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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 429 P R A I R I E P R O V I N C E S (N&DS). Pacific Wrens were more widely re- ported than usual in the foothills w. of Cal- gary (fide TK). There were three reports of Eastern Bluebird from Alberta: one near Ver - milion 5 Jun (CW), one at Cypress Hills 10 Jun (MW, CP), and a pair at Elk Island N.P. 10 Jun–7 Jul (VC, m.ob.). One, possibly two pairs of Western Bluebirds nested at Crows - nest Pass, AB, with 2 young being fledged and 5+ birds being seen 2 Aug (AB). An out-of- range Mountain Bluebird was at Churchill 11-12 Jun (C.N.S.C., m.ob.). Alberta's eighth Wood Thrush was banded at Beaverhill Lake longer that normal in s. Alberta, e.g., an American Golden-Plover near Irricana 19 Jun (MP) and both species of yellowlegs noted into mid-Jun, as late as 21 Jun at Shilo, MB (AW). Migrating Whimbrels were unusually late and numerous in s. Manitoba, with five reports 27 May–18 Jun, including 10 near Peguis 31 May (DM, RM), 5 near Whitemouth 7 Jun (PT, M.A.S.), and 3 at Riverton 18 Jun (JS). Notable Red Knot concentrations in Sas - katchewan were "many" at Middle Quill Lake, along with Ruddy Turnstones, 1 Jun (SS) and 150 at Reed Lake 2 Jun (MD). A grad - ual increase in Herring Gulls in the Calgary area has reached the point that small numbers are now present almost all summer long (TK). Very few shorebirds were noted at Churchill, either as migrants or resident breeders. An Ice - land Gull and up to 4 Glaucous Gulls were at Churchill mid-Jun (BDL, C.N.S.C.). A Yellow-billed Cuckoo was found at Shilo 22 Jun (AW), and another was near Ste. Rita, MB 25 Jun–3 Jul (RK, m.ob.). A tent-caterpillar infestation at Waterton N.P., AB attracted Black- billed Cuckoos, rare in the province, between 24 Jun and 2 Jul (IC, m.ob.). Great Gray Owls are always difficult to find in summer, so 2 hunting near Lac du Bonnet and Whitemouth, MB 7 Jun (PT, M.A.S.) and 2 calling in daylight e. of Camper, MB 9 Jun (GBu) were noteworthy. Common Poorwill is rarely reported in the Re - gion, so a bird at Eastend, SK 2 Jun (AH) and 2 in the Calgary area 19 Jun (JP) were notewor - thy. A Black Swift at Glenmore Reservoir, Cal- gary 3 Jun (GM) and a Vaux's Swift at Waterton N.P. 7 Jul (fide TK) were locally uncommon to rare. Vaux's Swift occurred regularly at the latter location in the past but had not been reported there in several years. Single Red-headed Wood - peckers at Eastend 2 Jun (AH) and near Frank Lake 4 Jun (GW) were w. of their usual range, as was a Red-bellied Woodpecker, about the fifth for Alberta, near Bragg Creek 24-29 Jul (BK). The bird of the season was undoubtedly the Crested Caracara at Jasper N.P. 15-20 Jul, which provided the first record not only for Alberta but for the Prairie Provinces Region as a whole (JU, m.ob., ph.). PASSERINES Eastern Wood-Pewee was added to the Alberta list with 2 single birds, at Cremona 6 Jun (TA, ph.) and at Park Lake, also in early Jun (N&ED). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher at Ross, MB 5 Jun could not be found subsequently (RK, m.ob., ph.); a second bird was near Rapid City, MB 8 Jun Bradwell, SK 1 Jun was e. of its normal range (SS). A Great Egret was at Middle Quill Lake 1 Jun (SS), and the species was widely reported in Manitoba, including 68 at the Shoal Lakes Important Bird Area 19 Jul (CA, JSw, BT, LV). A Green Heron was at Regina, SK 23 Jun (KM). A Glossy Ibis was nicely photographed at Whitewater Lake, MB 8 Jul (ML). White-faced Ibis continues to expand its range in Alberta: 70+ were noted in the Shepard, AB area, with other birds at Airdrie and Carstairs (fide TK). In Saskatchewan, 18 were at Francis Lake 2 Jun (MD) and 6 at Chaplin Marsh 6 Jul (SC). In Manitoba, reports came from Whitewater Lake (a reliable location), and a single bird was seen at Shoal Lakes 19 Jul (CA, JSw, BT, LV). A Turkey Vulture at Churchill 6 Jun was well out of range (BC). A Northern Goshawk nest was found near Douglas, MB (KDS). A Com - mon Crane found at Churchill 6 Jun was a first for Manitoba. It kept company with a flock of Sandhill Cranes and was seen departing with them on 16 Jun after a prolonged period of in - clement weather (JA, m.ob., ph.). Ideal water conditions allowed many shorebirds to linger Although Glossy Ibis has been reported a number of times in Manitoba in recent years, this bird at Whitewater on 8 July 2015 was probably the first photographically documented in the province. Photograph by Michael Loyd. Crested Caracaras have been found far out of range on numer - ous occasions in recent years. This bird at Jasper National Park, Alberta 15-20 (here 17) July 2015 was a stunning first for the Prairie Provinces. Photograph by Ann Carter. This Golden-winged Warbler was a one- day wonder at Griffith's Park in Calgary, Alberta 26 July 2015. It provided the third confirmed record for the province. Photograph by George Best. Seen here near Burmis Lake in the Crowsnest Pass area of Alberta on 5 July 2015, this male Western Bluebird was near the eastern edge of the species' typical range. There were two nest sites in the area. Photograph by Allan Brooks. Black-chinned Hummingbirds have been reported attending a Mountain View, Alberta feeder for several years, but the first photographs came 21 May 2015, apparently the first such docu- mentation for the province. Photograph by Nancy West. Alberta was graced by two Eastern Wood-Pewees in summer 2015, a new species for the provincial list. This bird was photographed at Cremona on 6 June. Photograph by Brian Elder.

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