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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 414 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Upper Hick man Bottoms 31 Jul (HC) were quite early. Four Least Sandpipers were last seen along Horseshoe Rd., w. Henderson, KY 13 Jun (CCr). There were already 35-40 Least Sandpipers in the Upper Hickman Bottoms 30-31 Jul (BPa, MM). Probably 1000+ Pectoral Sandpipers were in the Upper Hick man Bot - toms 30 Jul (BPa, MM), with 1200+ there 31 Jul (BPa, MM). The latest spring Semipalmated Sandpipers included 3 along Horseshoe Rd., w. Henderson, KY 6 Jun (CCr); 3 in s. Jefferson, KY 8 Jun (BPa); 12 n. of Oak Grove, Christian, KY 9 Jun (JH); and 15 at Morgan Pond 12 Jun (JH). Twenty to 25 fall migrants were in the Up - per Hickman Bottoms by 30-31 Jul (BPa, MM). A relatively early Buff-breasted Sandpiper was in the Upper Hickman Bottoms 30 Jul (BPa, MM). There were two reports of Sanderlings: 4 very early birds along Great River Road, Dyer, TN 4 Jul (MG) and 2 at Ernst Rice W.M.A., Dyer, TN 29 Jul (MG). Laughing Gulls at Kentucky Dam 15 Jun (ph. JJ) and at Duck River 30 Jul (RS, AT), both ads., were the only ones reported. At least 100 Ring-billed Gulls had returned to the Kentucky Dam vicinity by 2 Jul (BPa). A subad. Herring Gull at Kentucky Dam 17 Jun (BPa, JSo) may have been summer ing. Least Tern nesting was almost totally un successful on the Mississippi and lower Ohio Rivers due to high water lev - els dur ing the season (CP, JBr); an estimated 400-500 nests were initiated between two sites (sandbars adjacent to Middle Bar, Hickman, KY and along the w. margin of Kentucky Bend, Ful - ton, KY) during early Jun; however, water rose, inundated all nests, and stayed up through Jul (CP, JBr). Reports of interest included up to 9 along Horseshoe Rd., w. Henderson, KY through 13 Jun (CCr) and 100-125 (including at least 2 juvs.) in the Upper Hickman Bottoms 30 Jul (BPa, MM). A few juvs. present at the lat - port for the species for the county. Single imm. White Ibis were at Brainerd Levee, Hamilton, TN 25 Jun–3 Jul (DJ, m.ob.) and at Paddle Creek Pond, Sullivan, TN 10 Jul (WC). A Swallow-tailed Kite was at Arnold Engineering Development Center, Cof - fee, TN 11 Jun (DSw) and another at Maness Swamp Refuge, Weakley/Gibson, TN 16 Jun (MG). The nesting population of Missis - sippi Kites at Louisville expanded re markably this summer, or birders simply caught on to how many pairs are actually in the area, with at least five pairs documented (m.ob.); most are in residential areas e. of downtown. Three reports from middle Tennessee, including 3 at Clarksville, Montgomery 10 Jul (SW), were noteworthy away from their regular breeding range along the Mississippi River floodplain. A Northern Harrier at Duck River 5 Jul (MD) made a very rare summer sighting. Only one Common Gallinule was reported, that being at the traditional site on the Sinclair Unit, Pea - body W.M.A., Muhlenberg, KY 30 Jun and 3 Jul (SG, TG et al.). A pair of Black-necked Stilts was found at a transient pond n. of Oak Grove, Christian, KY 4 Jun (ph. SA, JH), with up to 6 (three pairs) present there 9-10 Jun (JH) and at least 2 on nests there through 16 Jun (JH). Water subse - quently dis appeared, however, and nesting was likely unsuccessful. A single Black-necked Stilt in Greene, TN 4 Jun (ph. NJ) and 5 at Duck River 25-28 Jun (RS, AT, VS) were notewor - thy away from the Mississippi River. There were