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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 413 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Paducah received nearly 26.7 cm (10.5 in.) of rainfall during the month. All of Tennessee ex - perienced higher rainfall and temperatures than average during both months, but the extent of anomaly was lower in western Tennessee. Rar - ity highlights included Anhinga and Glossy Ibis in Kentucky and Swallow-tailed Kite and White-winged Dove in Tennessee. Least Terns had a dismal nesting season due to high water on the Mississippi and lower Ohio Rivers. Abbreviations: Duck River (Duck River Unit, Tennessee N.W.R., Humphreys, TN), Morgan Pond (s. Christian, KY), Upper Hickman Bot - toms (w. Fulton, KY). WATERFOWL THROUGH TERNS Twenty Black-bellied Whistling-Ducks at John Sevier Lake, Hawkins, TN 9 Jun (ph. GL, fide SGS) furnished the first e. Tennessee record. Two at Duck River 14 Jun (CF) and one at Discovery Park, Union City, Obion, TN 20 Jul (ph. KK) were also rare occurrences away from the Region's only breeding population in Shelby, TN. Out-of-season waterfowl included a Cackling Goose at Middlebrook Lake, Sul - livan, TN 10-21 Jul (RC, ph. JP, m.ob.) that established a first summer record for the Re - gion; an American Wigeon in Washington, TN through the period (RLK, m.ob.); 2 Gadwalls at Spindletop Farm, Fayette, KY 10 Jun (AX); a male Northern Shoveler at Prospect, ne. Jef - ferson, KY 20 Jul (BPa); at least 43 Lesser Scaup on Lake Barkley, Lyon, KY 17 Jun (BPa, JSo), with 2 and one found above Kentucky Dam 13 Jun (S&SW) and 15 Jul (ph. TQ), respec - tively; a male Lesser Scaup in Marion, TN 26 Jul (TR); single Ring-necked Ducks in Greene, TN through the period (NJ) and in Unicoi, TN 6 Jun (JM); a female Bufflehead on Kentucky Lake, Marshall, KY 13 Jun (ph. S&SW); and single Common Goldeneyes on Lake Barkley, Lyon, KY 6 Jul (RFi), above Kentucky Dam 9 Jul (HC), and on Kentucky Lake, ne. Calloway, KY 14-16 Jul (ph. TQ). Small numbers of Blue- winged Teal lin gered at two s. Christian, KY Roger Lemaster, Chris Lituma (CLi), Charlie Logsdon (CLo), Terri Lusk, Frank Lyne, Doug McCoy (DMc), Joe McGuiness (JMc), Lee McNeely, Tom McNeil, Susan N. McWhirter (SNM), Andrew Melnykovych, Keith Michalski (KMi), Frank Mitchell, Katrina Moeller (KMo), Mark Monroe, Nell Moore, Daniel Moss (DMo), multiple observ - ers (m.ob.), Dollyann Myers (DMy), Ronan O'Carra, Mike O'Malley (MOM), Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. (BPa), Robert & Judy Peak (R&JPk), Sydney Penner, James Perlowski (JPe), Rick Phillips, Michael Plaster, Charlie Plush, Josh Powell (JPo), Dick Preston, Bill Pulliam (BPu), Meg Quarles, Tommy Quarles, Frank Ren - frow, Gary Ritchison, Cyndi Routledge, Steve Routledge, Ed Schneider, Ruth Schrock (RSc), Chris A. Sloan (CAS), Mike Smith, Carol Sole, Jeff Sole (JSo), Joe Springer (JSp), Stephen J. Stedman (SJS), Dirk Steenbergen (DSn), Ruben Stoll, Del Striegel (DSt), Josh Suich (JSu), Dave Svetich (DSv), Jared Teague (JTe), Tennessee Ornithological Society (TOS), Aaron Thomas (ATh), Michael C. Todd (w. Tennessee), Mark Tower, John Trent (JTr), Alan Trently (ATy), Alan Troyer (ATr), Kelly Vowels, Chloe Walker (CWa), Nolan Walker, Jay Walko (JWa), Ma - jor Waltman, Sean Ward, Katheryn Watson (KaW), Keith Watson (KeW), Robert Wheat, Terry Witt, Chris Wood (CWo), Brian Wulker, Gale Wulker, Antonio Xeira, Aviva Yasgur, Ben Yandell, Mary Yandell, Stanley York, Jack Zip - perer, Stephen Zipperer (middle Tennessee). –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– SUMMER –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W eather conditions during June and