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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 436 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S benefited from the wet spring, with notable breeding records for Ruddy Duck and White- faced Ibis, the first documented breeding in the state of Glossy Ibis, and the third Rainwater Basin breeding for Eared Grebe. Shorebirds were well reported, with the usu - al confusing summer mix of late northbound, early southbound, and probably lingering birds. Few exceptional vagrants were noted, but the Wildcat Hills of northwestern Nebras - ka produced locally rare American Three-toed Woodpecker and Plumbeous Vireo. WATERFOWL THROUGH CRANES Two Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks reached Sedgwick, KS 27 Jun (RM). This species is rare, even in Oklahoma, away from Red Slough; sin - gles in Johnson 15 Jun (PL) and 2 in Tillman 18 Jul (L&MT) were outliers, while Red Slough had 2-8 through 21 Jul (DA). Rare in the Region, 1-2 Fulvous Whistling-Ducks appeared 11 Jul+ at Hackberry (L&MT, JA). Summer season Greater White-fronted Geese were at Cheyenne Bottoms (MR) and in Seward, NE 8 Jul (JG). Snow Geese are more expected during summer in Nebraska wetlands; more unusual were a Ross's Goose in Saunders, NE 17 Jul (SQ) and a Cackling Goose in Wyandotte, KS 4 Jul (OK). Wood Ducks now breed across Nebraska; a hen with 12 young was in Dawes 13 Jul (KDy). The heavy May rains re - turned wetland conditions to Hackberry, which hosted a surprising collection of ducks during the period: in addition to Blue-winged Teal, up to 9 American Wigeons summered (fide JAG), 3 Cinnamon Teal were there 20 Jun (JAG), up to 4 Green-winged Teal summered (L&MT), and large numbers of Redheads summered, with counts ranging from 51 to 250 (L&MT). A large influx of Redheads into the Rainwater Basin be - gan 27 Jun, when 100 were estimated (JGJ); 345 were counted on 26 Jul, 242 at Harvard Marsh alone (JGJ). A female Mottled Duck at Quivira 2 Jul (MR) made a rare northerly record for recent years. Ring-necked Duck does not breed in the Region; a few were reported in Nebraska and Kansas (fide WRS, CO), and 1-2 were s. to Red Slough 23 Jun–21 Jul (DA). Quite rare during summer, a Common Goldeneye (first-year male) was in the Rainwater Ba - sin at County Line Waterfowl Production Area, York/Fillmore 8 Jul (JGJ), with another single in Washington, NE 16 Jul (ph. BR). Two Common Mergan - sers, local in summer in Ne- braska, were found in Brown 13 Jun (CNK), and 4 males were at McConaughy 14 Jul (MWi). Summering Hooded Mergansers are few in the s. Lautenbach, Chris Lituma, Tami Maffitt (TMa), Mick McHugh (MMH), Brandon Magette, Andrew Miller, Cheryl Miller, Joseph Miller, Art Nonhof, Chuck Otte, Jaye Otte, Rob - ert Penner, Galen Pittman, Jenn Rader (JRa), Mike Rader, Edward Raynor, Robert Reed, Eric Rimpa (ERi), David Rintoul (DRi), John Row (JRw), Brett Sandercock, Al Schirmacher, David Seibel, Scott Seltman, Sara Shane (SSh), Tom Shane, Terry Swope (TSw), Curt VanBoening (CVB), Adam Vesely, Emily Weiser, Jeff Witters. OKLAHOMA: Linda & Bill Adams (L&BA), David Arbour, James W. Arterburn, John Ault, M. Bailey (MBa), Sandy Berger, Tricia Brown, Chris Butler, Bill Carrell, Cameron Carver, Roy Crux, Jan Curth, Melinda Droege, Chad Ellis, Jim Goodnight (JGo), Darla Grissom, Kevin Groeneweg, Joseph A. Grzybowski, Michael Grzybowski, Dick Gunn (DGu), Joe Hawkins, Ford Hendershot, Tamara Hillman, Debbie Hirt (DHi), Thomasz Kudor, Joseph Lauten - bach (JLa), Scott Loss, Mike & Merry Ludewig (M&ML), Larry Mays, Karl Meechum, Terry Mitchell, Marlee Morris, Brenda & Michael Patten (B&MP), Mark Peterson, Zach Poland, John Polo, Hollis Price, Nancy Reed, Mia Rev - els (MRe), Paul Ribitzki, Eric Rimpa (ERi), Dan Robinson, Sue Selman (SSe), Heather Shaffery, Josh Smith, John Sterling (JSt), Frank Stetler, Brian Stufflebeam (BSt), John Tharp, Lou & Mary Truex (L&MT), David