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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 274 N E W M E X I C O along Palomas Creek, Ladder Ranch, Sierra 16 Dec (ph. M. Wilson) furnished the lone re - port. Noteworthy for mid-winter, 8 Common Grackles were at Tularosa 2 Jan (CR, WE). Another winter surprise was a Bullock's Ori - ole at Las Cruces 20 Dec (ph. WT). Among the few rosy-finch reports away from Sandia Crest were 20 Brown-capped Rosy-Finches on the Angel Fire C.B.C. 14 Dec (M. Kelly), a mixed flock of 75 mostly Brown-cappeds at Heron Lake 16 Feb (RC), a mixed flock of 24 mostly Brown-cappeds at Red River 22 Feb (T. Ferguson), and a mixed flock of 70 mostly Brown-cappeds in the up - per Pecos area n. of Jack's Creek Campground 21 Jan (B. Long). A Purple Finch was nicely documented at Percha S.P. 27 Dec (ph. JG); the species is as rarity in New Mexico, with only about three-dozen records overall. Mod - erate numbers of Cassin's Finches were wide- spread in montane areas statewide; a high 265 were counted on the Sandia Mountains C.B.C. 26 Dec (NP). Red Crossbills were de - cidedly scarce; noteworthy lowland records were 16 at Deming 27 Dec–1 Jan (MB, CL) and 7 at Mesilla 20 Feb (NS). Among the very few Evening Grosbeak reports from the s. half of the state were flocks of up to 32 in the Black Range near Hermosa 17 Dec–28 Feb (ph. DC). Initialed observers: Francisco Anaya, Jona - than Batkin, Matthew Baumann, Grant Beau- prez, Karen Beckenbach, Dan Belcher, Ce- lestyn Brozek, Iza Bruen-Morningstar, Roger Clark, David Cleary, Chris Conard, Alan Craig, Martha Desmond, John Douglas, Wy - att Egelhoff, Andrew Fenner, Stephen Fettig, Bernard Foy, Coleman Goin, David Griffin, Cheryl Grindle, John Groves, David Hawk - sworth, Nancy Hetrick, Michael Hilchey, Terry Hodapp, Jack Holloway, Eric Hough, William Jaremko-Wright, David Krueper, Carol Levine, Carl Lundblad, William Maley, Larry Malone, Sonja Mendoza, Raymond Meyer, Alan Nelson, Robert Nieman, Jen - nifer Owen-White, Jerry Oldenettel, Steve Olson, John Parmeter, Nicholas Pederson, Bryan Pfeiffer, Anita Powell, Tim Reeves, Christopher Rustay, Jeffrey I. Sanchez, Cath - erine Sandell, Marcy Scott, John W. Shipman, Roland Shook, Nancy Stotz, Wayne Treers, John Trochet, Raymond VanBuskirk, Mark L. Watson, Richard Webster, Debbie Weissman, Steve West, William West, Mouser Williams, James Zabriskie. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Sartor O. Williams III, Division of Birds, Museum of Southwestern Biology, University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, New Mexico 87131-0001 ( 12 at the Ohkay Owingeh lakes 7 Dec–9 Feb (m.ob., ph. J. Friedman), as were up to 6 in Los Alamos at Bandelier N.M. 7-28 Jan (ph. MW, ph. J. Long); in the east, 3 were far s. to Milnesand 16 Dec (GB, ph. A. Hersey). Clay-colored Sparrows typically winter s. of New Mexico, but this season a few well- documented reports were received from the s. border: singles in the middle Animas Val - ley 28 Dec (AC), in the vicinity of Hatchet Gap 14 Feb (DH), at the La Cueva Picnic Area e. of Las Cruces 8 Jan (ph. C. Gras), and at White's City 14 Dec (ph. RN). A Field Spar - row was w. to Otero Mesa 6 Jan (RM). A Lark Sparrow lingered at Bosque N.W.R. 2-3 Dec (CS), while noteworthy for the season were 2 at Columbus 24 Dec (J. & M. Hubinger) and one there 14 Feb (DH). Baird's Sparrow has been found with increasing frequency in s. New Mexico in recent winters, and this year continued that trend, with reports from Otero, Doña Ana, Luna, and Hidalgo, includ - ing "common" on Otero Mesa Dec–Feb (RM), one to 3 at three sites on the Las Cruces West Mesa 12 Dec (MS, JZ), 21 Jan (DG), and 27 Feb (NS), one in the Uvas Valley near Nutt 24 Jan (JP), one near Antelope Wells 23 Feb (DG), 3 in the s. Animas Valley 20-21 Dec (DG), and a high 19 in the middle Animas Valley 28 Dec (JB). One to 2 Fox Sparrows were at 12 locales in 10 counties from the