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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 249 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I Pate, Dianne Patterson, Jim Patterson, Wayne R. Patterson, Jack Paul (JPa), Gaynell Perry, Ashley Peters, Tommy R. Pratt, Elberta G. Reid, Rick Remy, Linda B. Reynolds, Emma Rhodes, J.R. Rigby, Janet Rogers, Scott Rush, Patsy H. Russo, Lewis Scharpf, Marion H. Schiefer, Ter - ence L. Schiefer (Mississippi), Don Self, Judy Self, Frank John Serio, Maureen Shaffer, Nick Siler, Damien J. Simbeck, Sarajane Smith, Shari Smith (SSm), Eric C. Soehren, Ralph Stewart, Bill Summerour, John A. Trent, Ken Ward, Ru - fina Ward, Nan Wang, Randy White (RWh), Steve White, Lynne Wornall. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– C. Dwight Cooley, U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, Wheeler National Wildlife Refuge Complex, 2700 Refuge Headquarters Road, Decatur, Alabama 35603 ( ham, Libby Graves, Scott Gravette, Cathy Gray (CGr), Charles H. Grisham, Andrew Haffen - den, Thomas M. Haggerty, Stan Hamilton, Tay- lor Hannah, Bert Harris, J. Milton Harris, Jef- frey Harris, Amber Hart (AHa), Alison Henry (AHe), Kathy Hicks, Geoff E. Hill, Jason Hoek - sema (JHo), Howard E. Horne, Emery Hoyle, Mike Hudson, Gene Hunter, Debra G. Jackson, Greg D. Jackson (Alabama), Carrie Johnson, Brian Johnston, Mary, Johnston, Lynne Jones, Charles Kennedy, David King, Paul D. Kittle, Gene Knight, Shannon Knight, Mark W. La - Salle, Marybeth Lima, Zachary Loman, Nancy Madden, Ken Marion, Anabel N. Markle, Mary Maxwell, Windle McKenzie, Ann McLaurin, Mike McMillan, (MMc), Anne G. Miller, Gerry Morgan, Sue R. Moske, Brian Naylor, Char - lotte Naylor, Janice Neitzel, Jan Osborne, Sam LRD, CDC, EGR, AGM, MS); an imm. male was at Auburn, AL 18 Jan (LS, ph.), as were a male and 2 female-types 19 Feb (JR, ph.) at a dif - ferent location; an imm. female was near Ox- ford, Lafayette, MS 30 Jan+ (GK, SK, ph.); and a female-type visited a feeder in Montevallo, AL 7 Feb (MM, GDJ, DGJ, ph.). Contributors (subregional editors in bold - face): Bianca J. Allen, Jane C. Allen, Andrew Arnold, Peggy Baker, Eva Barnett, Michelle Bishop, Warren Boutreis, Ned Boyajian, John Cambre, Linda Cambre, Linda Carouso (LCa), Karen Chiasson, John Cole (JCo), Ned Cole - man, C. Dwight Cooley, Ellen Crotty, Matt Crunk, Frank Dailey, Lucy R. Duncan, R. Scot Duncan, Robert A. Duncan, Barry K. Fleming, Lawrence F. Gardella, Jeff T. Garner, Chuck Gra - Wildlife biologist Gypsy Hanks used a game camera to docu- ment claims of Golden Eagles at Upper Ouachita National Wildlife Refuge, Morehouse Parish, Louisiana. This image from 4 February 2015 seems conclusive. Photograph by Gypsy Hanks. Arkansas & Louisiana Paul Conover Kenny Nichols –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T emperatures were generally above aver- age for the Region during December and January and below average for February. Rainfall was slightly below average over the pe - riod. Seasonal highlights for Arkansas include Northern Saw-whet Owl, Glaucous Gull, and the state's first Great Black-backed Gull. High - lights for Louisiana include Eurasian Wigeon, Ringed Kingfisher, and dark-morph Ferrugi - nous Hawk. Significance for Arkansas records is based on Arkansas Birds (James and Neal 1986) and the Arkansas Audubon Society online bird record database (for records since 1986). The significance of Louisiana records is based on trends derived from the database of bird record cards archived at the Louisiana State University Museum of Natural Science (LSUMNS). Records of Review List species included below have ei - ther been accepted by or are pending review. Abbreviations: B.K.N.W.R (Bald Knob N.W.R, White, AR). C.P.N.W.R. (Cameron Prairie N.W.R., Cameron, LA). WATERFOWL THROUGH FALCONS Two Trumpeter Swans were videotaped by hunters near Simmesport, Avoyelles, LA 17 Dec (MD); there are only a few recent reports of this species in Louisiana, and all are believed to pertain to birds from reintroduced populations. Rare and nearly annual in Arkansas, a Tundra Swan was in s. Cleburne 20 Dec (MP, TB, DF). Louisiana's fifth record of Eurasian Wigeon was apparently discovered at C.P.N.W.R., Cam - eron 29 Dec (per eBird) but was not reported to the birding community until independently discovered the next day (BJ, DL); 1-2 males reported 28 Feb at nearby Lacassine N.W.R., Cameron, LA are believed to pertain to the same record. Uncommon, especially in large num - bers, 182 Redheads were counted near Lonoke, Lonoke, AR 14 Feb (CF). Rare in winter, a single ad. male White-winged Scoter was at Cabin Creek Recreation Area, Johnson, AR 1 Jan (LA), and one was near Red River Lock and Dam No. 3, Natchitoches, LA 5 Dec (FK). The only Long- tailed Duck report for the season was a single on Lake Dardanelle, Yell, AR 17 Jan (KN). Rare any time, a Common Merganser was on Bob Kidd Lake, Washington, AR 5 Dec (MM, JN), 3 continued from the fall season at Magness Lake, Cleburne, AR 20 Dec (MP, TB, DF, KNa), and one was photographed on Lake Ponchartrain, New Orleans, Orleans, LA (PAW). An impres - sive tally for a very uncommon Arkansas win- ter visitor, 42 Red-breasted Mergansers were counted at Lake Fayetteville, Washington 6 Dec (ML, DO), while 11 were noted at Lake Sara - cen, Jefferson 29 Dec (RD, DS). Possibly just the second for Union, AR, where this species is quite rare in midwinter, an Eared Grebe was at Lake Georgia Pacific 6 Dec (LA), while one at Angola, West Feliciana, LA 11 Dec provided a first parish record (JVR). Rare but annual, a Western Grebe at Lake Fayetteville, Washington, AR 3 Dec (JN) was joined by an - other 6 Dec (ML, DO). Louisiana's inland Brown Booby saga opened a new chapter when 4 birds were reported 4 Jan from Lake Ponchartrain near Madisonville, St. Tammany (CD, LW), fol - lowing numerous reports from the same site the previous winter. Very rare in winter in Arkansas,

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