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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 445 T E X A S Jul (CRo, ph. JJ) and perhaps all summer. Two Lesser Nighthawks were carefully identified in se. Baylor 19 Jul (GC, SG, DMo), a first re - cord for n.-cen. Texas. A Common Nighthawk reported in Shelby 11 Jul (SO) was considered very late for the Pineywoods. A Chuck-will's- widow at Sabine Woods, Jefferson 5 Jun (JHa) was considered a late migrant; one at White River Lake, Crosby 19 Jul (AH) was notewor - thy there. A Green Violetear put in a one-day appearance at the bird blind at Inks Lake S.P., Burnet 4 Jun (m.ob., ph. Teresa Keck). An imm. male Anna's Hummingbird was in the Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis 6-15 Jun (ph. ME, MEa), adding to the still small but increasing number of summer records. The Calliope Hummingbird that spent the winter and early spring at New Braunfels, Comal returned 15 Jul+ (LCl). White- eared Hummingbirds appeared to make a slight comeback from the population drop following the 2011-2012 severe drought, with one at Boot Canyon, Big Bend N.P., Brewster 6 Jul+ (ph. RP et al.), one at Tobe Canyon, Davis Mountains Preserve, Jeff Davis from 24 Jul+ (RK et al.), and a hatch-year male banded at the Davis Moun - tains Resort, Jeff Davis 30 Jun (KB), strongly suggesting local breeding. A Rufous Humming - bird in the Davis Mountains Resort, Jeff Davis 29 Jun (KB) was early. A Belted Kingfisher was reported from Resaca de la Palma S.P., Cameron 13 Jun (GA). At least one Acorn Woodpecker was present on a private range in Bandera 1 Jun (MHa), where the species occurs as a small and localized population. An American Kestrel late May (MB, KL, RLo). Annual in late summer and early fall, an injured ad. Laughing Gull was w. to the Fort Hancock sewage ponds, Hudspeth 17 Jul+ (JP, LSt). Storm-blown Laughing Gulls pushed by Tropical Storm Bill included 2 at the Lake Somerville dam, Washington 17 Jun (†RS) and a single the same day at Granger Lake, Wil - liamson (†RK). Other notable Laughing Gulls included one at Hebert Reservoir, Waller 21 Jun (†BHo), 2 at Lake Livingston, Polk 26 Jun (PB), and one at Hornsby Bend, Travis 7 Jul (ph. DA). The S.P.I. pelagic trip, Cameron 11 Jul tallied 106 Sooty and 1-2 Bridled Terns (GH et al.). Locally rare but regular in spring and early summer, 2 Least Terns were at McNary Reser - voir, Hudspeth 5 Jun (BZ). A Least Tern at Mule- shoe N.W.R., Bailey 9 Jun (JBo) was either a late migrant or a wanderer from the Panhandle breeding population. Other noteworthy Least Terns this season were up to 12 at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 6 Jun–26 Jul (DDC, DeL, TWS), one at nearby Lake Fairfield S.P., Freestone 13 Jun (NBa, JaS), and, in adjacent Navarro, one at Richland Chambers Reservoir and 2 at Harbor Inn Marina 5 Jul (DDC, DeL). Elsewhere, up to 2 were observed at the Oak Point development on Lake Limestone 26-30 Jul (†AMa), a first county record for Robert - son. The only Least Tern colony suspected of nesting in n. Texas was se. of Seymour, Baylor, where 24 were counted 19 Jul (GC, SG, DMo). Two Caspian Terns at Miller's Creek Reservoir, Throckmorton 4 Jul (JR) were farther w. than ex - pected. A lone Black Tern seen in rural Hidalgo 13 Jun was noteworthy (MGu). A count of 34 Black Terns at Port O'Connor, Calhoun 16 Jun was attributed to Tropical Storm Bill (BF), as were 2 over Lake Fayette, Fayette 17 Jun (RS) and 4 at Cox Cemetery, Brazos 21 Jun (RLa, SL). A Black Skimmer was on the Rio Grande by Salineño, Starr 6 Jun (JHo, NL, ZS). PIGEONS THROUGH FALCONS A Band-tailed Pigeon was away from breeding areas in the Christmas Mountains, Brewster 22 Jun (COJ, KB). Out-of-range Common Ground- Doves included singles at Baytown, Harris 2 Jun (DwL), in Palo