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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 444 T E X A S dre Island pelagic trip, Cameron 11 Jul (GH et al.). An imm. Brown Booby was reported off - shore of Port Aransas, Nueces 13 Jun (JMc). A juv. Brown Pelican over Granger Lake, Wil - liamson 22 Jun (LCa) may have been displaced there by Tropical Storm Bill. American Bitterns are extremely rare summer residents on the Upper Texas Coast, so reports from the Katy Prairie Conservancy holdings in Waller 2-4 Jun (BHo), San Bernard N.W.R., Brazoria 6 & 27 Jun (HG, EA et al.), and Addicks Res - ervoir, Harris 14 Jun (DD) were major news. In the coastal prairies, one was at Padre Island N.S., Kleberg 13 Jun (ph. WS), and single birds were at separate locations on the King Ranch, Nueces 24 Jun (TL). Up to 3 Least Bitterns were a surprise at Cement Creek Lake, Tarrant 5-6 Jun (EW, JA). A Reddish Egret was discovered at Rochester Park, Dallas 17 Jun (BSa) shortly after the inland passage of Tropical Storm Bill, and 3 were noted near Crockett, Houston 14 Jul (ph., †BW). Glossy Ibis were present along Brushline Rd., Hidalgo 25-29 Jul (MGu et al.), where the high count was 3 on 27 Jul (ph. DJ). VULTURES THROUGH CRANES Adding to the many records from this site in the past three years, a Black Vulture was at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 10 Jul (ph. JP); the species remains accidental to the w. of this location, such as the single bird seen at Davis Mountains S.P., Jeff Davis 23 Jun–12 Jul (JSh, ArM). Osprey nested once again on Lake Hous - ton, Harris, with 3 juvs. noted 25 Jun (ph. GP). Early migrant Ospreys were observed at Lake Ray Roberts, Denton 3 Jul (DR) and at Lake Lewisville Environmental Learning Center, Denton 13 Jul (LCo). A lone Swallow-tailed Kite was seen flying just above the treetops in Ga - nado, Jackson 1 Jul (DP); more shocking was the sight of 65 at the Guadalupe River bridge, Aransas/Calhoun 28 Jul (BO). On the heels of its successful spring nesting, the White-tailed Kite pair at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, El Paso raised a second brood in a different nest (JSp). American Wigeon was reported from Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 5 Jul (NW). Northern Shov - elers were present at several locations in the s. Oaks and Prairies region 17 Jun, with one at La Grange, Fayette (RS), 4 at Lake Somer - ville, Washington (KW), and 12 at Sore Finger Wildlife Area, Williamson (TF). There were also 6 at Cox Cemetery, Brazos 21 Jun (RLa, SL). Northern Pintails lingered at several loca - tions in South Texas this season, most notably singles at Port Aransas, Nueces until at least 12 Jul (m.ob.) and Hargill, Hidalgo through the period (m.ob.). A lingering Canvasback was at Lake O' The Pines, Marion 24 Jun (ph. KT). Summering Redheads included one along Old Port Isabel Rd., Cameron 23 Jul (ph. MBS), 2 at Southside W.T.P., Dallas 4-19 Jul (EW, JR, RR), and one at Cox Cemetery, Brazos 5-22 Jul (†BSt, RLa, SL). Likewise, single Ring-necked Ducks were noted at the J. J. Mayes Wildlife Trace, Chambers 26 Jun (ph. DHe), Southside W.T.P., Dallas 4 Jul (EW), Cox Cemetery, Bra - zos 5 Jul (RLa, SL, BSt), Formosa-Tejano Wet- lands, Jackson 26 Jul (DD, GP), and El Paso all period (JKi). Surf Scoters lingered into early summer in Galveston, with a female at Port Bo - livar 2 Jun and a male 4 & 6 Jun (RG et al.), plus another near High Island 4 Jun (BT). Less expected was a female Black Scoter at Port Bo - livar, Galveston 4 Jun (fide JBa). Female Buffle- heads were found at El Paso 27 Jun–18 Jul (JKi) and at Devine Lake, Williamson all period (RK, ph. m.ob.). A female Common Goldeneye was reported from Formosa-Tejano Wetlands, Jackson 26 Jul (DSa). Both female Common Mergansers from spring continued