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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 446 T E X A S (LSl) was slightly ahead of the normal arrival of fall migrants. An out-of-place and seemingly territorial Swainson's Warbler was near Thrall, Williamson 13 Jun–4 Jul (ph. RK, m.ob.). An - other mid-summer American Redstart for cen. Texas was one at Utley, Bastrop 26 Jul (ph. BF). A late migrant Magnolia Warbler was near Ce - dar Park, Williamson 6 Jun (EFa, AF, EFi). Ex- cept at a few stands of pine trees, Pine Warblers retreat from the Central Brazos Valley during the breeding season, so it was surprising to find one at a feeder in Kurten, Brazos 13 Jul (SW). A pair of Golden-cheeked Warblers was studied near Roosevelt, Sutton 13 Jun (JMa), a bit w. of the expected range for this species. SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Eastern Towhees were again detected in East Texas this season, with a pair near Silsbee, Har - din 27 Jun (†BC) and another male in a separate location near Silsbee 3 Jul (†SH). Despite sever - al discoveries of apparently territorial birds over the past decade, evidence of nesting has not been detected, and the lone nesting record for the state is from 1914. A very late Clay-colored Sparrow was found at Guadalupe Mountains N.P., Culberson 8 Jun (v.r. CRu). An unusually large concentration of 250+ Grasshopper Spar - rows was reported near Throckmorton, Throck- morton 19 Jul (GC, SG, DMo). A female Summer Tanager was at White River Lake, Crosby 19 Jul (AH), where the species is known to be a rare nester. A Northern Cardinal was at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park 16 Jun+ (JSp); this is the only semi-reliable location for this species in El Paso. Exceptionally late and a bit w. of usual was a Rose-breasted Grosbeak near Hunt, Kerr 27 Jun (ph. MP). Unseasonable was a Black-headed Grosbeak near Leakey, Real 23 Jun (ph. TD). A Lazuli Bunting at Lake Meredith, Potter 20 Jun and 18 Jul (BP) added to the small number of summer occurrences in the Panhandle. A family group of 8 Indigo Buntings was noted at Shel - Frankston 4 Jul (†BSa). A Black-capped Vireo at Lake Meredith, Potter 20 Jun – 18 Jul (BP) was an exceptional find for the Panhandle region. A Plumbeous Vireo at El Paso 4-5 Jun (ph. JP) was late. An apparently territorial Warbling Vireo first discovered in May was still present at Boot Spring, Brewster through 6 Jul (RP); this species is a very rare and sporadic breeder in the Chisos Mountains. A Red-eyed Vireo was at Lake Mar - vin, Hemphill 17 Jul (DDC, DeL), possibly a w. outpost of breeding. A Yellow-green Vireo was found at the King Ranch near Kingsville, Kle - berg 5 Jun (TL, JiS); singing Yellow-greens were at Resaca de la Palma S.P., Cameron 12-15 Jul (JOB, ph. RP) and Quinta Mazatlan, McAllen, Hidalgo 14 Jul (ph. EB). Tree Swallows nested again at the Calliham Unit of Choke Canyon S.P., McMullen, with 2 ads. and 4 juvs. detected 7 Jun (WS). Up to 50 birds were reported 8 Jun (CRo) and 30 birds 18 Jun (GB). Perhaps more unexpected were single Tree Swallows at the San Miguel Wetlands, Atascosa 5 Jul (SC, MR) and Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey 18 Jul (JBo). Very large numbers of Northern Rough-winged Swallows were at Cattail Marsh, Beaumont, Jef - ferson through the season, with 274 counted 23 Jun and an unprecedented 326 there 17 Jul (ph. HS). Bank Swallows were also present in unexpected numbers at Cattail Marsh in Beau - mont, Jefferson, with the first detected 6 Jul (ph. HS) and a peak count of 11 on 27 Jul (m.ob.). NUTHATCHES THROUGH WARBLERS An ad. Red-breasted Nuthatch with at least one young provided evidence of the con - tinued nesting in very small numbers in the Guadalupe Mountains, Culberson 7 Jun (CRu). Marsh Wrens were heard at Brazoria N.W.R. 19 Jul (DC) and San Bernard N.W.R. 21 Jun (AmM). Surprisingly, these were the first sum - mer records for Brazoria in at least 20 years; the species nests farther up the coast as well as farther south. Ten lingering Mountain Blue - birds were near Silverton, Briscoe 5 Jun (CA, MA). A Swainson's Thrush at Palo Duro Can - yon S.P., Randall 30 Jun (KHe) was a very sur- prising find. A lingering Hermit Thrush was at Plainview, Hale 2 Jun (NP, KS), but another thoroughly out-of-season bird was near Cross - roads, Henderson 25 Jul (†DDC, DeL). Perhaps a summering bird, a Gray Catbird was at Bur - net, Burnet 25 Jun (ph. JMu). North of its ex- pected range, a Long-billed Thrasher was pres- ent in far w. Austin, Travis 7 Jun–17 Jul (ph. EFa, m.ob.). Eleven Cedar Waxwings were present near Webberville, Travis 7 Jun (BF). A late Ovenbird was found dead at Austin 8 Jun (ph. JL). A Northern Waterthrush at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 5 Jun (JHa) was one of the latest ever for the Upper Texas Coast. A Black- and-white Warbler at Houston, Harris 3 Jul at Carter Lake, Brazos 13 Jun (BC) was in an area where the species was suspected of nest - ing in 2013. Peregrine Falcons were observed at Houston, Harris 27 Jun (ph. BW), Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 19 Jul (ph. MF), Baileyboro Lake, Bailey 25 Jul (JBo), and near downtown Austin, Travis all period (m.ob.). FLYCATCHERS THROUGH SWALLOWS A Greater Pewee was reported from the Davis Mountains Preserve, Jeff Davis 24 Jul (RK). Two Western Wood-Pewees were considered quite late in Oldham 20 Jun (DHa). Dusky-capped Flycatchers were noted in at least four loca - tions in the Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis 6 Jun+ (ML, KB et al.), despite no particular effort to survey appropriate habitat. The seemingly resi - dent Great Kiskadee at Georgetown, Williamson continued through the period (m.ob.). Three Tropical Kingbirds were reported from Rock - port, Aransas 27 Jun (RG); 2 on the Norias Di- vision of the King Ranch, Kenedy 5 Jun (BHu, MO) were thought to be nesting. Western Kingbird reports at the e. edge of their range in - cluded five locations in Henderson 5 Jun–31 Jul (m.ob.), one at Lake Cypress Springs, Frank - lin 5 Jul (DaB), 2 at Mount Pleasant, Titus the same day (SG, GC), and one in Morris 10 Jul (ph. DBr, LB). A Bell's Vireo was near Lehman, Cochran 7 Jun (AH) and another at Lake Mar - vin, Hemphill 17 Jul (DDC, DeL)—at the w. and n. limits of range expansion, respectively. A Bell's Vireo at Goose Island S.P., Aransas 25 Jun (HH) and another at Melrose, Goliad 29 Jul (DMu) were both noteworthy. Only the second record for Anderson was a Bell's Vireo at Lake Migrating male Yellow-headed Blackbirds generally start arriving in Texas in mid-July, so this individual at Lajitas, Brewster County 28 June 2015 was on the very early edge of when they arrive. Photograph by Mark W. Lockwood. This territorial Swainson's Warbler present at Thrall, Wil - liamson County 13 (here 16) June through 4 July 2015 was well away from the expected breeding range, though there are isolated breeding areas within 150 kilometers of this site. Photograph by Rich Kostecke.

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