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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 273 N E W M E X I C O JO) and into Mar. Understanding the winter status of gnat - catchers is complicated by absence of details for most reports; convincing Blue-grays this season were singles at E.B.L. 20 Dec (JP), Las Cruces Dam 16 Feb (ph. NS), and Co - lumbus 11 Dec (ph. J. Allen); Black-taileds at the n. edge of their range were singles at La Joya W.M.A. 17 Feb (WM, M. Shoop) and San Lorenzo Canyon near Polvadera 2 Feb (B. Serdehely). An American Dipper wan - dered down to the R.G.V. at Algodones Dam Dec–Feb (DH). Eastern Bluebirds were much in evidence from the R.G.V. eastward, includ - ing 139 on three Albuquerque area C.B.C.s (RV, JO-W, NP); in the southwest were 2 near Cliff 27 Dec (RS), 2 at Virden 28 Feb (CR, WE, NH), and 11 in the middle Animas Val - ley 28 Dec (NP). A Rufous-backed Robin in the middle Animas Valley was in hackberries along Animas Creek 23 Feb but could not be relocated in subsequent days (DG). Single male Varied Thrushes were at Santa Fe 30 Dec–10 Jan (ph. F. Freibert, CG) and Albu - querque's Alameda bridge 3 Feb (D. Paez); the species has been annual in the state for the past 12 years. Single Gray Catbirds were late in the middle Animas Valley 21 Dec (DG) and Carlsbad 11 Dec (SW). A record high 57 Curve-billed Thrashers were counted on the Santa Fe C.B.C. 20 Dec (WE); much farther n. was one at Pilar 3 Feb (A. & J. Tuomey), and another was near Abiquiu 14 Feb (A. Sherman), while in the northwest one was be - low Bluewater Dam 14 Dec (CR) and 2 were near Grants 19 Feb (M. Weidemann). Single Brown Thrashers were w. to R.G.N.C. 8-15 Feb (m.ob.) and Percha S.P. 29 Dec (MB). An early Bendire's Thrasher was singing at Gran - ite Gap 28 Jan (WW), and 2 were at nearby Road Forks 2 Feb (EH). A Crissal Thrasher was nw. to Zuni's Blackrock Dam 12 Feb (JT). Reports of mid-winter Northern Mocking - birds have been increasing in n. New Mexico in recent years; this year, singles were near San Ildefonso 10 Jan (SF, TH), at Eldorado 8-26 Jan (IB-M), and at Las Vegas 20 Jan (ph. WJ-W). (R. Friedrichs); others w. to the R.G.V. and vicin - ity included 2 at Santa Fe 1 Dec–26 Feb (ph. C. Cave), one at Corrales 7-12 Dec (DK), up to 2 in Albuquerque's south val - ley 31 Jan–20 Feb (DH, ph. WM), and one along Las Animas Creek near Caballo Lake 29 Jan (R. Ketchum). High counts for American Crow were 6031 at Albuquerque 21 Dec (RV), plus another 5421 in Albuquerque's south valley 27 Dec (JO- W), and 9530 at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT). An unexpected 39 Tree Swallows were at McMil - lan Dam 20 Dec (CR); earliest spring swallows were 6 Trees at Lordsburg 20 Feb (DG) and a Northern Rough-winged at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 22 Feb (JO). Scarce in Luna, a Juniper Tit - mouse was at Deming 27 Dec–28 Feb (MB, LM, CR, WE). Of the two "stub-tailed" wrens, Winter Wren is proving to be by far the most frequent and numerous in the state, and this season was no exception, with some 30 re - ported from 17 locales in 10 counties; note- worthy were up to 8 at the old Lake McMillan Dam 20 Dec (CR) and again 31 Jan (RN), and singles w. to Cliff 27 Dec (RS) and Silver City 14 Dec (ph., v.r. J. Swackhammer). It was a much better than usual Pacific Wren season, with reports of 7 birds at five locales: 2 in the Jemez Mountains in Frijoles Canyon 14-15 Feb (ph., v.r. BF, ph, v.r. MW), up to 2 in the Corrales bosque 21 Dec–18 Jan (DK, WM, DH, WE), and singles in the middle Animas Valley 28 Dec (DH), Oliver Lee S.P. 2 Jan–9 Feb (CR, WE, ph. JO), and R.S. 21 & 28 Jan (SW). Marsh Wrens lingering n. of expected were singles at Maxwell N.W.R. 18 Dec (L. Wilkins) and Santa Fe 20 Dec (WE). Caro - lina Wrens were in evidence in three coun- ties—one at Cerril- los since 8 Nov was still present 13 Dec (AF, ph. JB), 2 were at Bosque N.W.R. 19 Jan (DH), where the species has been resident since 2011, and one sing - ing near Radium Springs 13 Feb (ph. NS) that continued through Feb (ph. PASSERINES Once again, wintering Empidonax flycatchers were in evidence, with at least 14 reported (often with scant details) Dec–Jan, including 12 in the R.G.V. from Bosque N.W.R. s. to Las Cruces and 2 in the middle Animas Valley; 8 were reported as Dusky, 3 as Hammond's, one as Pacific-slope/Cordilleran, and 2 as uniden - tified. Phoebes lingering in the n. included single Blacks and Say's at Las Vegas 20 Dec (C. Ruge) and a Say's at Santa Fe 20-21 Dec (WE). Noteworthy for se. New Mexico was a Vermil - ion Flycatcher at Jal 12 Dec (ph. JO). An Ash- throated Flycatcher was an unseasonable sur - prise at Mesilla Bosque S.P. 14 Feb (ph. CG, ph. P. Rice). A silent kingbird of the Tropical/ Couch's Kingbird group was at the old Lake McMillan lakebed 20 Dec (CR). Additional evidence of Cassin's Kingbird wintering in sw. New Mexico was provided by one described at Silver City 20 Dec (KB). Northern Shrikes were reported across the north; south were 4 in the Moriarty-McIntosh area 21 Feb (NH); one at Bosque N.W.R. seen by many from 1 Dec into Jan (m.ob., ph.) was found dead 8 Jan (JH). A vocal Bell's Vireo continued at La Union through Dec through 5 Jan (ph. DB); a Plumbeous was reported at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT), where now more or less expected in winter. Encouraging numbers of Pinyon Jays were found at several locales, including 250 at El - dorado near Santa Fe 4 Jan (IB-M), 505 on the Bluewater Lake C.B.C. 14 Dec (JT), 220 at Quemado Lake 7 Dec (CR), and 160 in the Black Range at Poverty Creek 7 Jan (DC). Noteworthy was a Blue Jay w. to Costilla 3 Jan This female Eastern Towhee at New Mexico's Bitter Lake National Wildlife Refuge 9 (here 24) January through 6 February 2015 provided a Chaves County first record. Photograph by Nancy E. Hetrick. A few Olive Warblers can be found each winter in southern New Mexico; this one was in the Black Range's Chloride Canyon, Sierra County 10 January 2015. Photograph by David J. Cleary. This female Red-bellied Woodpecker wandered westward to White Rock, Los Alamos County, New Mexico, where present 18 January (here 11 February) into March 2015. Photograph by Mouser Williams.

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