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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 435 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S Eastern Towhees at Red Slough 26 May (DA) were unexpected. Other Easterns were west - erly in Morton, KS 2 May (JAG) and Scotts Bluff, NE (phenotypically pure birds; fide WRS). A Grasshopper Sparrow in Loup, NE 12 Apr (RSt) was rather early, as was another in Comanche, KS 24 Mar (JL). Rarely observed, and a rare easterly migrant in spring, only 3 Nelson's Sparrows were reported, all in a narrow win - dow 23-30 May: singles were in Oklahoma, OK 23 May (CC, HS), Stanton, NE 27 May (MB), and Lancaster, NE 30 May (MW). In Oklaho - ma, Song Sparrow is a winter visitor, departing rather early, and so tardy were singles in Tulsa 21 Apr (TM), Seminole 26 Apr (LM), and Alfal - fa 2 May (JLa, TH, FS). A Swamp Sparrow was westerly in Cimarron, OK 2 May (JAG, DW). Late Zonotrichia included White-throated Spar - rows in Tulsa, OK 17 May (BC) and at two loca- tions in Johnson, KS 28 May (MGd, TMa), sin- gle White-crowned Sparrows at Red Slough 26 May (DA) and in Dodge, NE 31 May (GR), and a Harris's Sparrow in Osage, OK 12 & 16 May (JLa, TH, FS). Easterly Oregon Juncos were in Otoe 9-21 Mar (SQ) and Sarpy 21 Mar (RW). A Gray-headed Junco was in Lincoln 16 Apr (ph. LD). Westerly tanagers were a Summer Tana - ger in Keith, NE 24 May (LE), a Scarlet Tanager found dead after a Scotts Bluff, NE snowstorm 11 May (AD), and another Scarlet in Payne, OK 25 Apr (JP). Scarlet Tanagers arrived early in Lancaster 18 Apr (JSS) and in Rogers, OK 11 Apr (M&ML). Two easterly Black-headed Grosbeaks were reported: a hatch-year male at a Riley, KS feeder 16-18 Apr (JRw) and a single in Cleveland, OK 23 Apr (JT, RWr). An Indigo Bunting in Washington, OK 9 Apr (JH) was early. Lazuli Buntings are increasingly reported eastward, with almost 30 such this season (fide WRS, CO, JAG). Painted Bunting is making a move westward in Kansas to Quivira (DKz, fide CO) and Hamilton, KS 17 May (JC). Bobolinks arrived early in Sedgwick, KS 12 Apr (PJ) and Madison, NE 16 Apr (LDW), the latter record early for Nebraska. The 400 Bob - olinks in Osage, OK 4 May (MD) must have made an impressive sight. A Brewer's Black - bird in Osage, OK 14 May was tardy (JCu), and one in Dundy, NE 8 Mar (WF) was early there. Except for the feeders at Wildcat Hills Nature Center, Scotts Bluff , NE, winter finches were present in very low numbers, although most species were represented. Pine Grosbeak, a Regional rarity, was reported twice in w. Kan - sas, single females in Pawnee 6 Mar (SS) and Finney 10 Mar (AV). Two Purple Finches were w. of typical range in Scotts Bluff 3 Apr (AK); tardy for Oklahoma were singles in Tulsa 31 Mar (BC) and McCurtain 13 Apr (FH). Good numbers of Cassin's Finches wintered at Wild - cat Hills Nature Center, Scotts Bluff, with one (L&BA) was unexpected that far west. Three Swainson's Warblers in McCurtain, OK had arrived by 4 Apr (FH), an early date. Two Nashville Warblers in Oklahoma, OK were tardy migrants 24 May (JR). Unexpected Virginia's Warblers were in Dundy, NE 2 May (JGJ) and Kimball, NE 17 May (PD). The only re - ports of Connecticut Warbler were from Nebraska in Sarpy 19 (RS) & 27 May (CNK) and in Douglas 27 May (JR). An early Hooded Warbler was in McCurtain, OK 28 Mar (FH), while extralimit - als were in Morton, KS 4 May (JM), Sedgwick, KS 5 May (TE), and Douglas, NE 8 May (JR). Sightings of the very rare Cape May Warbler in - cluded 4 in ne. Kansas 2-13 May (JM, ML, MH, TSw). Single Cerulean War - blers were found in Riley, KS 9 May (ER), John- son, KS 17 May (DS), Cass, NE 11 May (SM), and Richardson, NE 15 May (SSc, WRS). West - erly Northern Parulas were in Woodward, OK 17 & 22 Apr (CC, m.ob.) and Wichita, KS 