Wiggins, Chris Williams, Ken Williams, Jimmy Woodard (JWo), Nadine Woodard, Rachel Wrenn (RWr). –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he summer period expands our knowl- edge of breeding birds, many of which have expanded northward and west - ward in the Region in recent decades. Species reported in new places are often the first sign of future breeding in the area, and these pioneers are recorded across the taxonomic spectrum in the Southern Great Plains. Hackberry Flat in southwestern Oklahoma pro - vides an excellent example. Dry for several years, the area received heavy rains in May 2015, which re-created this oasis wetland; observers re - ported unprecedented num- bers of nesting Eared Grebes, scarce American Bittern, Sora, and Common Gallinule, plus numbers of occasionally nest - ing species such as Redhead, White-faced Ibis, and King Rail. In Nebraska, water birds in the Rainwater Basin also remaining until 23 May (ph. KD); as unusual was an easterly male Cassin's at McConaughy 5 Apr (ph. J&GB). Only eight reports of Red Crossbill in Nebraska were received (fide WRS), with an ad. male in Finney, KS 26 Apr (SSh) and 2 there 3 May (SSh), plus 3 in Cleve - land, OK 20-30 May (NR, m.ob.). Away from Nebraska, Common Redpolls are quite rare in the Region; singles made it s. to Pottawatomie, OK 9-26 Mar (DG, m.ob.) and Pottawatomie, KS 6 Mar (BM); the last reported in Nebraska was one at a Scotts Bluff feeder 2-4 Apr (KD). Excellent numbers of Pine Siskin showed up in Nebraska (fide WRS), but elsewhere there were few (fide CO, JAG). An early Lesser Goldfinch (black-backed male) appeared at McConaughy 1 Apr (ph. J&GB); this species is increasingly frequently reported from the Nebraska Pan - handle. Vagrants Lessers were in Pottawatomie, KS 20 May (DB), Cleveland, OK 17 May (JT, DGu) and Pawnee, OK 20 Apr (PR). There were scattered sightings of Evening Grosbeaks throughout the Region, totaling only about 30 birds in all from six locations (fide WRS, CO, JAG); 9 were notable in Scotts Bluff, NE (AV), 1-2 in Finney, KS 9 Mar–20 Apr (AN), 3 in Oklahoma, OK 8 Mar–30 Apr (HP, m.ob.), and one in Cleveland, OK through 9 May (TB). Cited observers: NEBRASKA: Noah Ar- thur, Mitzi Beatty (MBe), Jay & Ginger Belsan (J&GB), Lucas Bobay, Ed Brogie, Mark Brogie, Scott Buss (SBu), John Carlini (JCa), Jonathan Crews (JCr), Cheryl Chessick (CCh), Linda Deeds, Kathy DeLara, Laurie DeWispelaere (LDW), Stephen J. Dinsmore, Ann Duey, Paul Dunbar, Larry Einemann, Kent Fiala, William Flack, Tyler Funk, Andrew Furman, Tom Gan - non, Alan Grenon, Betty Grenon (BGr), Knut Hansen, Dave Heidt, Earl Johnson, Jan John - son, Joel G. Jorgensen, Alice Kenitz, Clem N. Klaphake, Steve Kruse, Thomas E. Labedz, Dan Leger (DLe), Adam Martin (AMa), Wayne Mollhoff, Steve Morris, Dave Pantos, Brian Peterson, Sharon Pfeifer, Linda Plock, Susan Quinn, Amanda Rager, Paul Regnier (PRe), Carrick Rice, Justin Rink, Gary Roberts, Jason St. Sauver, Bob Schallmann (BSc), Rick Schmid, Shari Schwartz (SSc), W. Ross Silcock, Kent Skaggs, Gary Small, Larry Snyder, Ruth Stearns (RSt), Cleopatra Thomas, Jerry Toll (JTo), Adam Vesely, T. J. Walker, Juanita Whittecar (JWh), Michael Willison, Mike Wiebelhaus (MWi), Rick Wright. KANSAS: Danny Akers (DAk), Andrew Burnett, Doris Burnett, Ted Cable, Jeff Calhoun, Will Chatfield-Taylor (WCT), Co - rey Entriken (CEn), Tom Ewert, Elsie Fisher, Bob Garcia, Malcom Gold (MGd), Kevin Groe - neweg, Joseph A. Grzybowski, Mike Harding, Pete Janzen, Barry Jones, Don Kazmaier (DKz), Dave Klema, Mark Land, Dan Larson, Jonathan This Fulvous Whistling-Duck, one of two, appeared at Hackberry Flat Wildlife Man- agement Area, Tillman County, Oklahoma 11 (here 13) July 2015 and remained through the period and beyond. After the initial sightings, only one bird was observed, leading to speculation about po- tential breeding. Photograph by Lou Truex.

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