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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R S 3 / 4 411 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Whimbrels were found in Kentucky on three occasions: re markably early single individuals were in the Lower Hickman Bottoms, Fulton 22 Apr (ph. JSo) and at McElroy Lake 23 Apr (†TD), with 3 at the former location 7-8 May (ph. JSo, TG, SG). A Ruff was present at McEl - roy Lake 17 May (†BPa, ph. MY, ph. BY, TD). One to 2 Sanderlings were found at three Ken - tucky locales 9-18 May; there was one report in Tennessee, at Snow Bunting Peninsula, Old Hickory Lake, Davidson 18 May (MS). A Long- billed Dowitcher in w. Boone, KY 26 Mar (†LM) was quite early; one s. of Middleton, Logan, KY 15 May (†BPa, MM) was somewhat tar dy. One to 5 Wilson's Phalaropes were found at seven Kentucky sites 26 Apr–8 May; in Tennessee, one to 20 were reported on four occasions 26 Apr–10 May. A first-cycle Bonaparte's Gull at Taylors ville Lake, Spencer, KY 23 May (ph. KB) was quite tardy. Single Franklin's Gulls at McElroy Lake 21 Apr (LCr, TD) and at Snow Bunting Penin - sula, Old Hickory Lake, Nashville, TN 18 May (PC, FF) were the only ones reported. There were three Kentucky and two Tennessee reports of single Laughing Gulls 1 Apr–20 May. Tallies of at least 7000 Ring-billed Gulls at Barren Riv - er Lake, Allen/Barren, KY 3 Mar (TD) and 1100 in agricultural fields nw. of Hadensville, Todd, KY 9 Mar (JH) represented local high counts. The ad. California Gull found at the Falls of the Ohio 28 Feb was seen again 1 Mar (†BPa et al.). The wintering first-cycle Iceland Gull on the Ohio River at Louisville was last seen 15 Mar (BPa, ph. TQ et al.). Similarly, a first-cycle Iceland Gull at Seven Points Recreation Area, J. Percy Priest Lake, Nashville, TN 14 Mar (MS, PC) was likely a continuing individual. An ad. Lesser Black-backed Gull lingered on the Ohio River at Louisville through 1 Mar (BPa et al.), with 3 (2 ads. and a sec ond-cycle bird) up - stream in flooded fields in ne. Jefferson, KY 11 Mar (MW, ph. BPa, TBa); also of interest was an ad. at Barren River Lake, Allen/Barren, KY 2-3 Mar (MBy, MkB) and a first-cycle bird at the Falls of the Ohio 3 May (ph. BY, ph. MY, BPa et al.). In Tennessee, singles were at Duck River 8 Mar (RS, ATr) and at Snow Bunting Peninsula, Old Hickory Lake, Nashville 16-25 Apr (SZ, PC, MS). The ad. and third-cycle Glaucous Gulls continuing from late winter on the Ohio River at Louisville were ob served through 7 Mar (TBa, BPa et al.). The 2 first-cycle Great Black-backed Gulls continuing from late win - ter on the Ohio River at Louisville were seen at the Falls of the Ohio 1 Mar (BPa et al.), with one last seen in the vicinity 8 Mar (ph. BPa, CBs). One to 16 Common Terns were found at three Kentucky locales 11-22 May. Black Terns were largely absent from the Region, with re - ports from only three locales in each state. Hawkins, TN 3-5 May (SHu). Impressive peak counts of Sandhill Cranes in Kentucky includ - ed 13,436 and 14,570 w. of Ce cilia, Hardin 2 Mar (EH) and 11 Mar (CLo), respectively. Generally modest shorebird high counts during the season included 28 Black-bellied Plovers in w. Fulton, KY 10 May (BY, MY); 200+ Semipalmated Plovers at McElroy Lake 15 May (TD); at least 720 Lesser Yellowlegs sw. of Rumsey, Mc Lean, KY (BPa, CWo, BW) and 800 at Sauer heber (KMi), both 26 Apr, that rep re - sented new state high counts for spring until three days later, when 810 were counted at the Long Point Unit Reelfoot N.W.R., Fulton, KY 29 Apr (HC, RD, TG, SG); 35 Stilt Sandpipers at McElroy Lake 23 May (TD); 500+ Semipal - mated Sandpipers at McElroy Lake 15-19 May (TD et al.); and 36 Short-billed Dowitchers at McElroy Lake 18 May (TD). Black-necked Stilts continue to turn up at more and more locations in the Region. Noteworthy reports this spring included one nw. of Newtown, Scott, KY 16 Apr (ph. MHo); up to 8 at McElroy Lake during May (peak of 8 on 18 May; TD), with