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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 437 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S palmated Sandpipers at Quivira 6 Jun (CD) made an excellent count for the date. A Baird's Sandpiper in the Rainwater Basin 3 Jul (JGJ) was a very early fall migrant. Westerly and a bit early was a Buff-breasted Sandpiper in Finney, KS 15 Jul (JC). At least 30 Short-billed Dow - itchers were reported in the expected fall mi- gration window 29 Jun–29 Jul (fide WRS; DA, L&MT, JAG, JWA), the earliest in Box Butte, NE 29 Jun (LE). A Long-billed Dowitcher in the Rainwater Basin 3 Jul (JGJ) was early. Summering California Gulls away from Mc - Conaughy are rare; this season. an imm. was at Cheyenne Bottoms 24 Jul (MR). Unexpected in summer was a Herring Gull in Clay, KS 22 Jul (ER). An ad. Lesser Black-backed Gull was at McConaughy 19-20 Jul (RSt, TJW). Four Caspian Terns appeared in Johnson, KS 23 Jun (MC) and one in Tulsa, OK 7 Jul (SL). Four ad. Common Terns in the Rainwater Basin were record early and in atypical habitat 3 Jul (JGJ). Two Inca Doves hugging the s. Oklahoma border were at Red Slough 18 Jun (DA), and an - other was in Choctaw 25 Jun (LM). An encour- aging 8 Black-billed Cuckoos, all singles, were reported statewide in Nebraska (fide WRS); low numbers in recent years have been a concern. Greater Roadrunner is maintaining its presence at the n. edge of its Regional range, where ads. were feeding young in Pawnee, KS 6 Jul (DKz). Barred Owl is slowly expanding westward in the Republican River valley in s. Nebraska to Nuckolls 8 Jul (D&JP). There are breeding re - ports of Long-eared Owl for much of Nebras- ka; 2-3 begging young were in Thomas 13 Jul (MB), and 2 flushed in Cherry 14 Jun (CR) may also have been breeders. A Northern Saw-whet Owl heard in the cedar canyons of se. Lincoln, 9 Jul (LM). Nesting Ospreys were (finally) not- ed with successful nests this season in Nebras- ka; two broods fledged in the Scottsbluff area and another downstream from McConaughy by the end of the period (KD, AK). A presumed non-breeding Osprey was in Crawford, KS 21 Jul (AB). Unexpected, and far from known Ne - braska nesting sites, 2 Mississippi Kites were in Douglas 26 Jun (RS). A westerly Broad-winged Hawk was in Blaine, OK 18 Jun (JAG). Swain - son's Hawks were easterly in Wyandotte, KS 14 Jul (NA) and Johnson, KS 30 Jul (TA). The Ferruginous Hawk nest in Dundy, NE noted in spring had 2 nearly fledged young 15 Jun (JGJ). The only King Rails reported away from Red Slough were at Hackberry, where 3-4 were found 11-18 Jul (L&MT). Enigmatic and as - tounding, some 30-100 Soras were estimated at Hackberry 11-31 Jul (L&MT, JAG, m.ob.), and Soras were "common, ubiquitous" in the Rainwater Basin in Jul (JC). A southerly Sora was in Gray, KS 20 Jul (JC). Also appearing at Hackberry were nesting Common Gallinules 15 Jun–29 Jul (L&MT, PV), producing at least 9 young noted among 9 ads. 12 Jul (JA). The Sandhill Crane pair in Scotts Bluff, NE was seen 16 Jul with a lone half-grown youngster (KD). Two ad. Sandhill Cranes were in Buffalo, NE 18 Jun (PH) and 3 in the Rainwater Basin 19 Jul (JGJ). A summer surprise was a more easterly Sandhill Crane at Omaha, NE 28 Jul (JT, DS). SHOREBIRDS THROUGH FALCONS American Golden-Plovers were at Hackberry 11 & 15 Jul (L&MT) and at Quivira 20 Jun and 22 Jul (MR, JH). Thirty Snowy and 7 Piping Plovers were in Phillips, KS 8 Jun (CD), odd for both species on that date. A worn ad. Snowy Plover in Clay, NE 3 Jul (JGJ) made the first Rainwater Basin