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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 250 A R K A N S A S & LO U I S I A N A Dec (JN). A Northern Rough-winged Swallow at Village Creek S.P., Cross, AR 23 Dec (AS, DH) made the first Dec sighting in 17 years. Always a good midwinter Arkansas find, a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was counted on the Holla Bend C.B.C., Pope 4 Jan (LA). Louisiana's tenth Mountain Bluebird was discovered 14 Dec near Franklinton, Washington (JR) and reported present until 25 Jan. Rare but annual on Maga - zine Mountain, Logan, AR, 2 Townsend's Soli- taires were seen at Cameron Bluff 7 Dec (DSi, ML, RT, DT). There were 4 single Gray Catbirds in Arkansas: along the Buffalo National River, Newton 28 Jan (JN), at Fayetteville, Washington 22 Feb (JN), on the Fayetteville C.B.C. 14 Dec (LA), and near Friendship, Hot Springs 20 Dec (LA, TM). A Chestnut-collared Longspur was reported 18 Jan near Thornwell, Jefferson Da - vis, LA (OJ), and 5 Smith's Longspurs were tal- lied at Shreveport Regional Airport, Caddo, LA, where the species is regularly found (D'OM). Rare in winter in Arkansas, Palm Warblers made an above-average showing with six re - ports, all singles, at Fayetteville, Washington 14 Dec (LA), Delaware Recreation Area, Yell 15 Jan (K&LN), Millwood S.P., Little River 26 Jan (BM, PM), Cabin Creek Recreation Area, John - son 1 Jan (LA), Felsenthal N.W.R., Union 2 Jan (LA), and Holla Bend N.W.R., Pope 4 Jan (LA). A Black-throated Gray Warbler reported 4 Jan (JR) in City Park, New Orleans, Orleans stayed through the period. Furnishing just the sec - ond winter occurrence for Arkansas, a Yellow- breasted Chat was spotted near Lake Georgia Pacific, Ashley 2 Jan (DS). Very rare so far s., 2 American Tree Spar - rows were discovered at Felsenthal N.W.R., Union, AR 2 Jan (LA), while another was more expected, but still rare, at Harrison, Boone, AR 20 Dec (AG, TG). A Lark Bunting near Natchitoches, Natchitoches 21 Dec (JT) was Louisiana's twelfth record but first for the n. half of the state. Possibly just the third for Lo - noke, AR, a Harris's Sparrow was found on the Lonoke C.B.C. 14 Dec (DS, SS, JC); farther s., another was at Felsenthal N.W.R., Union, AR 2 Jan (LA). Single Oregon Juncos were reported in Arkansas from Little Rock, Pulaski 16 Feb (DoH), Cabot, Lonoke 18 Feb (K&LN), and Bella Vista, Benton 19 Feb (KO). Very rare in winter, a Summer Tanager, photographed 20 Dec, subsisted on suet at a feeder near Rogers, Benton, AR (JN, JR, AlB, CB). Rare but annual in Louisiana, Bullock's Orioles were reported on 15 Dec at Harahan, Jefferson (LW), and at New Orleans, Orleans on 23 Dec (SP). Three Red Crossbills found on the Mount Magazine C.B.C. 3 Jan (LA) were just the second for Lo - gan, AR. Very rare and just the second for Van Buren, AR, a Common Redpoll was near Scot - land 25 Feb (DMY). the state's first Great Black-backed Gull was photographed below Dar - danelle Lock & Dam, Yell 22-28 Jan (K&LN et al.). Rare but annual in Louisiana, a Burrowing Owl was at Fourchon Beach, Fourchon (EIJ, D'OM). Very rare and difficult to observe, a Northern Saw-whet Owl was captured in a mist net at Ozark Natural Science Center, Madison, AR 7 Dec (MP, JN, KS, CZ). Louisiana's second Ringed King - fisher, first discovered by a photog- rapher 30 Oct 2014 at Lake Martin, St. Martin, was not reported to the birding community until independently discov - ered 13 Feb (RCD). Seldom seen, a Northern (Red-shafted) Flicker was a nice find on the Fayetteville C.B.C., Washington, AR 14 Dec (LA). Uncommon and always exciting to see in Arkansas, Merlins were reported from Harrison, Boone 20 Dec (AG), Wapanocca N.W.R., Crit - tenden 27 Dec (DP, GP, ThB, AB), Jacksonville, Pulaski 29 Dec (MPo, SB), Bald Knob N.W.R., White 8 Jan (WB), and Bayou Meto W.M.A., Ar - kansas 15 Jan (KR). Rare