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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 272 N E W M E X I C O 20 Feb (ph. WM, ph. NH, ph. WE, JP), E.B.L. 31 Jan (ph. MH), and Carlsbad 23 Jan (ph. RN). A first-cycle Lesser Black-backed Gull, found at Sunland Park in late Nov continued through 5 Jan (ph. DB). Providing a San Juan first, a first-cycle Glaucous Gull was at Farm - ington 2 Feb+ (ph. TR). After several years of low numbers, Inca Doves seemed to be recovering somewhat, including with 12 at Elephant Butte 23 Dec (ph. DC), 58 at Las Cruces 26 Dec (WT), 17 at Deming 21 Jan (LM), and 6 at Carlsbad 20 Dec (SW). A male Ruddy Ground-Dove at Las Cruces 13 Jan (R. Castetter) furnished the lone report. Noteworthy n. to the Zuni Moun - tains in winter, 16 White-winged Doves were at Bluewater Lake 14 Dec (JT, ph. CC) and 2 were n. to Clayton 28 Dec (CR). Surpris - ingly far n. for the season, a Burrowing Owl was in the Clayton area 28 Dec (CR). Healthy grasslands provided for a good Short-eared Owl season, with singles near Fort Sumner 24 Jan (NH, WE), B.L.N.W.R 31 Dec (FA), Sevilleta N.W.R. 2 Dec (MB), the Las Cru - ces West Mesa 11 Jan (NH, WE, CR), and the Uvas Valley near Nutt 24 Jan (JP), plus 3 each on Otero Mesa 6 Jan (RM) and in the middle Animas Valley 28 Dec (JB). Among the few hummingbirds adequately documented were a female Magnificent at Silver City 23 Dec–1 Jan (KB) and an ad. male Rufous at Sil - ver City 21 Dec (ph. KB). Continuing from Nov, a female Anna's Hummingbird lingered at Radium Springs through 7 Dec (ph. MD), where a male was also present 7 Dec (MD); continuing from Oct, another female Anna's wintered s. of Radium Springs, where last seen 27 Jan (MS, JZ); undetailed was an An - na's at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT). Single Broad- tailed Hummingbirds lingered at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT) and Silver City 21 Dec (ph. KB); an ad. male Broad-tailed was early in Clanton Canyon 15 Feb (DH). Lewis's Woodpeckers spread southward through the lower R.G.V. and desert southwest, including one near Ca - ballo Lake 27 Dec (JD), up to 4 in the Radium Springs area Dec–Feb (MS, JZ, CG, ph. WE), 2 at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT), one at Dem - ing 5 Dec–28 Feb (LM, m.ob.), and up to 2 at Virden 28 Feb (ph, NH, WE, CR). Out-of- range Red-headed Woodpeckers were singles at Tularosa 2 Jan–9 Feb (CR, ph. WE, ph. JO) and Silver City 25 Jan–20 Feb (ph. KB, ph. B. Dolan, LM). Providing a Los Alamos first, a fe - male Red-bellied Woodpecker was at White Rock 18 Jan+ (ph. MW, m.ob., ph.); the spe - cies has occurred in New Mexico in four of the past five years. Attention to sapsuckers found Yellow-bellieds relatively widespread and numerous w. to the R.G.V., with reports from 11 locales in eight counties. Park 1 Jan (J. Paton). Lingering Green Herons were singles at Bosque N.W.R. 20 Dec (SO), Caballo Dam 6 Dec (ph. DC), and Loving 21 Dec (C. Cranston). Continuing from Nov, New Mexico's second confirmed Black Vul - ture was last seen in the Roswell area 4 Dec (ph. SW). Turkey Vultures are now regular in winter in Roswell, where 28 were counted at two roosts 12 Dec (JP) and at least 28 contin - ued 19 Jan (ph. SF). Perhaps reflecting good grassland conditions in the southwest, at least one White-tailed Kite