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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 263 T E X A S ter (MaC), Cameron Carver, Therese Catanach (TCa), Jack Chiles (JCh), Patrick Clark, Lorna Clevenger (LCl), Sheridan Coffey, Fred Collins, Tom Collins (TCo), Greg Cook, Mel Cooksey (MeC), Michael Cooper (MCo), Mike Creese (MCr), Jim Crites (JCr), D. D. Currie (DDC), John Dalmas, Thelma Dalmas, Louis Debetaz, Peter Deichmann, Drew Dickert, Carolyn Dill, Mike Dillon (MDi), Michael Dreibelbis (MDr), Randy Duncan, Betty Sue Dunn (BSD), Marc Eastman, Maryann Eastman (MEa), Gil Eck - rich, Bonnie Edmund, Mark Edmund (MEd), Shelli Ellerbe, Dodge Engleman, Ed Fair (EdF), Eric Faria (ErF), Tim Fennell (TFe), Christian Fernandez (CFe), Andy Filtness, Ellen Filt - ness (ElF), Tad Finnell (TFi), Joe Fischer, Mark Foreman, Laurie Foss, Brush Freeman (BrF), Bert Frenz (East Texas: 221 Rainbow Dr., #12190, Livingston, TX 77399-2021. email:, Bob Friedrichs (BoF), Caleb Frome (CFr), Laura Gast, Stephen Gast (SGa), Hank George, Richard Gibbons, Steve Glover (SGl) (n.-cen. Texas: 5108 Shelly Ray Rd., Keller, TX 76244. email: countylines@sb -, Javier Gonzales (JGo), Dean Greg- ory (DeG), David Grise (DaG), John Groves, Joe Gryzbowski (JGr), Mary Gustafson, Jo Ann Hackos (JAH), Martin Hagne (MHa), Jim Hailey (JiH), David Hanson, Gayle Hardin, Peggy Harding (PHa), John Haynes (JoH), Susan Heath (SHe), Mitch Heindel (MHe), Ruth Heino (RuH), Thomas Hellweg (THe), Rhandy Helton (RhH), Anthony Hewetson (Northwest Texas: 4407 36th St., Lubbock TX 79414. email:, Ter - ry Hibbitts (THi), Ed Hickl (EdH), Michael Hilchey (MHi), Ellen Hildebrandt (ElH), Laura Hitt, Petra Hockey (PHo), Melanie Hoffman (MHo), Sallie Homan (SHo), Jan Horbaczews - ki (JHo), Cathy Hoyt, Joanie Hubinger (JHu), Mark Hubinger (MHu), Huck Hutchens, Russ Ingram, Evan Janson, Will Jaremko-Wright (WJW), Dan Jones, Larry Jordan, George Jury, Pat Jury, Andrew Kasner, Donna Kelly, Rich - ard Kinney (RKi), Marilyn Kircus (MKi), John Kiseda, Phillip Kite, Rich Kostecke (RKo), Mark Kulstad (MKu), Brian Kulvete, Harvey Laas, Mark Land (MLa), Tom Langschied, Greg Lasley, Rob Lee (RoL), Manuel De Leon (MDL), Randy Lewis (RaL), Duke Liebler, Brad Lirette, Mark Lockwood (ML) (Trans-Pecos: 402 E. Harriet Avenue, Alpine, Texas 79830 (, Lorrie Livingston Lowrie (LLL), Ann Mallard (AnM), Alberto Manterola (AlM), Michael Marsden, Steve Mayes, Trey McCuen (TrM), Nate Mc - Gowan, Todd McGrath (ToM), Thomas Miller (TMi), Darlene Moore (DMo), Derek Mus - chalek (DMu), Dana Neufeld, Bruce Neville, Bret Newton (BNe), Barry Noret (BNo), Leo OGorman, Kyle OHaver (KyO), Karen OHearn al.). Orchard Orioles are casual in winter in the state, and this season one spent the entire sea - son at Estero Llano Grande S.P., Hidalgo (ph. m.ob.), and another was present at Baytown, Harris 14 Dec–7 Feb (NR, ph. BB). Bullock's Orioles were excellent finds at Hornsby Bend, Travis 20 Dec–18 Jan (EC, CW, ph. m.ob.) and the Medina River Natural Area, Bexar 4-17 Jan (ZT). Baltimore Orioles were nice finds at Cor - pus Christi, Nueces 9 Dec–19 Jan (ph. WSe, MeC) and Columbia Lakes, Brazoria 3 Jan (JF, SHe). Wintering Scott's Orioles in cen. Texas included singles near Center Point, Kerr 11 Jan (TCo), Canyon Lake, Comal 19-25 Jan (ph. EdH), and near Boerne, Kendall 21 Jan (BSD). Wolf reported that this winter brought the best flight of Purple Finches to the cen. Piney - woods in over a decade from mid-Dec through Feb (m.ob.). This was highlighted by 51 found on the Nacogdoches C.B.C., Nacogdoches 14 Dec. There was a small push farther w. to the e. edge of cen. Texas. Farther afield, singles were near Poth, Wilson 24 Jan (WSe) and Lubbock, Lubbock 28 Feb (GJ, PJ). Cassin's Finches con - tinued the fairly strong showing in the Guada- lupe Mountains from the fall, present at least into early February. Well-above-average num - bers were present in the Davis Mountains, Jeff Davis, 20+ present from 10 Jan+ at one location (ME, MEa). More unexpected were 2 at Boot Spring, Brewster 22 Jan–2 Feb (MBu, LH). In nw. Texas, 2 from the fall remained at Lubbock, Lubbock through 1 Dec (BlC) and up to 2 were reported from Palo Duro Canyon S.P., Randall 28 Dec–10 Jan (BP). Pine Siskins made a good showing in the e. portion of the state, with a high count of up to 100 at Tyler S.P., Smith 4 Dec–6 Feb (BSa). A Lesser Goldfinch was a re - turning winter visitor to a feeder in Lake Jack- son, Brazoria 23 Jan (SHe et al.). Three Evening Grosbeaks visited a feeder in Amarillo, Potter 16 Feb (ph. JoP). Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Ed Allday, Charley Amos (CAm), Dorian An - derson, Kenny Anderson, Caitlin Andrews (CaA), Connie Andrus (CoA), Marlin Andrus, Ron Baltzegar (RBa), Peter Barnes, Mark Bar - tosik (MBa), Doug Begole (DBe), Mikael Beh- rens (MBe), Rick Bello (RBe), John Berrera (JoB), Brian Berry, Laura Biddle (LBi), Jason Bonilla (JaB), Justin Bosler (JuB), Ryan Boston (RBo), David Brotherton (DBr), Luanne Broth - erton (LBr), Charlie Brower, Kelly Bryan, Scott Buckel, Laura Bunton (LBu), David Burkhardt (DBu), Mark Burns (MBu), Jimma Byrd (JiB), Bryan Calk (BrC), Mike Cameron (MCa), Kris Cannon, Blaine Carnes (BlC), Eric Carpen - ter (Central Texas: 4710 Canyonwood Dr., Austin, Texas 78735. email: ecarpe@gmail. com), Larry Carpenter (LCa), Maggie Carpen - of the Trans-Pecos in good numbers, with high counts of 16 near Marathon, Brewster 27 Dec (MeC) and 12 at Presidio, Presidio 25 Feb (MR, SC). Three Lark Sparrows spent the entire win - ter in a Central Heights yard, Nacogdoches (DW, MHW). A Black-throated Sparrow at Lake Mer - edith, Hutchinson 8 Jan (CC, CFr) was an excel- lent find for the Panhandle. Single Le Conte's Sparrows wandered to two locations in Lub - bock, Lubbock with one on 19 Dec (PK) and the other there 20 Dec (AH). A Harris's Sparrow just w. of the normal winter range was at South Llano River S.P., Kimble 17-18 Dec (ph. RhH). A real prize for the season was a male Hepatic Tanager below the dam at Canyon Lake, Comal 19-24 Jan (ph. DBe, RSw). Western Tanagers found away from the coastal prairies included singles at Austin, Travis 10 Dec (CS) and near Kenney, Austin 6 Jan (DV). Northern Cardinals are surprisingly rare in El Paso; one was at Rio Bosque Wetlands Park, El Paso 28 Jan+ and was joined by a second 8 Feb+ (JSp). Out-of-place Black-headed Grosbeaks included one near Liberty, Liberty 19 Dec–16 Feb (ph. SE) and another at Brazos Bend S.P., Fort Bend 8 Feb+ (SB et al.). A female Blue Bunting was at Santa Ana N.W.R., Hidalgo 4 Jan (ph. DJ); a male was reported from Laguna Atascosa N.W.R., Cam - eron 24 Jan–15 Feb (DK, TrM, ph. HS). Mid- winter Blue Grosbeaks included one at Lamar, Aransas 6 Jan (ph. LLL) and 2 at Bentsen S.P., Hidalgo 14 Feb (DH). A Painted Bunting was at Galveston, Galveston 28 Jan–4 Feb (PD et al.). Dickcissels are encountered along the coastal prairies surprisingly frequently; singles were encountered at Jones Creek, Brazoria 21 Dec (FC, HL, BO et al.), Galveston, Galveston 7 Jan (ph. CaA et al.), and near Nome, Jefferson 13- 21 Feb (JoH et al.). Yellow-headed Blackbirds are enigmatic in winter in Texas. Singles were near Anahuac N.W.R, Chambers 18 Dec–31 Jan (ph. DSa), Brazos Bend S.P., Fort Bend 30 Dec (DD), and John Bunker Sands Wetlands, Kaufman 3 Jan (BlC). Up to 3 were present near Manor, Travis 17-18 Jan (ph. EC). A high count of 251 Rusty Blackbirds was tabulated on the Nacogdoches C.B.C., Nacogdoches 14 Dec (fide RuH). A Rusty Blackbird at Utopia, Uvalde 3 Dec+ (ph. MHe) provided a very rare record for the w. Hill Coun - try. On the South Plains, this species was once again reported in small numbers during the season and 4 at Lake Rita Blanca, Hartley 6 Dec (RSt) was of particular interest. An impressive count of 2000 Brewer's Blackbirds was made at McKinney Roughs Park, Bastrop 21 Dec (LR). An unexpectedly large count of 26 Common Grackles was made near Balmorhea, Reeves 14 Dec (ph. KB). An absolutely exceptional find was a Black-vented Oriole at West Columbia, Brazoria 1 Dec–3 Mar (Leo O'Gorman, CB et

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