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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 248 A L A B A M A & M I S S I S S I P P I BH, CG, NW). A Gray Catbird, casual inland during winter, was near Columbus Lake, Lowndes, MS 11 Dec (TLS). Up to 2 Sprague's Pipits, first reported during the fall season from Holly Grove Rd., Panola, MS (JHo, JRR, ph.), continued throughout the winter season. A Northern Waterthrush found near Co- lumbus Lake, MS 5 Dec (TLS) was a first area winter record. Occasional in winter, single Black-and-white Warblers were reported from E.N.W.R. 7 (JAT) & 30 Dec (ECS, JAT, GEH). A Tennessee Warbler, decidedly rare in the Region during winter, was reported from Gulf S.P., Baldwin, AL 22 Dec (NS). Five Orange- crowned Warblers on the C.B.C. at W.N.W.R. 20 Dec (fide CDC) was a high count. An ad. male Hooded Warbler, almost unheard of in the Region during winter, was seen almost daily in Linn Park, Jefferson, AL 26 Jan+ (BJA, m.ob., ph.). A Palm Warbler, uncommon in the local area during winter, was at Bent Oak, Lowndes, MS 7 Dec (DP, JP). Up to 6 Lark Sparrow's were at Fairhope, AL 11-20 Jan (KC, ph.). The only Le Conte's Spar - row reported was at Prisock Field, N.N.W.R. 5 Feb (ZL, SR). Lincoln's Sparrows, only occa - sional in the Region during winter, were report- ed from the C.B.C. at W.N.W.R., where 2 were found 20 Dec (SH, RR, KM); at Swan Creek 18 Jan (SRM); and at Powder Magazine, Montgom - ery, AL 7 Feb (LFG). The 25 White-crowned Sparrows near Bon Secour on the Gulf Shores C.B.C. (RAD, LRD) made an excellent number. An ad. male Western Tanager at Spanish Fort, Baldwin, AL 3 Feb (CGr, ph.) was a one- day wonder. A male Rose-breasted Grosbeak was on the Fort Morgan Peninsula, AL 27 Dec (LW, JN, ph.), as was a male Indigo Bunting 25-27 Dec (JN). Male Painted Buntings were reported along the Fish River, Baldwin, AL 20 Dec–5 Jan (SSm); from Ozark, Dale, AL 27 Feb (LJ); and at Pascagoula, Jackson, MS through - out the reporting period (BJ, MJ). A Western Meadowlark on the Mississippi State University South Farm, MS 24 Feb+ (TLS) was a second area record. A female Yellow-headed Black - bird near Decatur, Morgan, AL 5 Dec (SG) was very unusual. The only significant concentra - tion of Rusty Blackbirds reported was of 300 at W.N.W.R. 3 Dec+ (CDC). Rarely seen away from coastal locations, 2 male Boat-tailed Grackles were near Hartford, AL 22 Feb (JAT, ph., vt.). Ad. male Bullock's Orioles visited a feeders in Montevallo, Shelby, AL 29 Dec–15 Feb (MM, m.ob., ph.) and in Ocean Springs, Jackson, MS 3 Jan (MWL, m.ob.). Baltimore Orioles were widely reported, particularly in - land, where they are rare winter visitors. One was on the Montgomery C.B.C., AL 3 Jan (fide LFG); a male and female-type were at separate sites on the Gulf Shores C.B.C., AL 3 Jan (RAD, AL 28 Dec (AA), where they are now regular. Small numbers of Inca Doves continue to be found in Baldwin, AL. Away from their resident site near Magnolia Springs, 2 at Loxley 12 Feb (MB, ph.) represented a second known loca - tion. Groove-billed Ani appears sporadically in the Region. One at Meaher S.P., AL 16 Dec (PHR, KH, m.ob., ph.) was the first winter re - port since 2008. A Short-eared Owl at Gun- tersville Dam, Marshall, AL 26 Dec (KW, RW) was the only Regional report. A rare Calliope Hummingbird on the Fort Morgan Peninsula, Baldwin, AL 31 Dec–10 Jan (JN, ph.) was the only wintering hummingbird report of note. Crested Caracara is rarely encountered in Mississippi during winter, with only one report in the past 10 years. One was at the Jackson County S.T.P., Jackson, MS 11 Dec (GM, AHe) for the second consecutive winter. The winter status of Merlin continues to change. No lon - ger considered rare, the species was reported widely and regularly, with individuals found in 11 inland