was s. of Hachita in Hidalgo 22 Dec–19 Feb (DG, JP), and singles were n. of Rodeo 26 Dec (WE) and 2 Feb (ph. EH), and near Hermanas 6 Dec (LM). A reminder that Bald Eagles can be found far from lakes and rivers were 2 in the Black Range at Poverty Creek 7 Jan (DC), and one on the Plains of San Agustin at the Very Large Array, w. Socorro 7 Jan (JWS); noteworthy for R.S. was one there 1 Feb (RN). Remarkably early, a Common Black Hawk was at the Glen - wood fish hatchery 16 Feb (DH). Continuing their s.-cen. New Mexico presence, 4 Harris's Hawks were at Las Cruces 20 Dec (WT) and 2 near Oliver Lee S.P. 2 Jan (WE). New Mexico's first confirmed Common Crane, discovered in the Roswell area in late Nov, continued there until 29 Jan (m.ob., Unexpected in midwinter, a Long- billed Curlew was in a snow- covered field near Tularosa 3 Jan (CR, WE). Single Mew Gulls were at Albuquerque's Alameda bridge from 10 Feb+ (m.ob., ph. NH, ph. JO, ph. WE) and at E.B.L. 26-31 Jan (ph. B. Morris, MH); although rare, the species has been an - nual in the state since 2002. Some 66 California Gulls were at Farmington 20 Dec (AN), where the species has become a conspicuous win - terer in recent years. Thayer's Gulls were again in evidence, with single first-cycle birds at the Alameda bridge 18 Dec– tering Barrow's Goldeneyes have become an annual attraction along the upper Rio Grande in Taos, Rio Arriba, and Santa Fe; this season produced 2 or more in the Orilla Verde area n. of Pilar 17 Dec–4 Jan (m.ob.), one s. of Pilar 2 Feb (JP, ph. JO), up to 8 in the Ohkay Owing - eh area 4 Jan–18 Feb (m.ob.,, and 2 or more in the vicinity of Buckman 8-14 Feb (RC, BF). A Red-throated Loon was at Lake Avalon 18 Jan (ph. SF); the species is irregular in the state, with only about 35 records total. A Pacific Loon wintered at Mescalero Lake 3 Jan–8 Feb (ph. AP, ph. K. Suter). Continuing from Nov, the popular Common Loon at Al - buquerque's Tingley ponds lingered through 3 Jan (ph. NH, ph. DK, ph. WE). Horned Grebes where seldom reported included singles at Acomita Lake 7 Dec (CR, WE) and Abiquiu Lake 13 Dec (WE). A Brown Pelican found in poor condition at Bernardo W.M.A. 13 Jan soon died (K. Madden); another was in the E.B.L./Caballo Lake area 10-16 Feb (CB, ph. SF). One to 2 American Bitterns were at B.L.N.W.R. Dec–Feb (FA, m.ob., ph.), where recently dependable in winter, and one was at Brantley Dam 12 Dec (JP). Mid-winter Snowy Egrets were up to 6 at B.L.N.W.R. 7-9 Jan (FA, m.ob.) and singles at Williamsburg 9 Jan (ph. DC) and Six Mile Dam 18 Jan (SW). Notewor - thy for winter, a Cattle Egret was at Sunland With fewer than thirty records in New Mexico, Glaucous Gull is a rare find in the state. This first-cycle bird was at Farmington, San Juan County from 2 (here 5) February into March 2015. Photograph by Timothy Reeves. Red-throated Loon is rare in New Mexico. This bird (right) was at Lake Avalon, Eddy County 18 January 2015. The identity of the loon on the left is still under discussion. Photograph by Stephen M. Fettig. Barrow's Goldeneye has recently been reported annually on the upper Rio Grande in northern New Mexico. This male was one of up to eight found near Ohkay Owingeh Pueblo, Rio Arriba County 4 January through 18 (here 1) February 2015. Photograph by Nancy E. Hetrick.

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