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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 438 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S 17 Jun (RB). Left over from the eastward push in spring was a Lazuli Bunting easterly in Nuck - olls, NE 2 Jun (RSt). Yellow-headed Blackbirds, not expected during summer in Oklahoma, were found at Hackberry (m.ob.) and in Harp - er 1 Jun (LM) and Canadian 5 Jul (BMa). Red Crossbills were scarce in Nebraska: one was in Keith 11 Jun (TB), and 1-2 were in Thomas 15 Jun–4 Jul (TJW, TH). Pine Siskins often linger in the Region, sometimes nest - ing after large autumn/winter irruptions. This summer, Pine Siskins reports included singles in Dixon, NE 8 Jun (JJ), Cheyenne, KS 8 Jun (SM, NM), and Payne, OK 15 Jun (SL). Lesser Goldfinch has a toehold in the w. edge of the Region; 1-3 were at the usual locations in Scotts Bluff, NE during the period (TG, KD, L&BP), and one was in Comanche, OK 11 Jul (KW). Cited observers (editors in boldface): NE - BRASKA: Adrian Azar, Ian Batterman, Tony Battiste, Mark Brogie, Scott Buss, Margaret Cle - men (MCl), Andrew Core, Linda Deeds, Kathy DeLara, Keith Dyche (KDy), Larry Einemann, Amanda Filipi, Tom Gannon, Joe Gubanyi, Tim Hajda, Peggy Hardwick, Ben Heppner, Pe - ter M. Hill, Sheldon Hoch (SHo), Bill F. Huser, Jan Johnson, Joel G. Jorgensen, Alice Kenitz, Clem N. Klaphake, Mike McCloy (MMc), Wayne Mollhoff, Jim Murdock, Jim Ochsner, Loren & Babs Padelford, Don & Jan Paseka, Brian Peterson, Susan Quinn, Ben Ream, Car - rick Rice, Justin Rink, Rick Sammons, W. Ross Silcock, Dave Stage, Ruth Stearns (RSt), Jim & Linda Swenson, Jerry Toll, T. J. Walker, Bruce Wendorff (BWe), Juanita Whittecar, Mac Williams (MWi), Michael Willison. KAN - SAS: Nic Allen, Tony Addresen, Roger Boyd, Andrew Burnett, Jeff Calhoun, Mark Corder, Colin Dobson, Tom Ewert, Jennifer Hammett, Barry Jones, Don Kazmaier (DKz), Dave Kl - ema, Owen Krout, Mark Land, Dan Larson, Jonathan Lautenbach, Micky Louis, Brandon Magette, Randall Marler, Steven Mlodinow, Nick Moore, Chuck Otte, Galen Pittman, Mike Rader, Edward Raynor, Brett Sandercock, Phil Wedge, Bryan White. OKLAHOMA: Da - vid Arbour, James W. Arterburn, John Ault, Bill Carrell, Joseph A. Grzybowski, Glen Hensley, Marshall Iliff, Jonathan Jruska (JJr), Joseph Lautenbach (JLa), Philip Leonard, Scott Loss, Brian Marra (BMa), Larry Mays, Kurt Meisen - zahl, Zach Poland, Dan Robinson, Carol Stayer (CSt), John Tharp (JTh), Frank Stetler, Lou & Mary Truex, Pat Velte, Glen Wampler (GWa), Kashmir Wolf, Rachel Wrenn. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Joseph A. Grzybowski, 715 Elmwood Drive, Norman, Oklahoma 72072 ( W. Ross Silcock, P. O. Box 57, Tabor, Iowa 51673 ( Panhandle summer range, and a White-eyed Vireo in Woodward, OK (LM) was w. of its e. Oklahoma range. Black-capped Vireos were rediscovered still hanging on in Blaine, OK, with about 10 males 5-9 Jun at one location and an isolated single at another (JAG, DR). In sw. Oklahoma, Cave Swallows are es - tablishing themselves as breeders in Tillman, Jackson, Kiowa, and Coman - che (JAG, JA, MI, JJr), with the high- est tally 15 in Kiowa 26 Jul (JAG). A Plumbeous Vireo (with another un - identified vireo) in the Wildcat Hills of Scotts Bluff/Banner, NE 2 Jul (JM, fide AF) raises possibility of breeding there. Notable re - ports of Red-breasted Nuthatch in e. Nebraska included a flightless juv. in Seward 12 Jun (JG), 1-2 in a Keith yard 23 Jun–30 Jul (JO), and one in Lancaster 15 Jul (BWe). Among an increasing array of summer Sage Thrasher reports for Ne - braska were singles in Scotts Bluff 22 Jun (CNK) and Morrill 2 Jul (SB). A Cedar Waxwing at Red Slough 2 Jun and 2 birds there 29 Jun (DA) were intriguing. Ovenbirds summering in the Loup River drainage, cen. Nebraska indicated