at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth through 3 Jul (JP), with one remaining through at least 15 Aug (ph. JP). Equally strange were single Red-breasted Mergansers at Lubbock 4-5 Jul (ph. AL) and Lake Benbrook, Tarrant 25 Jul (JA). A group of 7 Eared Grebes at Padre Island N.S., Kleberg 13 Jun (WS) included 4 ads. with 3 young— a very rare breeding occurrence on the Texas coast for this species (fide MC). A lone Cory's and 75 Audubon's Shearwaters were noted on the South Padre Island pelagic trip, Cameron 11 Jul (GH et al.). Surprising was a Sooty Shearwater near the South Padre Island jetty, Cameron 26 Jun (ph. BM). A Wilson's Storm-Petrel 35 km se. of Port O'Connor, Cal - houn 11 Jun (ph., †PH) could be a long overdue first state record. Also found on the South Padre Island pelagic trip 11 Jul were up to 2 Leach's and 18 Band-rumped Storm-Petrels (GH et al.). Tropical Storm Bill pushed large numbers of Magnificent Frigatebirds into Galveston Bay 16 Jun, with 54 at April Fool Point, Galveston and 23 at Seabrook, Harris (BBe); another was just nw. of Manor, Travis 17 Jun (ph. ArM). Five Masked Boobies were spotted on the South Pa - mers (MSu), Paul Sunby, Romey Swanson (RSw), Rob Thacker (RTh), Kristi Thomas, Susan Thompson, Susan Thrower (STh), Blair Tirpak, John Tirpak, Robert Truss (RTr), Ash - ley Tubbs, Christine Turnbull, Gustavo Valero, Andres Vasquez, Mort Voller, Darrell Vollert, Ron Weeks (Upper Coast: 110 Indian Warrior, Lake Jackson, TX 77566. email: ronweeks@, Carol Wells, Ginger Wentrcek, James White (JWh), Richard Wilde, Shirley Wilkerson (SWi), Jennifer Wilson (JWi), Dale Wolck, David Wolf (DWo), Mimi Hoppe Wolf (MHW), Samantha Wolfe (SWo), John Yaeger, Carla Zainie, Barry Zimmer, Kevin Zimmer. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Mark W. Lockwood Eric Carpenter Randy Pinkston T he intense deluges of spring continued through June for much of the eastern third of the state. The remainder of the state generally saw below-average rainfall and hot temperatures. Dry conditions were report - ed almost statewide in July. Habitat conditions were generally good and resulted in excellent productivity for many areas, but ground- nesting birds seemed to be impacted by the heavy rains and localized flooding in some ar - eas. Eastern Kingbirds and Baltimore Orioles were reported to be nesting in above-average numbers from north-central Texas southward through the Oaks and Prairies region. In the west, the spring rains resulted in better habitat conditions and excellent reproductive success for many species, such as Scaled and Gambel's Quail and Greater Roadrunner. WATERFOWL THROUGH SPOONBILLS Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks are casual visi- tors to the nw. portion of the state; one was at Lubbock, Lubbock 19 Jun (fide AH) and 3 at Weinert, Haskell 4 Jul (JR). A Greater White- fronted Goose along Hebert Rd., Waller 4-28 Jun (BHo, AS) was likely sick or injured. A Cackling Goose at El Paso, El Paso 14 Jul+ (JKi) with semi-domesticated Canada Geese provid - ed a first local summer record. On the bizarre side was a Canada Goose that dropped in at Estero Llano Grande S.P., Hidalgo 3 Jul (HH). A Wood Duck at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 10 Jun–17 Jul (BZ, JP) was well away from the known breeding areas in El Paso. Out-of- season Gadwalls were reported at La Grange, Fayette 17 Jun (RS), Longview, Harrison 18-30 Jun (MEd, DBr), and Fort Parker S.P., Lime - stone 19 Jun (JKe). An apparent summering This Collared Plover present at Hargill, Hidalgo County 21 July 2015 (here) through the remainder of the season was presumably the same individual noted during the previous summer there. This is the third record for Texas and the United States of this species. Photograph by Dan Jones.

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