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VOLUME 69 NO3 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 422 A R K A N S A S & LO U I S I A N A (D'OM), and at Grand Isle, Jefferson 3 & 15 May (EJ). Rare but annual in small num- bers in Louisiana, Black-whiskered Vireos were detected at Grand Isle 5 Apr (EE) and at Peveto Woods, Cameron 11-19 Apr (DP, m.ob.). Now somewhat common in the sw. part of the state, Cave Swallow is still uncommon to rare in se. Loui- siana; one was at Grand Isle, Jef- ferson 24 Apr (VR). Rare and local in the w. Ozarks, a high count of 27 Brown-headed Nuthatches was made near Fern, Franklin, AR 14 Mar (BB, JNi). Rare, local, and de- clining, a Bewick's Wren was seen at Beaty Cemetery, Benton, AR 9 May (JN). A Ruby-crowned King- let was late at Baton Rouge, East Baton Rouge, LA 1 May (MB). A holdover from the winter season, a Gray Catbird continued at Fayette- ville, Washington, AR 1 Mar (JN). Five Cedar Waxwings were late at South Toledo Bend S.P., Sabine, LA 29 May (LS). A rare migrant Cape May Warbler was spotted near Gulf Mountain W.M.A., Van Buren, AR 15 May (DMY). The excellent count of 16 Cerulean Warblers was made at Cherry Bend Recreation Area, Franklin, AR 12 May (MP, CKe, TB). An apparent Myrtle Warbler x Audubon's Warbler was photographed at Little Rock, Pulaski, AR 18 Apr (DH). Lone Spotted Towhees were reported from Fayetteville, Washington, AR 19 Apr (PV), near Bradley, Lafayette, AR 28 Mar (BN), and near Bismark, Hot Springs, AR 8 Mar (JK). Rare Clay-colored Sparrows were reported from the Okay Levee at Millwood Lake, Howard, AR 30 Apr (CM) and near the Arkansas River at Hartman Bottoms, Johnson, AR 6 May (LA). A high count of 38 Lincoln's Sparrow came from Cane's Landing, Bossier City, Bossier, LA 25 Apr (TD). A Dark-eyed Junco was rather late in extreme s. Louisiana at Pass-a-Loutre W.M.A., Plaquemines 20 Apr (DO'M). An exceptionally early migrant or a bird that wintered, a Summer Tanager was identified at Fayetteville, Washington, AR 8 Mar (AD). A first for Millwood Lake, Howard and only about the eighteenth for Arkansas, a first-year male Lazuli Bunting was present 30 Apr (CM). Very uncommon transient Yel- low-headed Blackbirds were reported from three Arkansas locations: one at Woolsey Wet Prairie, Washington 14 Apr (BoB, CK); one at backyard feeder in Montgomery 24 Apr (KA, TA); and 4 near Holla Bend N.W.R., was at Port Sulphur, Plaquemines, LA 29 Mar (CR), an area of the state where the species is annual. Great Kiskadee appears to be col - onizing sw. Louisiana; one was reported 13 Apr at the Nunez Tract of Rockefeller Wild - life Refuge, Cameron (JCa), where the spe- cies has attempted to nest in previous years. A follow-up on a report from 28 Apr led to the 5 May discovery (CR) that this species was breeding at a recreational vehicle park in Sulphur, Calcasieu, where later observ- ers documented the successful fledging of at least one young (MM). A Couch's/Tropical Kingbird about 5 km w. of Cameron, Cam- eron, LA 26 Apr and one about 2 km e. of that location 1 May (both DP) perhaps per- tained to the same individual, while another on 1 May at Superior Canal Bridge, Cameron vocalized and was identified as a Tropical Kingbird (RD). Western Kingbird is well es- tablished as a breeder in pockets throughout Arkansas; a single at Craig Fish Hatchery, Benton 14-23 May (JBr) and 4 at Jonesboro, Craighead 13 May (AW, SW) were possible breeders, while one near Des Arc, Prairie 14 May (K&LN) was most likely a transient. Gray Kingbirds were reported in Louisiana at Passe-a-Loutre W.M.A., Plaquemines 20 Apr, near Diamond, Plaquemines 21 Apr Turnstone was photographed at Craig Fish Hatchery, Benton 22 May (JBr). About the seventeenth occur- rence for the Arkansas, a female- plumaged Ruff was photographed at a fish farm s. of Des Arc, Prairie 18 Apr (K&LN). Far rarer in spring than fall in Arkansas, 4 Sander- lings were discovered near Hickory Plains, Prairie 16 May (K&LN). The 300 Dunlins s. of Jonesboro, Poinsett 11 Apr (DR) made one of the highest counts ever reported in Arkansas. A scarce Red-necked Phalarope was at Rutherford Beach, Cameron, LA 28 May (BJ). Rare in Louisiana but more often found in fall migration, a Califor- nia Gull was at Rutherford Beach, Cameron 25 Apr (DPM, PAW). An apparent Thayer's Gull was at West Raccoon Island, Terrebonne, LA 16 Mar (RD). A spillover from the winter season, 2 Glaucous Gulls continued at Dardanelle Lock & Dam, Pope, AR 2 Mar (K&LN), with one remaining until 14 Mar; one was at Holly Beach, Cameron, LA 17 Mar (JH). A Common Tern was near Hickory Plains, Prairie 14 May (K&LN); this species is rarely reported in Arkansas in spring. DOVES THROUGH FINCHES Rare and local in Arkansas, an Inca Dove was seen visiting a feeder in Little Rock, Pulaski 11 May (CF). Though spreading rapidly, White-winged Dove is still considered rare in most areas of Arkansas; singles were at Little Rock, Pulaski 10 May (LR), Lewisville, Lafayette 28 Mar (BN), Yarbro, Mississippi 17 Apr (MaH), and Centerton Benton 15 May (JBr), the last two representing first county records. Rare transient Black-billed Cuckoos were photographed at Little Rock, Pulaski, AR 30 Apr (MM, MS) and heard at Cabot, Lonoke, AR 28-29 Apr (K&LN). A first for Arkansas, at last, a Crested Caracara was discovered near Oil Trough, Independence 8 May (CS) and later found weak and un- able to fly 11 May (DS, JC, RT, TL). It was then captured, taken to a wildlife rehabili- tator, treated, and ultimately released some two months later. Migrant Peregrine Falcons were reported at Bald Knob N.W.R, White, AR 9 May and Holla Bend N.W.R, Yell, AR 12 May (K&LN). A calling Yellow-bellied Flycatcher was observed at Lake Fayetteville, Washington, AR 17 May (JP); this migrant is rarely report- ed in Arkansas. A Brown-crested Flycatcher A first for Arkansas and long overdue, this Crested Caracara was present near Oil Trough, Independence County 8-11 (here 11) May 2015. Photograph by Dan Scheiman.

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