likely breeding there: 11 were found in Thomas 4 Jul (TH); another singing in Jefferson, NE 21 Jul (CNK) was westerly. A tardy Northern Wa - terthrush was in Dixon, NE 4 Jun (JJ). A Ten- nessee Warbler banded in Douglas, NE 25 Jul (ph. RS) is the earliest fall record for the state by 16 days. Two Northern Parulas in Woodward, OK 2-3 Jun (LM) were westerly. A male Hood - ed Warbler singing vigorously 16 Jun–4 Jul in Thomas, NE (TJW, m.ob.) and another in Sarpy, NE 13 Jun (JR) were beyond known breeding range. An easterly Black-headed Grosbeak was in Hamilton, NE 3 Jun (IB). A Summer Tanager in Republic, KS 3 Jul (PW) was a little w. of the usual summer range, as was a singing Scarlet Tanager as far w. as Cherry, NE 20 Jun (MMc). Western Tanager is not known to breed in the Wildcat Hills, Scotts Bluff / Banner, NE, so one noted 2 Jul there (JM, fide AF) was of interest. Breeding Spotted and Eastern Towhees over- lap broadly in Nebraska, with phenotypically pure birds found only in the Panhandle and in extreme se. Nebraska, respectively. There are recent indications of westward expansion of Eastern Towhee phenotype (fide WRS). East - ern Towhee breeds in the Ozark Mountains, e. Oklahoma; this season, Easterns were found away from the Ozarks in McCurtain (DA), Rog - ers (SL), and Osage (JLa, FS). A Lark Bunting in Richardson, NE 11 Jul (†BP) was far e. of its usual summer range. A Savannah Sparrow was a surprise in Riley, KS 15 Jul (BS). Tardy were a White-throated Sparrow in Dodge, NE 9 Jun (D&JP) and a Harris's Sparrow in Douglas, KS NE 3 Jun (LD) could indicate breeding in the area. Several westerly Eastern Whip-poor-wills for Nebraska included 3 heard in e. Cherry 14- 19 Jun (MMc, AA, SHo) and 2 in Thomas 3 Jul (BP). A Blue-throated Hummingbird coming to a yard feeder in Comanche 28 Jun (CSt, GWa, KM) was a mega-surprise for the observers—a first for Oklahoma. Following a recent Regional trend, westerly Ruby-throated Hummingbirds were in Kansas, including a courting pair in Pratt 15 Jun (MR), 2 in Russell 10 Jun (DK), and a female in Comanche 7 Jun (TE). Black-chinned Hummingbirds are expanding in the Region; a female was as far n. as Ford, KS 19 Jul (JC), and singles in Logan and Oklahoma, OK through the summer (ZP; fide JAG) were in areas where regular in recent years. The female Broad-tailed Hummingbird in Dawes, NE in spring was still present 10 Jul, and a second was seen there 21 Jun (ph. JW). The first migrant Rufous Hum - mingbird was in Pawnee, KS 12 Jul (DKz); an- other was easterly in Johnson, KS 29 Jul (BW). There were three new reports of American Three-toed Woodpecker in East Ash Canyon, Dawes, NE this summer: a pair was about 1 km sw. of the 2014 and 2015 sightings on 3 Jul, and a single was at this new location 15 Jul (vt. KDy, WM). A Peregrine Falcon was in John - son, KS 5 Jun (BW), possibly from the small population in Kansas City, MO; there are also Nebraska residents at Omaha and at Lincoln. PASSERINES The summer ranges of Western and Eastern Wood-Pewees overlap in n.-cen. Nebraska. In the Niobrara Valley, up to 5 Eastern Wood- Pewees were w. to Cherry 13-20 Jun (MMc, m.ob.), with one more 21 Jul (MCl), while 1-2 Western Wood-Pewees were reported e. to Brown and Keya Paha 11 (CNK) & 19 Jun (MMc). In the Platte River Valley, 2 Western Wood-Pewees were as e. to Lincoln, NE 10 Jun (ph. AC), with another noted there 7 Jul (TJW). An easterly Cordilleran Flycatcher was in Sheridan, NE 28 Jun (PMH). A Say's Phoebe in Woods, OK 1 Jun (LM) was e. of its usual These female Broad-tailed Hummingbirds were together at a feeder in Dawes County, Nebraska 21 June 2015. Normally only a fall migrant, one bird was present through the month, the other just for the day. Photograph by Juanita Whittecar.

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