record for Jul. A Mountain Plover was in Finney, KS 8 Jun (JC), e. of the expected breeding range in extreme w. Kan - sas. The estimated 1500 American Avocets at Quivira 27 Aug (MR) made a near-record high count. Most likely early migrants were a Willet in Douglas, KS 26 Jun (ML) and 2 Lesser Yellow - legs in Seward, NE 20 Jun (JGJ). A Hudsonian Godwit at Hackberry 11 Jul (L&MT) provided one of few fall records; the species normally takes an Atlantic route in autumn. A Marbled Godwit in Seward, NE 19 Jul (JGJ) and another in Douglas, KS 18 Jul (DL) were easterly. Single Whimbrels were in Alfalfa, OK 3 Jun (GH), at Quivira 2-20 Jun (BM), and in Wagoner, OK 10 Jul (JWA), the last probably a rare fall migrant. Twenty-five White-rumped Sandpipers were at Quivira 2 Jul (MR). A Ruddy Turnstone was at Quivira 4 Jun (GP), and 3 Sanderlings were in Phillips, KS 8 Jun (CD), the latter notably tardy. Also late were 14 Semipalmated Sandpipers in Lancaster, NE 13 Jun (MW). The 1000 Semi - portion of the Region; 6 were at Red Slough 9 Jun (DA) and one in Cleveland, OK 29 Jun–1 Jul (RW, JTh). Northern Bobwhite were recorded north - westward to Dakota, NE 1 Jun (BFH). Odd summering Common Loons occurred in all three states; southernmost were in Cimarron 3 Jun (JA) and Tulsa 16 Jun (BC). Normally ab - sent during summer in Oklahoma, a surprising number of Eared Grebes appeared at Hackberry Flat, with much breeding observed; counts of 49-111 were made through the period (L&MT, JAG). Similarly rare during summer in the Rainwater Basin, Eareds were found breeding in York 3 Jul; of 11 nests with eggs, only one apparently was successful 9 Aug (JGJ). A tardy Eared Grebe was in Cimarron, OK 3 Jun (JA). Neotropic Cormorants were found n. to Chey - enne Bottoms, with at least one nest 4 Jul (JL). Records of American Bitterns from Hackberry 20 Jun–29 Jul (JAG, m.ob.) were exceptional for summer there; at Red Slough, where rare in summer, singles were found 2 Jun and 29 Jul (DA). Least Bittern was reported at four sites in se. Nebraska, more than usual; 2 were in Lancaster at least 9-16 Jul (vt. BH, MW, m.ob.), 2 in Seward 7 Jun (JGJ), and singles in York 29 Jun and 3 Jul (JGJ) and in Butler 19 Jun (J&LS). Yellow-crowned Night-Heron is a rare post-breeding disperser n. to Nebraska in late summer; the only report was of a juv. in the Rainwater Basin 26 Jul (JGJ). A good count of White Ibis, even for Red Slough, was of 500 there 23 Jun (DA); the only straggler elsewhere was one in Alfalfa, OK 30 Jun (JLa). The 91 White-faced Ibis at Hackberry 1 Jun (L&MT) made a high count for an occasional breeding group there during this wet season. Breeding of Glossy Ibis in Nebraska was documented when three nests tended by ads. were photographed at Harvard Marsh, Clay 7 Jul (JGJ). Three more Glossy Ibis were located in Sheridan, NE 21 Jul, one a probable hybrid based on facial skin color (JGJ); single hybrids also were noted at Hack - berry 1 & 22 Jun (L&MT). A Roseate Spoonbill was reported at Quivira 14 Jul (CO, fide BJ). A northerly Black Vulture was in Pawnee, OK Most unusual for the fall migration period was this Whimbrel at sod farms in Wagoner County, Oklahoma 11 July 2015. Photograph by James W. Arterburn. This Glossy Ibis x White-faced Ibis hybrid has a plumage most like Glossy but with plum tones in the facial skin and more extensive pale feathering around the facial skin. This bird was photographed 13 July 2015 at Hackberry Flat Wildlife Manage - ment Area, Tillman County, Oklahoma. Photograph by Lou Truex.

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