R.G.V. eastward; singles where seldom re - ported were at San Augustine, San Miguel 3 Feb (ph. WJ-W), Cerrillos 26 Dec–20 Mar (AF, ph. JB), Oliver Lee S.P. 19 Feb (ph. JO), and Tierra Blanca Creek, w. Sierra 25-28 Feb (DC). Noteworthy were 6 Swamp Sparrows w. to the Peloncillo Mountains 28 Dec (NP); n. for the season were 2 at Sumner Dam 17 Jan (JP), one at La Cieneguilla, Santa Fe 6 Jan (IB-M), and 2 at Peña Blanca, Sandoval 10 Dec (MB). Harris's Sparrows are scarce but regular in winter; this season, 2 were near Chama 10-17 Feb (RC), 5 were in the Corrales-Albuquerque area Dec–Feb (m.ob., ph.), and singles were s. to the Organ Moun - tains 17 Jan (JG) and La Union 5 Dec–5 Jan (DB). Golden-crowned Sparrows were in evi - dence in the middle and lower R.G.V., with 4 in the Corrales/Albuquerque area 26 Dec–15 Feb (m.ob.) and singles at Bosque N.W.R. 20 Dec–10 Feb (ph. SM, ph. CB), and Mesilla Bosque S.P. 3-24 Jan (ph. NS); in the south - west, one continuing from Nov was at Rodeo 6 Dec (RW). An ad. male Summer Tanager visited a suet feeder near Albuquerque's Petroglyph N.M. 19 Jan–28 Feb (ph. A. Howard); it provided the state's fourth winter record and the second in the past three years for the Albuquerque area. Rare in New Mexico, a Rusty Blackbird Apparently wintering Sprague's Pipits in - cluded 3 in the Five Points area of Sevilleta N.W.R. 17 Dec (ph. MB), one at Three Rivers, Otero 3 Jan (CR, WE), up to 12 on the Las Cruces West Mesa 12 Dec (MS, JZ), 2 in the Uvas Valley near Nutt 24 Jan (JP), and one in the middle Animas Valley 28 Dec (NP). A few Olive Warblers can be found annually in winter in s. New Mexico; this season, one was n. of Cliff 2 Dec (BP) and, in the Black Range, singles were n. of Kingston 27 Dec (ph. DC) and in Chloride Canyon 10 Jan (ph. DC). Longspurs were conspicuous in the east and south, with Chestnut-collareds in their hun - dreds (and occasionally thousands, e.g., DG's 4309 in the s. Animas Valley 20-21 Dec) and McCown's in their dozens plus 9 Laplands at Clayton 28 Dec (CR, ph. NH) and 5 at Clo - vis 26 Dec (GB) and singles at Otto 28 Feb (RC), Albuquerque's West Mesa 22 Jan (ph. WM), and the Las Cruces West Mesa 11 Jan (CR, WE). Historically unknown in winter, Orange-crowned Warbler continued to so - lidify its new wintering status across s. New Mexico, with often multiple reports from nine counties, including n. in the Gila Valley to Cliff 30 Dec (BP), n. in the R.G.V. to Albu - querque, where there was one at the Alameda bridge 5 Jan (P. Benham, L. Beckman) and an - other at Old Town 18 Jan–4 Feb (ph. DW), n. in the Tularosa Basin to Tularosa 2 Jan (CR, WE), and n. on the e. plains to Clovis 27 Dec (CR); the high count was 11 at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT). Several unexpected warblers brightened the season, including a Black-and- white near Cliff 27 Dec (LM), a Common Yel - lowthroat n. to Bosque N.W.R. 20 Dec (SO), an American Redstart at Percha S.P. 29 Dec (ph. MB, ph. NP. DH), a Pine Warbler briefly described at Albuquerque 4 Dec (MH), and a Townsend's at La Cueva Picnic Area e. of Las Cruces 4 Jan (NS). An Eastern Towhee entertained many at B.L.N.W.R. 9 Jan–6 Feb (R. Morris, m.ob., ph. JO, ph. SF, ph. WE, ph. NH, ph. RN); there are only 17 records overall, but the spe - cies has been found in four of the past five years. Rufous-crowned Sparrows at the n. fringe of their range included one in White Rock Canyon, Los Alamos 7 Jan (ph. SF) and 2 in Diablo Canyon, Santa Fe 8-15 Feb (RC, BF). Three Abert's Towhees were n. of Rodeo at the San Simon "River" highway crossing 28 Jan (WW), a dependable and ac - cessible site for this species. American Tree Sparrows again were s. to the Albuquerque area, including 2 s. of the Alameda bridge 19 Jan–25 Feb (JK, ph. G. Mapel, ph. WM), up to 6 n. of the Alameda bridge 21 Dec–28 Jan (MH, ph. WM), and one at Corrales 23 Dec (WE); impressive for the R.G.V. were up to

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