July 2015 were somewhat vari - able across the Region. The aver- age monthly temperature at most stations in Kentucky was close to normal to slightly above normal during both June and July; in contrast, middle and eastern Tennessee experienced temperatures well above average for both months. The amount of rainfall was variable during June; much of the Region, particularly across northern and eastern Kentucky and the eastern two-thirds of Tennessee, received rain - fall about one and a half to two times normal, but the southern and western portions of Ken - tucky were below normal. Paducah, Kentucky, for example, received about one-half normal precipitation. July was particularly wet across the entire Region, with more than two times normal rainfall being recorded at Jackson, Lex - ington, Louisville, and Paducah, Kentucky; A Yellow-headed Blackbird was in w. Galla - tin, Wilson, TN 22 Apr (CR, SR). There were three reports of Brewer's Blackbird in Kentucky: 10 n. of Sac ramento, McLean 24 Mar (BPa, JBa); 5 in ne. Jefferson 3 Apr (BPa et al.); and an im - pressive tally of at least 150 in the Pond Creek Bot toms, ne. Hopkins 5 Apr (BPa, ph. JBa). A wave of spring migrant Purple Finches arrived during the last week of Mar; migrants were conspicuous during Apr, with a few lingering into May; and one at Bronston, Pulaski, KY 13 May (JPe) was the latest reported. A notewor - thy high count of 135 was reported from Fay- ette, TN 27 Mar (SNM). The female Common Redpoll continuing from the winter season at Lexington, KY was last seen 26 Mar (AH). Pine Siskins were widely reported in small numbers through the period in Tennessee, with a high count of 300+ at Pittman Center, Sevier 6 Mar (KeW). A pronounced wave of mi grant Pine Siskins arrived in Kentucky during mid-Apr, with numbers actually peaking during early May; high counts included 50 at Berea, Madison 3 May (RFo, RB) and at least 56 at Louisville 9 May (BPa, CBs). A few birds lingered into mid- May, with singles at Berea, Madison, KY 22 May (RB, RFo) and Bron ston, Pulaski, KY 31 May (JPe, ph. TC) being the latest reported. Cited contributors (subregional editors in boldface): Chris Agee, Jim Arnett, Jamie Baker (JBa), Thom Barnell (TBa), Scott Barrett (SBa), Rebecca Bates, Makaya Beachy (MkB), Mat - than Beachy (MBy); Colleen Becker (CBe), Tom Becker (TBe), Beckham Bird Club (BBC), Jane Bell (JBe), Pat Bell (PBe), Paul Bernhardt (PBr), Carol Besse (CBs), Clyde Blum (CBl), Karen Bonsell, Kevin Brooks (KBr), Kevin Calhoon (se. Tennessee), Mike Callan, Tim Carter, Phillip Casteel, Robert Chadwick (RCh), Hap Chambers, Alex Clark, Suzanne Clingman (SCl), Wallace Coffey, Lisa Combs (LCo), Richard Connors (RCo), Linda Craiger (LCr), Charlie Crawford, Susan Crew (SCr), Glen Criswell, Rack Cross (RCr), Lloyd Curry (LCu), Gene Dennis, Julie Denton, Roseanna Denton, Drew Dickert (DDi), Diana Dubbeld (DDu), Sara Dunham, Tom Durbin, Linda Easter, Chuck Estes, Rand Falls (RFa), Harry & Sue Farthing (H&SF), Frank Fekel, Clayton Ferrell, Bob Foehring, Bob Ford, Rob Foster (RFo), Steve Graham, Teresa Graham, Mark Greene, Joe Hall, Debbie Hamilton (DHm); Erin Harper, Drew Harvey (DHr), Ron Hoff, Chris Holt, Heather Housman, Alice Howell, Mason Howell (MHo), Susan Hoyle (SHo), Mike Hubley (MHu), Susan Hubley (SHu), Ann Inouye, Daniel Jacobson, Brian Johnson, Tim Johnson, Michelle King, David Kirschke, Richard L. Knight (ne. Tennessee), Roy Knis - pel (RKn), David Lang, Carol Langford (CLa), A Cackling Goose at Middlebrook Lake, Sullivan County, Tennessee 10-21 (here 12) July 2015 established a first summer record for the state. Photograph by Jean Potter.

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