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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 430 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S Artuso, Sandy Ayer, Jennifer Azure, George Best, Allan Brooks, Garry Budyk, Stephane Canevet, Bonnie Chartier, Vince Cottrell, Ian Cruickshank, Cal Cuthbert, Neil & Ethan Denton, Ken De Smet, Bruce Di Labio, Mary Ann Dudragne, Brian Elder, Paul Goossen, Al Hartley, Jocelyn Hudon, Steve Knight, Buffy Knill, Laurie Koepke, Rudolf Koes, Terry Korolyk, Greg Krätzig, Michael Loyd, Kim Mann, Donna Martin, Gavin McKinnon, Ray Methot, Henry Nikkle, Jamey Podlubny, Tim Poole, Mike Potter, Colton Prins, Gerald Ro - manchuk, Stan Shadick, Norman & Donna Short, Andrew Slater, Joanne Smith, Jo Swartz (JSw), Peter Taylor, Betsy Thorsteinson, Joe Urie, Liis Veelma, Greg Wagner, Charlotte Wasylik, John Weier, Morganne Well, Alan Wormington. Organizations: B.B.O. (Beaver - hill Bird Observatory), C.N.S.C. (Churchill Northern Studies Centre), M.A.S. (Massachu - setts Audubon Society). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Rudolf F. Koes, 135 Rossmere Crescent, Winnipeg, Manitoba R2K 0G1 ( Peter Taylor, P. O. Box 597, Pinawa, Manitoba R0E 1L0 ( 26 Jun (CA) were locally rare. Single Eastern Meadowlarks at the Tall Grass Prairie Preserve near Vita, MB 3 Jun (CA) and near Darlingford, MB 8 Jun (PG, HN) were similarly rare. The Great-tailed Grackle at Hill Spring, AB was last reported 7 Jun (GR, SK). Up to 3 Lazuli Buntings were present s. of Lyleton, in extreme sw. Manitoba, for most of the period (m.ob.). A Common Redpoll at Fort McMurray, AB 23 Jul was unexpected in summer (fide TK). The Eurasian Tree Sparrow first found at Regina on 1 May was still present there 4 Jun (LK). Observers (provincial compilers in bold- face): Tim Allison, Dan Arndt, Christian 4 Jun (B.B.O.). The most notable Northern Mockingbird report involved a bird at Calgary 26 Jun (SA). A Golden-winged Warbler was photographed at Calgary's Griffith Woods Park 26 Jul (GB); there are just two previous accept - ed records for Alberta (fide JH). A Pine Warbler at Winnipeg 3 Jun was a tardy migrant (RK). A Yellow-breasted Chat at Bradwardine, MB 30 Jun–12 Jul was at the same location as a ter - ritorial bird in 2013 (GBu, JW). Out-of-range Brewer's Sparrows in Alberta were noted near Airdrie 24 Jun (TK), at Cal - gary 29 Jun (BE), and at Waterton 5 Jul (IC). Field Sparrows near Souris, MB 20 Jun–12 Jul (CA, TP, m.ob.) and near Grande Clairière, MB counties in North Dakota. A peak of 90 Turkey Vultures was in Grand Forks, ND 11 Apr (DG); 25 years ago, numbers like this were unheard of for this species in North Dakota. An early Osprey was in Brookings, SD 22 Mar (KCJ). Late in South Dakota, a Rough-legged Hawk was in Harding 28 May (CEM). The only Common Gallinule report was from Brookings, SD 30 May (JC). Now regular in the Dakotas, Black-necked Stilts were first reported 23 Apr in Minnehaha, SD (CA) and 24 Apr in Burleigh, ND (HCT). The earliest re - cord for South Dakota, an American Golden- Plover was in Minnehaha 20 Mar (KP). Casual in North Dakota, a Snowy Plover was in Kidder 20 May (KDW). Providing the first Mar record for South Dakota, a Spotted Sandpiper was in Stanley 23 May (RDO), and a very early Soli - tary Sandpiper was in Custer 28 Mar (JY). The only Whimbrel reported was in Wells, ND 18 May (LDJ, REM). A Long-billed Curlew was unusually far e. in Faulk, SD 9 May (SS). Single Red Knots were in Kingsbury, SD 18 May (JSP) and in Grant, ND 16 May (REM); the North Dakota bird was w. of the Missouri River, an area from which there are very few previous records. Less than annual in North Dakota, a Western Sandpiper was in McKenzie 2 May (REM). A Wilson's Phalarope was very early first state records. No report was re - ceived from Montana. WATERFOWL THROUGH FINCHES About 15,000 Cackling Geese were in Burleigh, ND 27 Mar (HCT), a high count. A probable Blue-winged Teal x Green-winged Teal hybrid was noted in Golden Valley, ND 24 Apr (JLK). An apparent Tufted Duck (or Tufted Duck hybrid?) was at the Minot Sew - age Lagoons, Ward, ND 7 Apr (REM); docu- mentation and photographs are under review. Scoter reports in spring are very rare in the Da - kotas, so a Surf Scoter in Minnehaha, SD 18 Apr (CA, JC) was notable. A White-winged Scoter was in Charles Mix, SD 14-17 Apr (KP, RM), and 2 White-winged scoters were in Grand Forks, ND 10 May (DOL). Also rare in spring, a Long-tailed Duck was at Long Lake N.W.R., ND 13 Apr (ELM, MJR). In South Dakota, a winter - ing Long-tailed Duck lingered through 16 Mar in Charles Mix (RM). Now almost extirpated in North Dakota, 12 Greater Sage-Grouse were on a lek in Bowman, ND 20 Mar (ESR). Making the twelfth report for North Dakota, a Tricolored Heron was in Kidder 24 May (NED). Glossy Ibis reports continue to proliferate, with the species noted in two counties in South Dakota and four Ron Martin –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SPRING –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– M arch and April temperatures were mostly above average, with precipi - tation well below average. May was cooler, and precipitation was well above aver - age in North Dakota. Geese made a strong early movement after the quick snowmelt during the first week of March. Warbler numbers were above average in North Dakota, especially during the strong cold front that pushed through the state 17- 20 May. Highlights in North Dakota included Brewster's Warbler, Tufted Duck, and Eurasian Tree Sparrow, the latter two being potential Northern Great Plains SA A bird inventory in the St. Lazare, MB area 16-17 Jun yielded tallies of 50+ Sprague's Pipits, 150+ Chestnut-collared Longspurs, 15 Grasshopper Sparrows, and 4 Baird's Sparrows (CA). This area is about 150 km n. of the recent range of these declining and threat - ened species. It was postulated that conditions were too lush farther south, pushing the birds north (CA). During the same survey, a Spotted Towhee was found (CA). A few Baird's Sparrows were found in more traditional areas near Lyleton, MB 16 Jun (CC et al.). Three Chestnut-collared Longspurs were reported 20 Jun near Morden, MB (PG), an area where the species disappeared as a breeder in the 1990s.

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