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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 415 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Cliffs State Nature Preserve, Boone, KY 5 Jun (TF) were likely on territory. Also reported was a female that lingered at Elizabethtown, Har - din, KY from late May through 21 Jun (†JSn). Up to 20 Bobolinks were at Camp Nelson Civ - il War Park, Jes samine, KY during the season (DL, ASK, TQ, TS et al.), with birds observed carrying food there 18 Jul (DL, ASK), and up to 10 were at Hisle Farm Park, Fayette, KY 19-25 Jul (AX, BWu); also reported were one to 2 along Warren Rd., se. of Salvisa, Mercer, KY 3-22 Jun (FM) and a male along KY 1988, Woodford, KY 19 Jul (IH), near where one was present during 2014. One at Duck River 3 Jun (CF) was likely a late migrant. Quite unusual was a Pine Siskin at a feed ing station in More - head, Rowan, KY 6 Jul (ph. SF). A Purple Finch at Cookeville, Putnam, TN 13 Jun (SJS) was similarly remarkable for the summer season. Cited contributors (subregional editors in boldface): Fred Alsop, Sharon Arnold, Audu - bon Society of Kentucky (ASK), Jamie Baker (JBa), Thom Barnell (TBa), Colleen Becker, Tom Becker (TBe), John Brunjes (JBr), Patsy Butcher, Kevin Calhoon (se. Tennessee), Adam Campbell (ACa), Ron Carrico, Don Carrier, Hap Chambers, Alexander Clark (ACl), Wallace Coffey, Lisa Combs, Char - lie Crawford (CCr), Cynthia Cyrus (CCy), Roseanna Denton, Majorie Dunham, Bates Estabrooks, Timothy Fennell, Clayton Fer - rell, Ray Fisher (RFi), Scott Freidhof, Heather Gallagher, Steve Graham, Teresa Graham, Mark Greene, Joe Hall, Nita Heilman, Ron Hoff, Ian Horn, Susan Hubley, Daniel Jacob - son, Nata Jackson, Brian Johnson, Jim John- son, Stephen Johnson, Kacey King, Richard L. Knight (ne. Tennessee), David Lang, Amy Lint, Gary Loucks, Frank Lyne, Joe McGuin - ness, Frank Mitchell, Mark Monroe, Daniel Moss (DMo), Dollyann Myers (DMy), Tina Nauman, Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. (BPa), Bob & Judy Peak (B&JPe); Sydney Penner, Brookie Potter (BPo), Jean Potter, Constance Powell, Tommy Quarles, Tommie Rogers, Mike Sanders, Danny Shelton (DSh), Tanner Shepard, Kate Slankard, Scott G. Somershoe (SGS), Jennifer Snyder (JSn), Jeff Sole (JSo), Stephen J. Stedman (SJS), Ruben Stoll, Victor Stoll, Del Striegel (DSt), Dave Svetich (DSv), Dale Swant (DSw), Mike C. Todd (w. Tennes - see), Mark Tower (MTo), Allen Trently, Steve & Sue Whitmer (S&SW), Stefan Woltmann, Brian Wulker (BWu), Antonio Xeira, Stephen Zipperer (middle Tennessee). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Sloan, 2036 Priest Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37215 ( Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., 8207 Old Westport Road, Louisville, Kentucky 40222 ( Park, Nashville, TN 5 Jun (SW) established the second latest spring record away from high- elevation breeding areas in the mountains of e. Tennessee. The presence of 5 Hermit Thrushes on Unaka Mountain, Unicoi, TN 5 Jun (RLK) and up to 4 through the season on Roan Moun - tain, Carter, TN (RLK) continues to suggest a small breeding population at both locales. Blue-winged Warbler is a very rare breeder in se. Tennessee, so one in suitable breeding habitat on Waldens Ridge, Hamilton 4 Jun (TR) was noteworthy. A Northern Waterthrush banded at Sha ker Village, Mercer, KY 22 Jul (b., ph. KS et al.) represented a new early ar - rival date for a fall migrant by two weeks. A Mourning Warbler at Fort Campbell, Stewart, TN 2 Jun (DMo) was late. A tally of 8 Swain - son's Warblers at and near the Little Lick Rec- reation Area, Daniel Boone N.F., Pu laski, KY 17 Jun (RD) was impressive. A rather late Prairie Warbler nest at Fort Camp bell, Trigg, still con - tained nestlings 29 Jul (DMo). Small numbers of singing male Magnolia Warblers were again present on Unaka Mountain, Unicoi, TN and on Roan Mountain, Carter, TN though late Jun. A Yellow-rumped Warbler on Roan Mountain, Carter, TN 25 Jun (BE) possibly could have been breeding. The only reports of Bachman's Sparrows originated from traditional