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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 256 Miller, Gary Olson, Ricky Olson, Jeff Palmer, Barry Parkin, Kelly Preheim, Douglas Prisbe, Dan N. Svingen, Mick Zerr. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Dan Svingen, 1208 East Church Street, Pierre, South Dakota 57501 ( E. Martin, Edward L. Meendering, Mark A. Otnes, Frances Raskin, E. Scott Ray, Dean W. Reimer, Marsha A. Sovada, H. Clark Talking - ton. SOUTH DAKOTA: Doug Backlund, Joc- elyn Baker, Joe Coppock, Roger Dietrich, Ron- ald Mabie, Michael Melius, Ernie Miller, Kenny NORTH DAKOTA: Bob J. Anderson, Sandy J. Aubol, Diana Dugall, Corey D. Ellingson, John D. W. Fielding, Rod Fossen, Deb E. Han - son, Kevin Hice, Justin W. Hoff, Larry D. Igl, Kevin Kloosterman, Jesse L. Kolar, Donald L. Kubischta, Deb B. Lancaster, Leo Lantz, Ron N O R T H E R N G R E AT P L A I N S Southern Great Plains Joseph A. Grzybowski W. Ross Silcock –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– W hile the drought cycle of 2011-2012 in particular seems to have set back some marsh birds and shorebirds in the Region, the overall, if weakened, pattern of species wintering farther north continues, from American White Pelicans and cormorants to an array of sparrows and other passerines. Less ev - ident are those missing from their former more southerly distribution, for instance, several gull species, Common Merganser, and American Tree Sparrow in Oklahoma. The array of sco - ters, Long-tailed Ducks, and several other div- ing ducks was also below average this season. An exceptional discovery in western Nebraska was a pair of Northern Saw-whet Owls laying eggs at the beginning of February! Abbreviations: Cheyenne Bottoms (Cheyenne Bottoms W.M.A., Stafford, KS); Hefner (Lake Hefner, Oklahoma, OK); McConaughy (Lake McConaughy, Keith, NE); Quivira (Quivira N.W.R., Barton, KS); Red Slough (Red Slough W.M.A., McCurtain, OK); Salt Plains (Salt Plains N.W.R., Alfalfa, OK); Tenkiller (Lake Tenkiller, Cherokee/Sequoyah, OK). WATERFOWL THROUGH RAPTORS Up to 5 Greater White-fronted Geese wintered at Omaha, NE (JR, LE); apparent spring arrivals 8 Dec (BC), with 3 at Tenkiller 27 Jan (JWA). Rounding out the Oklahoma loons were the 2 Yellow-billeds at Tenkiller 27 Jan (JWA). Tardy in the n. part of the Region at McConaughy was a Common Loon 27 Dec (SJD), a Red-necked Grebe 20-21 Dec (MW), an Eared Grebe 6 Dec (MW), 30 Western Grebes 20 Dec (MW), and a Clark's Grebe 27 Dec (SJD). Single Western Grebes were in Tulsa, OK 1-10 Dec (LM, BC) and Cleveland, OK 8 Dec (JT). A surprising 24 American White Pelicans and up to 26 Double- crested Cormorants wintered in Lincoln, NE (SMa, m.ob.); very unexpected among them was an ad. Brown Pelican 26 Dec–26 Feb (SJD, m.ob.). The Brown was identified as of being of Atlantic origin (TJW, MW). A Black-crowned Night-Heron lingered late in Cimarron, OK 6 (DD) & 28 Dec (EY, MT). Northerly and tardy were a Great Egret in Harvey, KS 13 Dec (EM), a Snowy Egret in Sedgwick, KS until 17 Dec (MH), and a White-faced Ibis at Quivira 6 Dec (AW). Among species expanding their