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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 434 S O U T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S OK 9 May (DR) and 4 Cordilleran Flycatch- ers in Scotts Bluff 13-31 May (AK, EJ, KD). Continuing at its regular Regional outpost in Cimarron, OK was a Vermilion Flycatcher 1 Apr–May (fide JAG). Usually restricted to the w. edge of the Region, Say's Phoebes were east - erly in Canadian, OK 25 Apr (CE), Riley, KS 1 May (DRi), and Kearny, KS 14 Mar (TS). Ash- throated Flycatchers a bit out of range were in Meade, KS 15 Apr (DL, TE) and Texas, OK 25 Apr (L&MT). A major rarity was the Piratic Flycatcher that was seen by many and pho - tographed in Scott, KS 8-10 May (CL, m.ob.), the northernmost record in North America. A Couch's Kingbird in Sarpy, NE 9 May was identified by vocalizations (JR, GR, BP). A Western Kingbird in Dawes, NE 21 Apr (JGJ) was the earliest on record for the state. A Scis - sor-tailed Flycatcher in Crawford, KS 29 Mar (JRa) continued the trend of early flycatchers this spring. Northern Shrikes in Kansas were noted through 21 Mar in Neosho (AB). White-eyed Vireos w. of usual areas were in Pratt, KS 21 Apr (MR) and Russell, KS 24 Apr (DK). Also westerly, Yellow-throated Vir - eos were at two locations in Thomas, NE 17 May (GR, BP); an early Yellow-throated was in Cherokee, KS 10 Apr (JRa). Plumbeous Vireo was reported twice, one each in Dawes, NE 15 May (KF) and Scotts Bluff, NE 18 May (AD). Among rare spring records for Cassin's Vireo was one at McConaughy 24 May (LE). Black- billed Magpie continued its woes in Nebraska, where it was "pretty scarce again" in Scotts Bluff (AK). Common Raven established itself on the Plains as a breeder in Morton, sw. Kansas (TC, MR); a nest with 4 young in ne. Cimarron, OK 2 May (DW, JAG) represented a new nesting locale. Fish Crows penetrated northward into Kansas as far as Doniphan 3 May (DAk). Purple Martins were at the w. edge of their range in Cherry, NE 9-18 May (CR, SQ). Easterly Vio - let-green Swallows were in Cherry, NE 16-17 May (TJW, DLe, RW, m.ob.) and a second loca - tion 19 May (RW). Cave Swallows continuing to expand northward were noted at culverts in Kiowa, OK 16 May (JAG) and Comanche, OK 20 May (JAG et al.). The only two Mountain Cuckoos seem to have become rarer, with reports only from Sarpy, NE 24 May (BP) and Antelope, NE 26 May (MB). The only Snowy Owl was late in Cedar, NE 13 Mar–1 Apr (fide EB, m.ob.). Twenty-three Burrowing Owls were at Valentine N.W.R., Cherry, NE 27 Apr (TF). Barred Owl continues to creep westward, with singles in Cherry, NE 17 May (RSt), Franklin, NE 23 Mar (JGJ), and Scott, KS 2 May (CM). Sin - gle Short-eared Owls, rare breeders in n. Kansas, were found in Lane 3 May (KG, JC, DL) and Gove 10 May (CL). Breeding Long-eared Owls were found 4 & 27 Apr in Blaine, NE (fide TEL); a nest in Kimball, first seen 12 May, fledged 2-3 young 17 May (LS, KD, AK). A Long-eared Owl also was in Love, OK 28 Mar (LM). Exciting new informa - tion continues regarding Northern Saw-whet Owls in Nebraska; 10 owlets were banded in May in two nests in the Panhandle (JTo, WM), and young from a third nest site were photo - graphed 18 May (fide WM). Counts in the ce- dar canyons of se. Lincoln, NE 6 Mar yielded a total of 6 (TJW), the latest detected 2 Apr (LD); breeding is not known to occur there. Com - mon Poorwills were easterly in Nemaha, KS 19 Apr (EW), Blaine, OK 7 May (JSt), Washington, OK 30 Apr (MD), and Lincoln, NE 29 Apr (LD). Westerly Eastern Whip-poor-wills were in Rus - sell, KS 29 Apr (DK) and Scott, KS 3 May (CM). Westerly reports of Ruby-throated Humming - bird are increasing in Nebraska; one was w. to Cherry 17 May (TJW). Surprisingly, 2 single Calliope Hummingbirds, much rarer in spring, were found in Knox, NE 18 May (CT, fide MB) and se. Dawes 25 May (JWh). Also exceptional in spring, female Broad-tailed Hummingbirds were in Dawes, NE 25 May (JWh) and Scotts Bluff 31 May (KD; ph.). Lewis's Woodpeckers were reported only from Oklahoma, overwin - tering birds in Comanche through 20 Apr (fide JAG) and Payne 1-25 Mar (m.ob.). A Golden- fronted Woodpecker was n. to Beckham, OK 12 May (LM). Reports of westerly Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers came from Dundy, NE 1 Mar (MB), Red Willow, NE 20 Mar (JGJ), and Woodward, OK 22 Apr (CC), plus a tardy bird in Morton, KS 7 May (AB). Gyrfalcon is of less than an - nual occurrence in Nebraska; there was one report this season, from Boyd 3 Apr (MB, DH). PASSERINES An easterly Western Wood-Pewee was found in Antelope, NE 23 May (GS), whereas westerly Eastern Wood-Pewees were in Lincoln, NE 27 May (TJW) and at three locations in Cherry, NE 16-31 May (TJW, GR, BP, CR). Among oddball finds were a Dusky Flycatcher in Cimarron, were all from Nebraska, where about 20 indi - viduals were reported statewide through 23 Apr (fide WRS), including 8 at McConaughy (NA). Iceland Gull reports came from Tulsa, OK 1-5 Mar (JAG, TM), where exceptional, Miami, KS 3 Mar (ad.; ML), Lancaster, NE 1-22 Mar (first-cycle; NA, MW, m.ob.), and Lancast - er, NE 17-19 Mar (second-cycle; NA, LE). Now regular in the Region, 21 Lesser Black-backed Gulls were reported 3-28 Mar (fide WRS, JAG, CO); an ad. was at McConaughy 18 May (JGJ). Single gulls photographed in Lancaster, NE 1 & 17 Mar and at McConaughy 5 Mar were sug - gestive of first-cycle Slaty-backed Gull (NA). Ten Glaucous Gulls were found in Nebraska (fide WRS) and 4 in Oklahoma, the latter in the period 7-17 Mar (fide JAG). The Glaucous Gull at McConaughy 20 Apr (JGJ) set a new late spring date for the state. Great Black-backed Gull is appearing in the Region more often; this spring 9 (all first- or second-cycle birds) were reported in Nebraska and Kansas through 14 Apr (fide WRS, CO), the last bird rather late in Russell, KS (DK). Impressive tern tallies were 140 Caspian Terns in Cherokee, OK 29 Apr (JWA, KW) and 750+ Black Terns at Cheyenne Bottoms 21 May (MR). Common Tern is un - common in the Region, with only 4 reported this season, 3 in Nebraska 18-28 May (JGJ, TJW, MW) and one at Quivira 25 Apr (JW). A remarkable record anytime and only the fifth for Nebraska was an Arctic Tern in Hamilton 31 May (JGJ, MW). White-winged Doves pressing into Ne - braska in spring have become the norm (fide WRS). Less frequent easterly, singles were in Tulsa, OK 7 May (MBa), Pottawatomie, KS 7 Apr (BM), Riley, KS 18 Apr (JRw), and Labette, KS 28 Apr (AB). A clear surprise was a Com - mon Ground-Dove in Cimarron, OK 10 May (DR). Two early Yellow-billed Cuckoos were in McCurtain, OK 21 Apr (FH). Black-billed This Arctic Tern, Nebraska's fifth, was in atypical habitat at Marsh Duck Wildlife Management Area, Hamilton County on 31 May 2015. Photograph by Joel Jorgensen. Still an exceptional find in Oklahoma, this Iceland Gull was studied 1-5 (here 5) March 2015 at Tulsa. Photograph by James W. Arterburn.

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