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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 252 N O R T H E R N C A N A D A & G R E E N L A N D Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch was at Hay Riv- er, NWT 14 Dec (ph. KL) and remained for the 2 Jan count (fide GV). The Yukon's first Cassin's Finch was seen briefly at a Cowley Creek feeder 15 Feb (ph. BB). Pine Siskin is normally casual in s. Yukon in winter; re- ports this season included 11 along Windy Arm 13 Dec (ph. CE); 8 at Carcross 21 Dec (DK) and 120 there on 17 Jan (CE); and 1-2 in Whitehorse through late Feb (TA). A rec- ord-setting 367 Hoary Redpolls along with 15 Commons were recorded on the Nahanni Butte, NWT C.B.C. 3 Jan (DB, DT); likewise, Yellowknife, NWT produced impressive counts of 134 Hoaries, 181 Commons, and 286 unidentified redpolls 3 Jan (fide RB). Evening Grosbeaks have become scarce in the Region in winter; 2 were at Fort Simp- son, NWT 21 Dec (fide DT) and 25 at Fort Smith, NWT 2 Jan (SI), with 13 there 14 Feb (LN). Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Wayne Addis, Tracy Allard, Julie-Ann Bauer, Mike Beauregard, Stephanie Behrens, Bruce Bennett, David Britton, Robert Bromley, Greg Brunner, Linda Cameron, Boris Dobrowol- sky, Cameron Eckert (Yukon), Martin Ge- bauer, Linda Gerrand, Jim Hawkings, Reid Hildebrandt, Jurg Hoefer, Cynthia Hunt, Sharon Irwin, Sebastian Jones, Dan Kemble, Clare Kines (Nunavut), Myles Lamont, Kate Latour, Mary Ann Lewis, Rob Lewis, Meghan Marjanovic, Colin McCann, Geoff New- house, Larry Nixon, Clive Osborne, Rhian - non Pankratz, Adam Perrier, Maggie Putu - lik, Ben Schonewille, Hendrien Schonewille, Pam Sinclair, Adam Skrutkowski, Dorothy Sorensen, Vicki St Germaine, Douglas Tate (Northwest Territories), Shyloh van Delft, Gary Vizniowski, Brian Zawadski. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Cameron D. Eckert, 1402 Elm Street, Whitehorse, Yukon, Y1A 4B6, ( 14 Dec (ML). Tagish, s. Yukon continues as Northern Canada's Mountain Chickadee hotspot, with a count of 21 on the 21 Dec C.B.C. (fide SVD). A long walk along the Wolf Creek trails, s. Yukon 20 Dec recorded an impressive 17 Boreal Chickadees (JH). Notable flocks of Bohemian Waxwings in- cluded 500 at Whitehorse, s. Yukon 23 Dec (CE) and 100 at Hay River, NWT 27 Dec (DB). Two Snow Buntings were seen at Arvi- at, Nunavut 20 Dec (fide MB), and 4 were at Fort Smith, NWT 21-29 Dec (DB, DT). Rare winter sparrows included an Amer- ican Tree Sparrow at Teslin through mid-Dec (HS); a Fox Sparrow at Whitehorse through 1 Jan (DS; ph. CE; RL, MAL); a Lincoln's Sparrow at Tagish, s. Yukon 21 Dec (ph. CE, AP, PS, SVD); a White-throated Sparrow at Lindberg's Landing, NWT 3 Jan (DB, DT); a Harris's Sparrow at Fort Smith, NWT up to count week but not seen on count day (2 Jan, fide SI); a White-crowned Sparrow at Whitehorse on 26 Dec (ph. RL, MAL) and through the season (TA); a Golden-crowned Sparrow through the season at the Takhini River, s. Yukon (LG, JH); and a single Dark- eyed Junco at Dawson, cen. Yukon 21 Dec (fide SJ). An incredible total of 54 Dark-eyed Juncos as well as a White- crowned Sparrow were re- corded on the Haines Junc- tion C.B.C. 20 Dec (fide JB). Three Rusty Blackbirds, cas- ual in winter, were tallied on the Whitehorse C.B.C. 26 Dec (ph. CE), with one at a feeder through the season (LC). A small flock of Gray- crowned Rosy-Finches along Schwatka Lake in White- horse 18 Dec (ph. RL, MAL) grew to about 60 by 16 Jan (ph. CE; ph RL, MAL); a (fide MB) and at Chapman Lake, cen. Yukon 13 Jan (CM). Christmas counters in Haines Junction turned up a Northern Hawk Owl and a Great Gray Owl 20 Dec (fide JB). An- other Great Gray was seen at Kluane Lake, sw. Yukon 27 Dec (JB); and one was along the Tagish Rd., s. Yukon 22 Feb (TA). A Pileated Woodpecker, rare in winter in sw. Northwest Territories, was at Fort Simpson 21 Dec (DT). A Gyrfalcon, rare in winter, was near Chapman Lake, cen. Yukon 27 Dec (GB, CH). PASSERINES A Steller's Jay of the interior subspecies an- nectens first seen in Watson Lake, se. Yukon in late Oct continued at least through 26 Dec (WA). Two American Crows, casual in winter in the Yukon, were seen at Watson Lake through 19 Jan, with one remaining through 30 Jan (ph. SD). The winter Common Raven population in Whitehorse, s. Yukon is on a steady rise, with a tally of 2209 on the 26 Dec C.B.C. (fide JH). Raven counts elsewhere included 1746 at Yellowknife, NWT 3 Jan (fide RB), 219 at Arctic Bay, Nunavut 4 Jan (CK, TK), 111 at Rankin Inlet, Nunavut 17 Dec (MP, BZ), 105 at Baker Lake, Nunavut 23 Jan (MG), and 22 at Kugluktuk, Nunavut This Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch (of the interior subspecies tephro- cotis), found at Hay River, Northwest Territories 14 December 2014 (here), remained through 2 January 2015, establishing a rare winter record. Photograph by Kate Latour. This Cassin's Finch seen briefly at a Cowley Creek feeder 15 February 2015 established the Yukon's first documented record. Despite the photograph's limitations, it does show the bill shape, underside patterns, and very slight golden tones to the face which favors Cassin's over Purple Finch. Photograph by Bruce Bennett. There are very few winter records for Fox Sparrow in the Yukon. This one at a Whitehorse feeder through 1 January 2015 (here 30 December 2014) established the territory's first Christmas Bird Count record of the species. Photograph by Cameron Eckert.

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