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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 261 T E X A S at Fort Stockton, Pecos 16 Jan (WSe), and at Rio Grande Village, Brewster 25 Jan (ph. ML). Hut - ton's Vireos were noted at six different Travis locations during the season (m.ob.), including a first for Hornsby Bend 8 Jan (KA). A Warbling Vireo present at Anzalduas, Hidalgo 11-26 Feb (MHi et al.) was certainly an oddity for the time of year. A Blue Jay from the fall overwintered at El Paso, El Paso (ph. JiP, m.ob.) and another was near Fort Davis, Jeff Davis 4-5 Dec (ph. RI). A Chihuahuan Raven was reported near Mathis, San Patricio 17 Jan (CRo). Rare in winter, 2 Tree Swallows were at McNary Reservoir, Hudspeth 21 Dec (BZi). A Tree Swallow as late as 25 Dec (fide DDC) was a surprising find at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone. Early returning Tree Swallows were reported from Lake Sam Ray - burn, San Augustine 22 Feb (DW) and at Tem- ple, Bell 24 Feb (RPi). Two Bank Swallows at Del Rio, Val Verde 28 Dec (MR, SC) provided a rare winter record at the location of a large nesting colony. Cave Swallows wintered in e. Texas at Alazan Bayou W.M.A., Nacogdoches 11-14 Dec (DW et al.), at Kurth Lake, Angelina 24 Dec–16 Feb (LD), and at Richland Creek W.M.A., Freestone 28 Dec–2 Jan (ph. WJW). A late Barn Swallow was reported from the Harris Reservoir, Brazoria 3 Jan (TT). PARIDS THROUGH WARBLERS A Carolina Chickadee was just s. of the ex- pected range near Dickens, Dickens 4 Jan (AH, ElH). Four White-breasted Nuthatches in Jan–Feb at three locations in El Paso, El Paso made an excellent total (JiP, JG). Quite a sur - prise was a Brown Creeper near Fort Hancock, Hudspeth 21 Dec–17 Jan (ph. JiP), providing a third county record. An apparent Pacific Wren was documented, including an audio record - ing, at El Paso, El Paso 6-7 Dec (ph. BZi, ph. nant population likely persists. A Yellow-bellied Sapsucker was at El Paso, El Paso 4-31 Jan (ph. JiP), where the species is rare. Two Red-naped Sapsuckers were unex - pected at San Jacinto Battleground, Harris 18 Jan–21 Feb (MKu, DD, m.ob.), and singles were also noted at Helton Nature Park, Wilson 1 Jan (ph. MR, SC) and McKinney Falls S.P., Travis 24 Jan (ph. NM). Very unexpected was a Downy Wood - pecker at Fort Stockton, Pecos 16 Jan (WSe). A Hairy Woodpecker along near Kress, Swisher 15-18 Feb (CoA, MA) was far w. of the species' usual haunts. An Aploma - do Falcon was an excellent find at Brazoria N.W.R., Brazoria 27 Jan– 12 Feb (ph. STa et al.). A Peregrine Falcon was near Balmorhea, Reeves 14 Dec (ph. KB), and 2 were present the entire season in downtown Austin, Travis (ph. m.ob.). A Prairie Falcon was seen near Palacios, Matagorda 15 Dec (BoF), while another near Hearne, Robert - son 26 Feb (†AlM) made a first county record. FLYCATCHERS THROUGH SWALLOWS A Greater Pewee returned to the U.T.C. for the third consecutive fall/winter at Bear Creek Park, Harris (DMu, RT et al.). A Say's Phoebe put in an appearance on w. Galveston Island, Galveston 22-26 Dec (CD et al.); another was near Port Arthur, Jefferson 24 Jan–1 Feb (ph. JoH et al.). A Vermilion Flycatcher at Cameron, Milam 11 Feb (JiB) made only the second coun - ty record. Dusky-capped Flycatchers were re- ported from the Sabal Palm Sanctuary, Cameron 29 Dec+ (ph. MSu), Resaca de la Palma S.P., Cameron 30 Jan–7 Feb (ph. SW), and Santa Ana N.W.R., Hidalgo 8 Feb (SS). Two twitter - ing Tropical Kingbirds were in Corpus Christi, Nueces 14 Dec (DaG). Two Western Kingbirds were at Laguna Atascosa N.W.R., Cameron 4 Jan (GV). A Scissor-tailed Flycatcher near Leander, Williamson 4 Jan (BSt) was rather far n. for mid- winter. A Fork-tailed Flycatcher