at least one pair incubating but eventually unsuccessful there in late May (TD); one to 3 at Duck River 2-14 May (CWa, NW; CR, SR); one at Lexing - ton, Fayette, KY 5 May (ph. LCo, DSv et al.); and one at Louisville 27-28 May (ph. DDu et al.) that was a long overdue first for Jefferson, KY. American Avocets were found four times in Kentucky: 48 at Morgan Pond, Christian 18 Apr (ph. CH, JH); 6 at Louisville 27-30 Apr (ph. DDu et al.), with 5 still there 1 May (BPa), and one last seen there 2 May (TBe, CBe); and singles at Sauerheber 11-13 May (CP, ph. SG, TG) and at McElroy Lake 12 May (TD). In Ten - nessee, there were four reports: 3 at Duck River 17 Apr (fide CF); 35 at Liberty Park and Marina, Montgomery 25 Apr (JH, SY, m.ob.); 4 at Oneal Lake, Hatchie N.W.R., Haywood (BF); and 6 at Radnor Lake S.N.A., Nashville 6 May (AI). An American Golden-Plover at McElroy Lake 24 May (BPa, CBs) was relatively tardy. A Semipalmated Plover at McElroy Lake 5 Apr (ph. BPa, JBa) represented a new early arrival date for Kentucky. Single Upland Sandpip - ers were found only twice in Kentucky: n. of Hadensville, Todd 30 Mar (ph. JH) and at Mc - Elroy Lake 7 May (TD). It was a poor season for Willets in Kentucky, with only four reports, although one at Morgan Pond 9 Apr (JH) was quite early, and a flock of 47 at Mc Elroy Lake 3 May (TD) was relatively large. There were also relatively fewer reports across Tennessee, but 110 at Liberty Park and Marina, Montgomery 3 May (JH, SY, m.ob.) furnished the third highest count for the state. All five Kentucky reports of Ruddy Turnstone originated from McEl - roy Lake, where one to 20 were found 18-25 May; the peak of 20 occurred 22 May (JSo). in Kentucky, with reports of one to 7 birds at three traditional locales during the season, al - though one at Shippingport Island, Louisville 11 May (BPa) was at a location where the spe - cies has not been reported nesting in about 20 years. A Glossy Ibis was at Duck River 25 Apr–3 May (RS, m.ob.); another was in Lake, TN 15-16 Apr (GC, MG). There were two re - ports of unidentified Plegadis ibis in Kentucky: 2 e. of Hickman, Fulton 18 Apr (ph. JTe) and one at the Minor Clark Fish Hatchery, Rowan 29 May (ph. SB). Single Ospreys at Kentucky Dam (HC) and at Kingsport, Sullivan, TN (RCr), both 7 Mar, were the earliest to be reported; the latter es - tablished a new arrival date for ne. Tennessee. Golden Eagles were found in Kentucky on three occasions: one was last seen at Bernheim Forest, Bullitt 13 Mar (KV); a juv. n. of Kirk - wood, n. Mercer in early Mar and again 3-4 Apr (ph. JSp); and a juv. at Land Between the Lakes N.R.A., Lyon on the relatively late date of 15 Apr (AY, TJ). There were also three reports of Golden Eagle from Tennessee: 2 at Hampton Creek Cove, Carter 8 Mar (DK, KBr); and sin - gle individuals at Fort Campbell, Montgomery 6 & 23 Mar (DMo). A Rough-legged Hawk was in Stewart, TN 22 Mar (ph. JH). In Tennessee, 4 Mississippi Kites were reported away from their regular breeding range in the Mississippi floodplain: one at Duck River 3 May (TOS), one at Portland, Sumner 20 May (ES), and 2 at Palmyra, Montgomery 27 May (SY). Single Swallow-tailed Kites were at Buffalo River Truss, Perry, TN 18 May (RSc, RS, m.ob.) and at Leipers Creek Rd., Maury, TN 30 May (BPu). Two Virginia Rails were reported in Ken - tucky: one at Sauerheber 12 Apr (BPa, BBC) and one heard e. of Drakesboro, Muh len berg 26 Apr (BPa, CWo). Away from Standifer Gap Marsh, Hamilton, where it breeds, the species was also reported only twice in Tennessee. There were only two reports of Common Gal - linule: 2 at the traditional summering site at the Sinclair Unit, Peabody W.M.A., Muhlenberg, KY 29 Apr (EH) and 2 at John Sevier Lake, Kentucky's only known nesting pair of Brown-headed Nut- hatches was busy again in spring 2015. Here (5 May), one of the adults visits the previous season's nest cavity in Marshall County. Photograph by Frank Renfrow.

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