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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 440 T E X A S nearby Harris. Annual now in the El Paso area, a Lesser Black-backed Gull was at Tornillo Res - ervoir, El Paso 29 Mar (MHo, JiP). A Glaucous Gull at Lake Benbrook 22-28 May provided a long-anticipated first record for Tarrant (JA, ph. m.ob.). Other Glaucous Gulls included singles at Port Aransas, Nueces 9 Mar (JKr, LK), Texas City Dike, Galveston 14 Apr (SM), Matagorda Bay Nature Park, Matagorda 17-28 Apr (COv, DJ, TG, DA), and Houston, Harris 3 May (DeM, RTh). An early ad. Sooty Tern was at Port Aransas, Nueces 3 Mar (ph. JKr, LK). A Least Tern was at Buffalo Springs Lake, Lub - bock 9 May (AHe, BSt), where rare but regular. Seven Caspian Terns at Lake Lavon, Collin 12 May (MCa) made a large congregation for n.- cen. Texas. An impressive count of 1000 mi - grating Black Terns came from Utley, Bastrop 12 May (BrF). An amazing 20,000 Common Terns were estimated staging and migrating by Bolivar Flats, Galveston 7 May (MBa). PIGEONS THROUGH FALCONS White-winged Doves are slowly colonizing Na- cogdoches, Nacogdoches and Lufkin, Angelina, as indicated by records from Loco Valley 16 Mar–22 May (RH), Nacogdoches mid-Apr–21 May (RSc), and Central Heights 1 May (DWo). With the range of Inca Doves retreating south - ward, one at Lubbock, Lubbock 7 Mar (AHe) and 2 at the same location 12 Apr (AHe) indi - cates that a few are hanging on in urban areas. Common Ground-Doves n. of the expected range included one at Mount Vernon, Frank - lin 8 Mar (MO) and 2 near Millican, Brazos 23 Mar (RLa). White-tipped Doves continue to be found along the Devils River; this season, one was at the Dolan Falls Preserve, Val Verde 2-6 May (RKo et al.). Always a rare find away from the coast, 3 different Black-billed Cuckoos were noted in Austin, Travis 8-17 May (DCa, TB, DvM) and one was at College Station, Brazos 10 May (†SL, m.ob.). A startling find came in the form of a Groove-billed Ani near Ferris, Dallas 20 May, a first record for n.-cen. Texas (ShL, ph. JMo). A Northern Pygmy-Owl in Big Bend's Pine Canyon, Brewster 2 May+ (ph., †GLa, CSe, m.ob.) provided the fifth state record. Burrow - ing Owls are rare and very local breeding birds in n.-cen. Texas; at least 3 were near Byers, Clay 4 Apr (GC, BlC, SGl). An early Common Nighthawk was noted at Nacogdoches, Nacog - doches 15 Apr (†CW), and a fine count of 75 was made at Nacogdoches 29 May (CSh, JN). Single Common Pauraques were noted just n. of the expected range near Red Rock, Bastrop 18 Mar (KAf) and at New Braunfels, Comal 20 Apr (RSw). Early arriving Common Poorwills were noted at Lubbock 13 Mar (AHe) and at Lake Marvin, Hemphill 31 Mar (CCa). A late migrant Eastern Whip-poor-will heard at Hous - into Texas and were seen near Beaumont, Jef- ferson and Tyler, Smith during the first week of May (fide CSh). At least one Whooping Crane around Granger Lake, Williamson from the win - ter continued through at least 21 Mar (m.ob.). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH TERNS Two Black-necked Stilts were at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 6 Mar (DPi). Eigh - teen American Avocets made a rare find for Pleasure Acres Lake, Smith 23 Apr (PB). West - ward American Golden-Plovers included one at Lubbock, Lubbock 6 Apr (RRi) and another at Balmorhea Lake, Reeves 5 May (ph. MRo). Four Piping Plovers at Lake Graham, Young 28 Mar were unexpected (GC, SGl). Forty- one Willets stopped at Balmorhea Lake, Reeves 24 Apr (ML), and 4 at Lake Gibbons, Lamar 2 May (JHa) may represent a first record for the county. An impressive 27 Whimbrels were w. to Lake Colorado City S.P., Mitchell 1 May (ph. KO), while 23 were noted along Wolf Springs Rd., Dallas/Ellis 17 May (ph., m.ob.); 3 at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey 11 May (JuB, BSt) were unexpected. A basic-plumaged Hudso - nian Godwit 25 Mar–1 Apr at Bodekker Rd., Galveston may be the earliest ever for Texas (DPe et al.); 3 Hudsonian Godwits wandered to w. of Sabinal, Uvalde 11-12 May (MHe, KCa). For the third spring in a row, a female Ruff was at Anahuac N.W.R., Chambers 5-10 Mar (DS, ph. ER et al.). Unusual for the Pan - handle, a Sanderling was at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey 11 May (JuB, BSt), and 2 were there 25 May (JuB). A large shorebird fallout in the cen. Pineywoods 21 May dumped 85 Dunlins at Angelina County Airport, Angelina (LD) and another 18 at the Nacogdoches Airport, Na - cogdoches (DWo). A Buff-breasted Sandpiper at the Nacogdoches Airport, Nacogdoches 21 May (DWo) was the latest ever for the Pineywoods by a week. Rare in spring, single Red-necked Phalaropes were at Balmorhea Lake, Reeves 9-10 May (CCa, JSe et al.) and near Dell City, Hudspeth 17 May (MHo, ph. JiP). A first-cycle Black-legged Kittiwake was near High Island, Galveston 21 Apr (ph. WE). Little Gulls made a strong showing, with one at White Rock Lake, Dallas from the winter remaining until at least 17 Mar (CRu) and singles at Port Aransas, Nueces 18 Mar (JKr, LK), Rollover Pass, Galveston 18 Mar (JBo) and 5 Apr (ph. CCo, AV et al.), near High Island, Galveston 4-5 Apr (CCo, ph. RG, WB et al.), and on the Bolivar Peninsula, Galveston 18 Apr (JBr et al.). Inland Laughing Gulls were found at Lake Sam Rayburn, San Augustine 15 Mar (RTr, DWo) and Junction, Kimble 15 May (ph. EC). A second-cycle Iceland Gull at Ash Lake, Chambers 6 Mar (StL) was likely the same bird seen roosting during the winter season in 23 Mar (AMa). One was also reported near Yar - relton, Milam 11 Mar (†JBy, AC). Adding to only a very few records in McLen- nan, a Purple Gallinule was near the convention center in Waco 14 May (†GLe). The Common Crane from the fall and winter remained at Muleshoe N.W.R., Bailey through 14 Mar (JuB, m.ob.). Once again, some of Louisiana's experi - mental Whooping Cranes crossed the border This dark-morph Short-tailed Hawk in the Chisos Mountains of Big Bend National Park, Brewster County 25 April 2015 (here) was presumed to be a returning bird, and it was later joined by a light-morph bird, leading to speculation that nesting might occur. Photograph by Mark W. Lockwood. There are only five documented record of Northern Pygmy- Owl for Texas, all from the Chisos Mountains in Big Bend National Park, Brewster County. This individual was present in Pine Canyon from 2 (here 5) May 2015 through the spring period. Photograph by Skip Cantrell.

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