was an excel - lent find near Port Arthur, Galveston 22 Dec (†CD et al.), as was a White-eyed Vireo at Davis Mountains S.P., Jeff Davis 20 Dec (†TP). Unsea - sonable was a Bell's Vireo carefully studied at Bandera City Park, Bandera 8 Feb (MHa, RRe). Three Gray Vireos found e. of their known win - tering range were at Del Rio, Val Verde 4 Jan (WSe, MR, SC). A Plumbeous Vireo was in w. El Paso, El Paso 1 Jan (ph. JiP), while a Cas - sin's Vireo from fall lingered there through 3 Dec (BZi). Blue-headed Vireos continue to be encountered in the Trans-Pecos in previously unexpected numbers. This season, singles were near Fort Hancock, Hudspeth 21 Dec (ph. JiP), Jan (AK, NP, ph.). Single first-winter Glaucous Gulls at Lake Lavon, Collin 30 Dec (GC, BlC et al.), Lake Ray Hubbard, Rockwall 13 Jan (ph. CRu), and Lake Tawakoni, Van Zandt 15 Jan (RRa, RKi) could pertain to a single wandering individual. At least 2 Great Black-backed Gulls spent much of the winter around Trinity Bay, Harris/Chambers 14 Dec–26 Feb (CTL et al.). A late Black Tern was seen in Matagorda 15-17 Dec (BoF, DA). A Common Tern in Nueces Bay, Nueces 24 Jan (ph. DBu) was noteworthy. Two Band-tailed Pigeons were in w. El Paso, El Paso 3-23 Jan (ph. JiP, m.ob.), while up to 8 were in another part of town 31 Jan–1 Feb (ph. JG, MHo, JiP, JK). Common Ground- Doves were unexpected near Gibbons Creek Reservoir, Grimes 30 Dec (fide DV) and at Washington-on-the-Brazos, Washington 14 Feb (BN et al.). Eight Short-eared Owls repre - sented a long overdue first for Robertson 3-14 Feb (AlM, m.ob.). A Chuck-will's-widow in Rosehill Cemetery, Nueces 13 Dec (MeC, ph. WSe, SS) may be the latest ever in the state. Two Eastern Whip-poor-wills were located near Freeport, Brazoria 21 Dec (RWe), while another was at High Island, Galveston 10 Jan (BL, RWe). El Paso's first confirmed Blue-throated Hum - mingbird, present since late Oct, remained through the period at w. El Paso (JoB, m.ob.). A Blue-throated Hummingbird made a brief visit to Pharr, Hidalgo 22-23 Dec (AWi). More expected in recent years, at least 5 Allen's Hum - mingbirds were present 1 Dec–4 Feb in Jeff Davis and Brewster (KB, CO, ML). An obliging Allen's Hummingbird was in w. Austin, Travis 6 Dec+ (ph. AF, ElF, m.ob.). Two Calliope Hum - mingbirds spent the season at New Braunfels, Comal (LCl, TV), while another returned to Austin, Travis for the winter (BR). A male Broad-billed Hummingbird, present since fall, stayed through the period at El Paso, El Paso (ph. JK). Another Broad-billed made a surpris - ing visit to nw. San Antonio, Bexar 25-27 Jan (ph. SC, MR). The Lewis's Woodpecker first found 29 Nov at El Paso, El Paso (BZi) remained through the period (m.ob.), and a second bird was found in another part of town 5-6 Feb (SHo). Another Lewis's was present near Shallowater, Lubbock 1 Dec–28 Feb (CC, m.ob., ph.). The Lewis's Woodpecker at San Angelo S.P., Tom Green con - tinued from the fall through the period (m.ob.), and occasionally 2 birds were seen together at that location. Eighteen Red-headed Woodpeck - ers on the Lake O' the Pines C.B.C., Marion 27 Dec made a 10-year high there. Wandering Red-headeds were at Mason Mountain W.M.A., Mason 23-26 Jan (DSw, TCa) and near Lake Brownwood, Brown 25 Jan (BlC). An Acorn Woodpecker was detected near Rocksprings, Edwards 25 Jan (BrF), where a rarely seen rem - This Herring Gull studied carefully at the Brownsville Landfill, Cameron County, Texas 7-27 (here 21) February 2015 appears very similar to the vegae subspe- cies of northeastern Asia, known as Vega Gull. This taxon has been previously documented in Texas on four occasions. Photograph by Willie Sekula.

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