locations across Alabama and Missis - sippi during the reporting period. PASSERINES A Say's Phoebe at the Mississippi State Univer- sity South Farm, Oktibbeha 1 Jan+ (TLS, MHS, m.ob.) was Mississippi's ninth. For the second consecutive winter, an Ash-throated Flycatcher was near Hartford, AL 19 Jan–6 Feb (RWh, ph.). Mississippi's first Tropical Kingbird, in Bay St. Louis, Hancock 16 Dec–13 Feb (LG, NM, LCa, SS, m.ob., ph., v.r.), was originally found on the Hancock County C.B.C. Western Kingbirds were reported from three coastal locations. Up to 2 were on the Dauphin Island G.C. 30 Dec–1 Jan (ML, AH); one was at Fairhope, Baldwin, AL 17-25 Jan (AM, KC, WB, ph.); and 2 were on Singing River Island, MS 1 Jan+ (BJ, MJ, m.ob., ph.). Single White-eyed Vireos lingered near Au- burn, Lee, AL 14 Dec (GEH) and in Winston, MS 20 Dec (TLS, MHS), while one at E.N.W.R. 22 Feb (JAT) was probably an early arrival. A Warbling Vireo on the Fort Morgan Peninsula 8 Dec (JN, ph.) was either a late fall lingerer or Alabama's first winter record. Horned Larks have become scarce during recent winters in the I.C.P., so 3 found in Barbour, AL on the Eu - faula C.B.C. 30 Dec (ECS, JAT, GEH, CJ) and one near Hartford, AL 21 Feb (JAT) were no - table finds. A Tree Swallow at Prairie Waters, Lowndes, MS 26 Jan (FD, RS) represented the earliest local arrival date by 11 days. The first and second Northern Rough-winged Swallow winter records in the I.C.P. were established by one at Lee County Public Lake, Lee (GEH) and 2 at Opelika 31 Jan (BKF, GH). The only Blue- gray Gnatcatcher reported was on the W.N.W.R. Christmas count at Swan Creek 20 Dec (JMH, over the past 10 winters, 13 Black-necked Stilts on Blakeley Island, Mobile, AL 10 Jan (AH, m.ob.) made a welcome sight. For the ninth consecutive winter, a Spotted Sandpiper was on Oktibbeha County Lake, MS 6 Dec+ (TLS, MHS, ZL). A Solitary Sandpiper, accidental in winter in Mississippi, was near Greenville, Washington, MS 31 Dec (FJS), while one was found near Foley, Baldwin, AL on the Gulf Shores C.B.C. 3 Jan (HEH, ER, EC). Rare dur - ing winter in the Region, a Whimbrel was at the Airport Marsh on Dauphin Island, AL 21 Jan–15 Feb (AH, m.ob.). Six Pectoral Sandpip - ers, rare in midwinter in Alabama, were at the Gulf Shores S.L. on the Gulf Shores C.B.C. 3 Jan (CDC, EGR, AGM, MS). Ten Dunlins at McLeod Fish Ponds, Noxubee, MS 13 Dec (TLS, MHS, JH, LC, JC) represented the eleventh area record. Two Long-billed Dowitchers, rare during winter in the I.C.P., were at Hope Hull, Montgomery 14-21 Dec (LFG). Winter Franklin's Gulls are always an excit - ing find, so 4 at the Magnolia Springs Landfill, Baldwin, AL 6 Dec+ (GDJ, m.ob., ph.) pro - vided extended excitement. The only Thayer's Gull reported was a first-cycle individual at Bayou Caddy, Hancock, MS 8 Jan (NB). An imm. Iceland Gull was at the Magnolia Springs Landfill, AL 23 Jan+ (BS, m.ob., ph.). Lesser Black-backed Gulls continue to increase in the Region. In Alabama, at least 4, including 2 first- cycles, a third-cycle, and a fourth-cycle, were at the Magnolia Springs Landfill 6 Dec+ (GDJ, BS, m.ob.); one was at Wheeler Dam 6 Dec+ (DJS, m.ob.); and a near-ad. was at Mallard-Fox Creek W.M.A., Lawrence 28 Feb (GDJ, ph.). An imm. Glaucous Gull was at Magnolia Springs, AL 21 Feb (AH). In Alabama, a Great Black- backed Gull was on Dauphin I./Pelican I. 3 Dec+ (BN, CN, m.ob.), and a second-cycle bird was at Perdido Pass, Baldwin 2 Jan (CDC). The spread of White-winged Doves inland continues as, evidenced by 5 at Excel, Monroe, As is the case with most winter-season Rose-breasted Grosbeaks in Alabama, this adult male was detected when it visited a feeder, here on the Fort Morgan Peninsula, Baldwin County on 27 December 2014. Photograph by Lynne Wornall.

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