in Arkansas in winter, lone Peregrine Falcons were observed at Felsen - thal N.W.R., Union 2 Jan (LA) and Holla Bend N.W.R., Pope 4 Jan (LA, TM, MAC). A Prairie Falcon was reported near Chesney Prairie Natu - ral Area, Benton, AR 28 Dec (JP, DOu), while county firsts for Arkansas were discovered near Weldon, Jackson 5 Feb (CP) and e. Miller 14 Feb (CM). This species is rare in winter and even more so outside of the nw. counties. PASSERINES Rare but increasing, a Say's Phoebe was spot- ted near Chesney Prairie Natural Area, Benton, AR 28 Dec (JN). Rare so far n. in the state, an Ash-throated Flycatcher was reported in Caddo, LA 15 Dec (LR). Rare overall in Louisiana, a Brown-crested Flycatcher was reported 15 Jan near Fort Jackson, Plaquemines (PAW) where it is annual. A Tropical/Couch's Kingbird was re - ported at C. Bickham Dickson Park, Caddo, LA 3 Jan (JT), while a probable returning Couch's Kingbird was reported 4 Jan near Kaplan, Ver - milion, LA where one wintered the previous winter (EIJ). Very rare in Arkansas in winter, White-eyed Vireos were counted on the Little Rock C.B.C., Pulaski 20 Dec (EL, JDV) and Felsenthal C.B.C., Ashley 2 Jan (DS). Rare but annual in Arkansas in winter, Blue-headed Vir - eos were spotted at three separate locations on the Felsenthal N.W.R. C.B.C. 2 Jan (DS, LA), while farther n., singles were noted at Bell Slough W.M.A., Faulkner 28 Feb (GW) and White Hall, Jefferson 27 Dec (RD). Very rare in n. Arkansas in winter, a Tree Swallow was at Lake Fayetteville, Washington 3 an American Bittern was flushed from a marsh near Brinkley, Monroe 18 Dec (TS, LA). A Cattle Egret at the state fish hatchery in Centerton, Benton, AR 5 Dec (MM, JN) was unusually late. An immature light-morph Rough-legged Hawk, discovered near Bradford, White, AR 6 Dec (CP), was the only reported sighting of this rare winter visitor. Louisiana's first dark-morph Ferruginous Hawk was first observed 10 Dec near Thornwell, Jefferson Davis, as it hunted be - hind a rice-cutting combine (SWC, DLD), but by 1 Jan, what was determined to be the same bird had relocated 32 to the west at C.P.N.W.R., Cameron (JVR, ASh). Solitary Golden Eagles were reported in Arkansas from Ninestone Land Trust, Carroll 14 Jan (JAG, DM) and Wrape Plantation, Jefferson 22 Feb (RT, DT), while one at Upper Ouachita N.W.R., Morehouse, LA was spectacularly photographed 4 Feb with a game camera (GH). Virginia Rail is rare and local in winter in Arkansas; 3 were reported near Pine Bluff, Jefferson 29 Dec (RD, DS), while singles re - sponded to recordings near Brinkley, Monroe 18 Dec (LA, TS), and Cabin Creek Recreation Area, Johnson 1 Jan (LA). Local and very uncommon during the winter months, 2 flyover Sandhill Cranes were identified off I-440, Pulaski 7 Dec (JD), while an excellent count of 42 was made in e. Miller 13 Feb (CM, JB, DK). Spotted Sandpiper is rare in winter in Ar- kansas; nevertheless, singles were reported from Lake Saracen, Jefferson 1 Jan (DeM), Lake DeGray S.P., Hot Spring 9 Feb (DeM), and s. of Pottsville, Pope 24 Jan (CF, BB). Rare inland out - side of migration, a Willet was in Jefferson Davis, LA 14 Dec (DO'M). A Dunlin near Jonesboro, Poinsett 18 Jan (DR) was a good find of this rare Arkansas winter visitor. An ad. California Gull was reported 24 Jan in Venice, Plaquemines, LA (CL, JH, MJM). Very rare in Arkansas, an ad. Glaucous Gull was found at Dardanelle Lock & Dam, Pope 25 Feb (K&LN); this is the first ad. ever recorded in the state. Glaucous Gull reports from Louisiana were from Holly Beach, Cam - eron 21 Dec (BMM) and Elmer's Island, Four- chon 5 Jan (EIJ). Long overdue for Arkansas, A first for Arkansas and long overdue, this Great Black-backed Gull was pres- ent at Dardanelle Lock and Dam, Yell County 22-28 (here 26) January 2015. Photograph by Michael Linz.

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