two reports of American Avocet, both 30 Jul: one at Duck River (RS, AT) and 9 in the Upper Hickman Bot - toms (BPa, MM). A Black- bellied Plover was in the Upper Hickman Bottoms 30 Jul (BPa, MM). Tardy spring Semipalmated Plo - vers included 2 still in s. Logan, KY 2 Jun (FL) and 4 along Horseshoe Rd., w. Henderson through 13 Jun (CCr). A Piping Plover was at Ernst Rice W.M.A., Dyer, TN 28-31 Jul (MG). A Dunlin along Horse - shoe Rd., w. Henderson, KY 6 Jun (CCr) and 4 at Morgan Pond 9 Jun (HC) were the latest spring mi - grants to be reported. Two Baird's Sandpipers in the sites into early Jun, with 10 last seen 18 Jun (JH). Single individuals were also found along Fowler Rd., Lincoln, TN 4 Jun (RH, DMy) and in Hamilton, TN 10 Jun (DJ). Two drake Northern Shov - elers were still at Morgan Pond, where the species has nested, 9 Jun (HC), with one last seen there 12 Jun (JH). A female Hooded Merganser with young was observed along Horseshoe Rd., w. Henderson, KY 6 & 13 Jun (CCr); 5 juvs. at Big Rivers W.M.A., Crit tenden, KY 16 Jun (BPa) had likely hatched locally. There were several reports of lingering female Common Mergansers from ne. Tennessee, which is not far from a known breeding location in Polk, NC: one to 2 on the Watauga River, Carter 7-15 Jun (ph. ACa); one on the South Holston River, Sullivan 5 Jul (DC, MS); and one on Boone Lake, Sullivan 10 Jul (RC). A presumed tardy spring mi grant Ruddy Duck was observed on a lake se. of Mud Lick, Monroe, KY 3 Jun (ph. RD). Presumably the same Common Loon was seen on Kentucky Lake above the dam 25 Jun (SP) and 2 Jul (BPa); the only one reported from Tennessee was on Wilbur Lake, Carter 13-22 Jun (BPo, JP). Two lingering Pied-billed Grebes were last seen on Morgan Pond 7 Jun (JH); one on a lake w. of George town, Scott, KY 19 Jul (SJ) may have been an early mi - grant. As has be come the norm in recent years, single and small groups of Double-crested Cormorants were reported from scattered lo - cales away from known breed ing areas during summer (eBird). An Anhinga was seen soaring over the head of the Boyds Branch embayment of Kentucky Lake near Hamlin, Calloway, KY 12 Jul (†HC). Another was in Dickson, TN 21 Jun (CCy); Anhingas regularly breed in small numbers in the Region along the Mississippi River but are rare elsewhere. As has become the norm, small numbers of American White Pelicans (at least some incapable of flight) were seen at Duck River and at several locations on Lake Barkley, Lyon/Trigg, KY during the season (m.ob.). Least Bitterns were found in Kentucky only at the Sinclair Unit of Peabody W.M.A., Muhlenberg, with one to 2 there 16 Jun–16 Jul and an impres sive peak count of 11 on 30 Jun (ph. SG, TG et al.). None were observed at Standifer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, TN, a regular breeding location, after 31 May (fide KC), like - ly due to low water levels. One was at John Se- vier Lake, Hawkins, TN 18 Jul (SH). A Glossy Ibis at Prospect, ne. Jefferson, KY 27 Jun (ph. AL et al.) repre sented a first confirmed re - This adult Laughing Gull at Kentucky Dam, Livingston County, Kentucky 15 June was the only one detected during the 2015 season in Kentucky. Photograph by Jim Johnson. At least five pairs of Mississippi Kites were present and probably nested at Louisville, Kentucky in 2015. This adult and juvenile were photographed at Cherokee Park 27 July. Photograph by Pam K. Spaulding.

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