nesting areas on the Trigg, KY portion of Fort Campbell 12 Jun and 29 Jul (DMo) and from the Stewart, TN portion of Fort Campbell through the season (DMo). Up to 6 territorial Henslow's Sparrows per site were found at more than a dozen, mostly traditional, Kentucky nesting locales. Similarly, up to 12 territorial birds were found at various established Tennessee nesting lo - cations. Lark Sparrows were reported at two Kentucky locales: one along McDonald Land - ing Rd., Henderson 5 Jul (CCr), with 3 there 19 Jul (CCr); and 4 (including birds carry - ing nesting material) on the Trigg portion of Fort Campbell 12 Jun (DMo). Reports from Tennessee were of fairly normal numbers of scattered local individuals. There were three re ports of Savannah Sparrows in Kentucky away from known nesting areas: one singing as if on territory e. of Hodgen ville, Larue 14 Jun (BPa); one heard ca. 1 km e. of Hardyville, Hart 15 Jun (JSo); and 2 at Valley Oak Cem - etery, Casey 16 Jun (RD), where the species was also found during 2014. Single Savannah Sparrows were on territory at two separate lo - cations in Washington, TN 2 & 17 Jun (RLK). Up to 4 likely breeding Vesper Sparrows were on Roan Mountain, Carter, TN 8 Jun+ (RLK, m.ob.). Single White-throated Sparrows were at Clarksville, Montgomery, TN 7-27 Jun (NH) and at Nashville, TN 26 Jun (DSh). Four Rose-breasted Grosbeaks at Boone ter site sug gested that some success probably oc curred in agricultural land next to the river. Reports of Caspian Terns between the species' normal spring and fall migratory periods in - cluded 2 at the Falls of the Ohio 10 Jun (TBa et al.); 3 there 13 Jun (JBa et al.); and one at Ken - tucky Dam 17 Jun (BPa, JSo). Two Black Terns at Duck River 23 Jul (RS) and 7 in the Upper Hickman Bot toms 30 Jul (BPa, MM) were the only ones reported. A first-year Common Tern was unexpected at the Falls of the Ohio 13 Jun (TBe, CB et al.). DOVES THROUGH FINCHES A White-winged Dove was at Dover, Stewart, TN 24-27 Jul (PB). Black-billed Cuckoos were found at three Kentucky locales during the sea - son: one at the Bluegrass Army Depot, Madison 5 Jun and 6 Jul (ACl); one at Hisle Farm Park, Fayette 25 Jun (MTo, AX); and on the se. side of Lexington, Fayette 5 Jul (BJ, DSv, LC). One or 2 were at Chisholm Lake, Lauderdale, TN 18 Jun (MG). Two Barn Owls on the Ken Unit Peabody W.M.A., Ohio 12 Jun (RD) were the only ones reported in Kentucky. An ad. male Rufous Hummingbird was a surprise visitor to the feeders at Warner Parks Nature Center, Nashville, TN 19-20 Jul (HG, m.ob.). At least 6 Yellow-bellied Sapsuckers were reported from three potential breeding areas in Carter and Unicoi, TN, including 2 juvs. on Roan Moun - tain, Carter, TN 10 Jul (RLK). There were two reports of Peregrine Falcons in Kentucky away from known nesting territories: one on the Ohio River bridge nw. of Branden burg, Meade 10 Jun (DSt et al.) and 2 (a presumed pair) on a cliff along the Ken tucky River, Mercer 26 Jul (ph. TN). An imm. at Conklin, Washington, TN 9 Jun (FA) suggested breeding somewhere nearby. A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher in Perry, TN 3 Jun (RS) was the only one reported away from known breeding areas. Late Jul roost counts of Purple Martins in Kentucky included ca. 10,000 s. of Madisonville, Hopkins 19 & 23 Jul (SG, TG) and 2000 at Mount Vernon, Rock - castle 26 Jul (SF). Eight Bank Swallows along the Cumberland River near Helm Rd., Russell, KY 5 Jul (RD) were not near any known nest - ing colony. Up to 4 Bell's Vireos were present at Fort Campbell, Stewart , TN 4 Jun–7 Jul (DMo); this remains the only known breeding popula - tion in the state. A Fish Crow at Johnson City, Washington, TN 7 Jul (RLK) established the first record for the state e. of the Knoxville area and continues the species' expansion in the state. The number of Eastern Bluebird nests was sig - nificantly lower at Land Between The Lakes, Lyon/Trigg, KY and at Lake Barkley S.P., Trigg, KY this season, most likely due to severe late winter weather (B&JPe). A Veery at Beaman

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