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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 431 N O R T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S der 10 Jun (JLK) made a very high count in this context. A pair of Hooded Mergansers with young in Custer, SD 16 Jun (MMM) was a first for the county and a rare nesting for w. South Dakota. Casual in summer, a Red-breasted Merganser was in Yankton, SD 30 Jun–7 Jul (JC, RND). Unusual any time of year w. of the Mis - souri River, single Red-necked Grebes were in Bowman and Hettinger, ND 31 Jul (ESR). Neo - tropic Cormorant records continued to mount in South Dakota. A single was in Hughes and Stanley 13-19 Jul (RDO, DB, SS). Least Bittern made a strong showing in North Dakota, with 7 in Kidder 10-21 Jun (BJA, CLW, REM) and a single in Nelson 8 Jun–20 Jul (DEH). The Tricolored Heron reported in spring in Kid - der, ND continued through 20 Jun. The bird was seen with nesting material 14 Jun for the second confirmed nesting for the state (AFA, CDE, JLK). A Glossy Ibis was at J. Clark Salyer N.W.R. 24-31 Jul (m.ob.), and White-faced Ibis peaked at Salyer with 200 reported 25 Jul (CDE, ESR). The only Yellow Rail reports were from Grand Forks, ND, with a peak of 8 there 31 Jul (SJA). Some 23,000 American Coots were at J. Clark Salyer N.W.R. 31 Jul (REM). A brood of Black-necked Stilt young at J. Clark Salyer N.W.R., ND 31 Jul (REM) con - firmed nesting at that location for the second straight year. Another was in Kidder, ND 7 Jun (EB, LZ). The Snowy Plover reported in the spring from Kidder, ND remained through 26 Jun (KDW). Accidental in summer in the Region, a Whimbrel was in Slope, ND 7 Jun (MP). A Long-billed Curlew with young in Mountrail 29 Jun (ESR) provided rare evidence of nesting n. of the Missouri River in North Dakota (ESR). A potential seventh record for North Dakota, a Great Black-backed Gull was at Long Lake N.W.R. 20 Jun (REM, ESR, ph.). There were at least 26 reports of Black-billed Cuckoo in North Dakota, a relatively good year these days; just four reports were received from South Dakota. Adding to the few nest records from North Dakota, a juv. Northern Saw-whet Owl was in Billings 3 Jun (LL). In South Da - kota, a late nest with young was documented 27 Jul in Harding (CEM). A very rare breeder e. of the Missouri River in the Dakotas, a Burrow - ing Owl brood was in McPherson, SD 27 Jun (GO). Casual in North Dakota, a Lewis's Wood - pecker was in Golden Valley 1 Jun (LE, ph.). Red-headed Woodpeckers at two locations in Musselshell, MT 11-13 Jun were at the w. edge of their range in the state (REM, BT). Yellow- bellied Sapsuckers are very rare nesters on the Missouri River in North Dakota, so a pair in Mercer 28 Jun (MM) was remarkable. Casual in se. South Dakota, a Pileated Woodpecker was in Minnehaha 24 Jun–5 Jul (JC). Out-of-range Western Wood-Pewees in Bismarck, ND was last seen 8 Mar (DE). West - ern Tanagers showed well in North Dakota, with five reports spanning 16-24 May. The only Summer Tanager report was a single in Jamestown, ND 9 May (DB). Easterly was a fe - male Black-headed Grosbeak in Cass, ND 23 May (North Dakota Birding Society). An East - ern Meadowlark was well ne. of typical range in Roberts, SD 23-26 Apr (CV). A Red Crossbill nest was found at Patterson Lake, Stark, ND 30 Mar (JLK); there are scattered nesting records away from their usual haunts in Slope. Rare in North Dakota, an Evening Grosbeak was in Steele 8 Mar (DLK). If accepted, a Eurasian Tree Sparrow at Fargo, ND 28 Apr would fur - nish the first record for the state (CS). Contributors (state editors in boldface): NORTH DAKOTA: Dan Buchanan, Keith R. Corliss, Nancy E. Drilling, Corey D. Elling - son , Doug Emerson, David George, Larry D. Jones, Jesse L. Kolar, Don L. Kubischta, Dave O. Lambeth, Ron E. Martin, Ed L. Meender - ing, Mike J. Rabenberg, E. Scott Ray, Dean W. Riemer, Matthew Spoor, Carl Stangeland, H. Clark Talkington, Alice Turner, Dennis P. Wi - esenborn, Kelsey D. Wohl. SOUTH DAKOTA: Chris Anderson, Jay Carlisle, Nancy Drilling, Kent C. Jensen, Ron Mabie, Charlie E. Miller, Gary Olson, Mark Otnes, Jeffrey S. Palmer, Barry Parkin, Kelly Preheim, Dan Streifel, Scott Stoltz, Eileen Dowd Stukel, Dave Swanson, Cheryl Vellenga, Jonalyn Yancey. –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures in North Dakota were a little above average with a wet June and dry July in most of the state. However, July brought heavy rain to the Red River Valley of North Dakota. In North Dakota, highlights included the second nesting attempt for Tricolored Heron, a Great Black-backed Gull, and Blue-gray Gnat - catchers returning to the same area where last year's first nesting was confirmed. South Da - kota had a Rough-legged Hawk, and in Mon- tana, a Gray Flycatcher was photographed in the Pryor Mountains. WATERFOWL THROUGH FINCHES Summer reports of Snow Geese continue to grow in North Dakota, with 44 reports this sea - son. There were also two early Jun reports of Ross's Goose in North Dakota. Common Gold - eneyes are regularly reported in small numbers away from nesting areas in the summer season in North Dakota, but the 10 individuals in Kid - 28 Mar in Custer, SD (JY). Casual in spring, 3 Little Gulls were in Kidder, ND 24 Apr (HCT). Rare in spring, single Iceland Gulls were at Garrison Dam, Mercer, ND 5 Apr (REM) and in Stanley, SD 4 Apr (RDO). Lesser Black-backed Gulls peaked at 3 in Burleigh, ND 4 Apr (CDE). The thirteenth report for South Dakota, a White-winged Dove was in Charles Mix 25-27 May (RM, KP). An ongoing Northern Saw- whet Owl project in nw. South Dakota docu - mented the first double-brooding by this spe- cies. Another first was the initiation of nesting in Feb, the earliest ever in South Dakota (ND, CEM); the nest had young by 12 Mar. Well e. of typical range, a Western Wood-Pewee was in Stutsman, ND 31 May (CDE). Casual in South Dakota, a White-eyed Vireo was in Union 15 May (MO). A Black-billed Magpie was far ne. in South Dakota in Roberts 6 Mar (MO). Three reports of the ever-increasing Common Raven came from South Dakota, with birds in Stan - ley 10 Mar (RDO), Hughes 15 Mar (EDS), and Harding 2 May (CEM). A large flock of swal - lows in Cass, ND 9 May included 10,500 Tree Swallows, 7500 Bank Swallows, 4500 Barn Swallows, and 7800 Cliff Swallows (KRC). An early Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was in Union, SD 17 Apr (DS). Wood Thrushes made a strong showing in North Dakota, with four reports from three counties spanning 3-19 May. A rare migrant in South Dakota, McCown's Long - spurs were in Harding 12 Apr (ND). Tying the earliest date for South Dakota, a Golden-winged Warbler was in Charles Mix 6 May (RM). It was a banner year for Golden- winged Warblers in North Dakota, with ten reports spanning 12-19 May. The fourth report for North Dakota, a Brewster's Warbler was at Fargo 17 May (DPW). The earliest reports ever in South Dakota, a Blue-winged Warbler was in Brown 3 May (BP, GO) and a Virginia's Warbler in Custer 10 May (JY). The eighteenth report for North Dakota, a Prothonotary War - bler was in Walsh 21 May (AT). It was a big year for Cape May Warblers in North Dakota, with at least 106 reports. A high number for North Dakota, 9 Northern Parulas were tallied, includ - ing a very westerly bird at Beach, Golden Val- ley 19 May (NED). A nice peak of 61 Magnolia Warblers occurred in Cass, ND 19 May (DWR). Bay-breasted Warblers also showed well, with 64 North Dakota reports and a peak of 14 in Cass 22 May (DWR). Another high count was of 60 Palm Warblers in Grand Forks, ND 15 May (MS). A very rare migrant in North Dakota, an Audubon's Warbler was in Divide 24 Apr (ESR). Black-throated Green Warblers also had a good seasonal showing in North Dakota, with 27 re - ports. Casual in South Dakota, a Townsend's Warbler was in Brown 19 May (DST, GO). The Sooty Fox Sparrow that wintered at

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