Pinto 4 Jul (RW), at El Paso 19 Jul (JG), and at Quintana, Brazoria 26 Jul (JF). Very interesting was a briefly seen but well- described report of a White-tipped Dove at the Indian Hot Springs, Hudspeth 2 Jun (CS). A Groove-billed Ani on Galveston Island, Galves - ton 7 Jun represented a rare summer record for the Upper Texas Coast (TE). Long-eared Owls were surprising finds near Marfa, Presidio 14 Jun (ML) and at El Paso 17 Jul (ph. JP). A Short- eared Owl observed near Marfa, Presidio 19 Jun (ph. CW) provided a rare mid-summer record for the Trans-Pecos. As many as 4 Lesser Night - hawks were present at San Marcos, Hays 5-20 A White-tailed Kite at White River Lake, Crosby 19 Jul (ph. AH) added to the records from the South Plains, where the species in now a very rare visitor. A Mississippi Kite was reported from Van Horn, Culberson 14 Jun (EG), where they are not known to nest. Two pairs of Coo - per's Hawks successfully nested in w. El Paso (JP), where there are very few confirmed nest - ing records. Cooper's Hawks nested for the sec- ond year at College Station, Brazos (BC). Broad- winged Hawks well s. of normal included sin - gles at Anzalduas Park, Hidalgo 14 Jun (ph. GB) and Old Hidalgo Pumphouse, Hidalgo 20 Jun (MGu). The dark-morph Short-tailed Hawk found in the spring in the Chisos Mountains was present until at least 6 Jun (m.ob.). Two Virginia Rails and 5 Soras near Floydada, Floyd 14 Jul (JBo) were noteworthy. Other Soras on the South Plains included one near Crosbyton, Crosby 26 Jul (KHi) and another near Silverton, Briscoe 27 Jul (BBr). Two Purple Gallinules at Cox Cemetery, Brazos 21 Jun–22 Jul (†MM, †RLa, SL) provided the first summer county re - cord since 1971. A Purple Gallinule at Utopia, Uvalde 16 Jul (MHe) was out of place. SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS A very early American Golden-Plover was at Ray Roberts Lake, Denton 15 Jul (DR). A Collared Plover was again at Hargill, Hidalgo 21 Jul+ (PHe, ph. MBS, m.ob.), leading to speculation that it was the 2014 bird returning. A Snowy Plover at White Rock Lake, Dallas 28 Jul (MGe) was a good find, as were as many as 6 at Horn - sby Bend, Travis 16-22 Jul (JJ, ArM, m.ob.). Two Lesser Yellowlegs at Fort Hancock Reservoir, Hudspeth 10 Jun (ph. BZ) were hard to charac - terize and in the middle of a three-week win- dow with no previous local records. A count of 10 Upland Sandpipers at Nome, Jefferson 16 Jun (JHa) was an impressive number for so early in the migration. Two Long-billed Curlews were at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey 26 Jun (JBo) provid - ing a rare summer record for the South Plains. Early migrant Sanderlings were noted at Mule - shoe N.W.R., Bailey 25 Jul (JBo) and Hornsby Bend, Travis 24-30 Jul (ArM, m.ob.). A group of 24 White-rumped Sandpipers at Port Aransas, Nueces 13 Jun (WS) was late and a large num - ber. A Pectoral Sandpiper at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 3 Jul (JP) was early and one of few summer records. A Semipalmated Sandpiper was at Fort Hancock Reservoir, Hudspeth 5-12 Jun (ph. BZ). A Short-billed Dowitcher was found at Southside W.T.P., Dallas 12 Jul (RR), where the species is a rare migrant. Six Wilson's Phalaropes at Presidio, Presidio 1 Jul (ML) were in line with the dates for early migrants. A Pomarine Jaeger photographed at Free - port, Brazoria 8 Jun was believed to be the same bird documented on the Bolivar Peninsula in White-eared Hummingbirds were scarcely reported in Texas fol- lowing the 2011-2012 drought, but with the lessening of drought conditions, reports have increased. This female was at Boot Can- yon in the Chisos Mountains, Brewster County 6 July 2015 (here) through the summer period. Photograph by Randy Pinkston.

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