winter rang- es northward is Turkey Vulture, with one in Johnson, KS 28 Jan (NC) and 65 in Tulsa, OK 6 Feb (BC). A count of 316 Bald Eagles came from Harlan, NE 30 Jan (PD). Ospreys occurred along the s. Regional boundary in Marshall, OK 13 Dec (JW) and Bryan, OK 2 & 19 Feb (DW et al.). There were a typical three reports of Northern Goshawk from Nebraska (fide WRS), with one Kansas report from Geary 7 Jan (JKe). An interesting concentration of Western Red- tailed Hawks was noted in Washington and Burt, NE 6 Dec; most of the 48 Red-taileds seen that day were ad. calurus (JTo). Golden Eagles, rare in the e. part of the Region during winter, were there were 12 on 26 Feb (JR). The 1000 Ross's Geese in Sarpy, NE 14 Feb (TF) made a good tally of early migrants. A Brant, a Regional rar - ity, was at Cheyenne Bottoms 12 Feb (CW). The first big group of Cackling Geese in Nebraska was the 2500 in Dawson 13 Feb (JHa). An un - usual Ross's Goose x Cackling Goose hybrid was noted in Cleveland, OK 22 Feb (JAG). Num - bers of Trumpeter Swans wintering in the n. part of the Region are increasing; up to 55, mostly ads., wintered at Omaha, NE (JR); 54 were in Neosho, KS 9 Jan (ABu); 56 were in Doniphan, KS 16 Jan (DC); and at least 15 were as far s. as ne. Oklahoma (Tulsa and Washington) through the period (fide JAG). Tundra Swan is greatly out - numbered these days by Trumpeters; patient ob- servers found 6 Tundras at Omaha, NE (JR, AR, m.ob.), up to 7 at McConaughy 26 Dec–1 Feb (SJD, MW, NAr), 7 in Osage, OK 30 Dec (TO) and 11 there 16 Jan (JWA), 2 in Washington, OK 31 Dec (MD), and one in Tulsa 8 Jan (among Trumpeters; JWA, KB). Also in Tulsa, OK were up to 12 unidentified swans 9-12 Jan (JCx, PR). Six reports of American Black Duck included 2 in Lincoln, NE 15 Nov–21 Dec (NAr, TJW) and one at Cheyenne Bottoms 20 Feb (MR). Tardy for the n. part of the Region were 2 Blue-winged Teal in Dodge, NE 6 Dec (KSh) and a Greater Scaup at McConaughy 15 Jan (SM). A meager seven scoter reports this season included single Surfs in Creek, OK 31 Jan (JW) and Mitchell, KS 22 Dec (HA, MR), 3 White-wingeds in Rus - sell, KS (DK, MR) and singles at McConaughy 6 Dec (MW) and in Pottawatomie, KS 12 Dec (AS), and single Black Scoters in Pratt, KS 12 Dec (MR) and Marion, KS 24 Dec (TE). The few Long-tailed Ducks were one in Russell, KS 5 Dec (DK), 4 at Sooner Lake 9 Dec (JWA, KW), 2 in Marion, KS 24 Dec (TE), one in Wyandotte, KS 8 Jan (GP), 2 at Hefner 18-26 Jan (TK, m.ob.), and one in Sequoyah, OK 1 Jan (SB). Barrow's Goldeneye was reported s. to Pawnee, OK 9 Dec (JWA, KW), with singles in Tulsa 8 Dec–1 Jan (BC) and in Lincoln, NE 10 Jan (JGJ). Rare loons were restricted to Oklahoma. Single Red-throated Loons were at Hefner 8-9 Dec (JAG) and at Sooner Lake 20 Dec (JWi, SD), with 3 at Tenkiller, Cherokee 27 Jan (JWA). Pacific Loon reports included singles at Hef - ner 8-15 Dec (JAG, CC, HS, JW) and in Tulsa An unusual find was an apparent Ross's Goose x Cackling Goose hybrid among Cackling Geese 22 February 2015 near Moore, Cleveland County, Oklahoma. Photograph by Joe Grzybowski.

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