfield (Chatfield Reservoir and S.P., Douglas/Jefferson); Cherry Creek (Cherry T he Region began the season with Colorado's West Slope and the south - western corner of Wyoming being rated as in moderate drought or abnormally dry and with most of southeastern Colorado at least ab - normally dry, but with the southeastern-most sixth of the state under severe drought; this classification extended into parts of Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, and New Mexico. However, rain was the event of the spring in the Region, particularly in May, when eastern parts of the two states were inundated, recording rainfall totals as much as five times that of normal. The renowned migrant hotspot, Crow Valley Campground (Pawnee National Grasslands), was closed due to the intermittent Crow Creek becoming a river. With all that moisture, by the end of the season all of eastern Colorado was free from drought categorization, except for a small vestige of abnormally dry in the lower Arkansas River valley. Conditions also ameliorated in western parts of the Region, though not to the extent of eastern parts. In all, Wyoming experienced its tenth Tony Leukering (Colorado) Matt Fraker (Wyoming) –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING ––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––

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