2 May (fide CO), with one early in Labette, KS 11 Mar (AB). Among the few Magnolia Warblers noted in cen. areas of the Region were singles in Oklahoma, OK 7 & 16 May (KG, JWo, NW) and Payne, OK 9 May (SL). A good showing of Blackburnian Warblers was detected in Oklahoma this season, including 10 reports of about 12 birds 6-19 May (fide JAG); westerly were singles in Payne, OK 19 May (SL) and Antelope, NE 23 May (GS). Chestnut-sided Warblers also strayed w. to Payne, OK 11 May (SL), Canadian, OK 8 May (JWo), Thomas, NE 21 May (LE), and Cherry, NE 16-17 May (fide WRS). Rare Black-throated Blue Warblers were in Doniphan, KS 9 May (DAk) and Atchison, KS 4 May (AS). A Pine Warbler was at Quivira 15 May (BJ, ERi). A Prairie Warbler in Payne, OK 14-30 May (SL) was a rare find; the spe - cies' historical range extended farther west. A Yellow-throated Warbler in Sarpy 7 Apr (AG) was early; 3 in Washington, NE 1 May (MW) were near the edge of the species' range. A low- density migrant in Oklahoma, a Black-throated Green Warbler was at Red Slough early 30 Mar (DA), and 2 were in Oklahoma 10 May (JWo). A male Painted Redstart in Ford 29 Apr (JC) was the third recorded in Kansas. A hopeful Spotted Towhee was singing on the Miami/Franklin line in Kansas 25 May (RR), s. of known breeding locations. Gener - ally only a winter visitor in se. Oklahoma, 2 Chickadees reported were singles at different locations in Scotts Bluff, NE 8 Feb–22 Mar (KD) and 18 Apr (AK). The hybrid zone of Tufted and Black-crested Titmice in Oklahoma was indicated by intermediates n. to Beck - ham 19-20 Mar (CC, HS). A scarce White-breasted Nut - hatch in the Oklahoma Pan- handle was found in Harper 8 Apr (SSe). Numbers of Red-breasted Nuthatch were generally below aver - age this season (fide WRS). A Carolina Wren in Brown, NE 16 Mar (AMa) was a bit nw. of typical range. A House Wren in Sarpy, NE 5 Apr (AG, BGr) was rather early or had wintered. Ruby-crowned Kinglets apparently survived n. in Nebraska to Dodge 14 Feb–6 Mar (GR) and Douglas 4 Mar (DP). Veery is a rare spring migrant in the Region in spring; one was in Payne, OK 11 May (SL), and a surprising five reports from ne. Cherry, NE 18-31 May in - volved 8 individuals identified by song (CR). Wood Thrushes were westerly in Kay, OK 24 Apr (JWo) and Payne, OK 1, 9, & 21 May (1- 2; SL, m.ob.). A Curve-billed Thrasher was easterly in Beaver, OK 6 Apr (MM). McCown's Longspurs easterly in Kansas included 180 in Pratt 1 Apr (SS), with singles in Kiowa 12 Mar (JL) and Reno 6 Apr (JM). In Oklahoma, 2 late Chestnut-collared Longspurs were in McClain 18 Apr (JAG). An Ovenbird in Richardson, NE 27 Apr (SSc, JCa, WRS) was early; singles in Cleveland, OK 10 May (JAG) and Oklahoma, OK 17 May (CC) were in counties where the species is scarce. A Worm-eating Warbler in Sedgwick, KS 30 Apr (TE) was westerly; another was n. to Lancaster, NE 16 Apr (LP). Westerly Louisiana Water - thrushes were in Gage, NE 11-13 May (KF) and Woodward , OK 1 May (CC). A Northern Waterthrush arrived early in Sarpy, NE 20 Apr (JCr). Golden-winged Warbler, a rare migrant on the e. edge of the Region, showed well in Nebraska, with about 10 individuals reported 3-22 May (fide WRS); westerly were singles in Sedgwick, KS 6 May (CVB), Dickinson, KS 9 May (JO, CO), and Washington, OK 12 May (MP). Similarly, a few Blue-winged Warblers were re - ported, including 4 in Nebraksa 3-12 May (fide WRS) and singles in Oklahoma at Red Slough 15 May (DA) and in Cherokee 14 May (MRe). Prothonotary Warbler arrived at Red Slough 31 Mar (DA), while one in Grady, OK 12-20 Apr A rarity for Oklahoma, this Common Redpoll at Shawnee, Pottawatomie County cooperated for a host of birders 9-26 (here 10) March 2015. Photograph by Dala Grissom.

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