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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 246 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y Joe Hall (JHa), Rob Harbin (RHa), Erin Harper (EHa), Ron Hoff (RHo), Kevin Hopper (KH), Bob Howdeshell (BH), Tom Howe (TH), Alice Howell (AH), Eddie Huber (EHu), Jennifer Hu - ber (JHu), Susan Hubley (SHu), Lori Hudson (LH), Brian Johnson (BJ), Daniel Jacobson (DJ), Tim Jeffers (TJ), Richie Kessler (RKe), Richard L. Knight (RLK), Roy Knispel (RKn), Rob Lane (RL), Ed LeGrand (EL), Bill Lisowsky (BLi), Charlie Logsdon (CL), Brian Lowry (BLo), Terri Lusk (TL), Mikey Lutmerding (ML), Frank Lyne (FL), Mike McCloy (MMy), Larry McDan - iel (LMcD), Kelly McKay (KM), Lee McNeely (LMcN), Tom McNeil (TMc), Mac McWhirter (MMr), Susan McWhirter (SM), Elizabeth McWilliams (EM), Bob Meier (BM), Memphis Chapter Tennessee Ornithological Society (MTOS), Donald Morse, Jr. (DMr), Daniel Moss (DMs), Cathy Myers (CM), Dollyann Myers (DMy), Tina Nauman (TN), Ken Oeser (KO), Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. (BP), David Patter - son (DPa), Sydney Penner (SP), Gaynell Perry (GP), Charlie Plush (CP), Joshua Powell (JP), David Pritchard (DPr), Tommie Rogers (TR), Vicki Sandage (VS), Ron Shrieves (RS), Damien Simbeck (DSi), Michael Sledjeski (MSl), Chris A. Sloan (CAS), Mike Smith (MSm), Jeff Sole (JSo), Scott Somershoe (SS), Pam Spaulding (PS), Jack Stenger (JSt), Matt Stickel (MS), Ru - ben Stoll (RS), Del Striegel (DSt), Dave Svetich (DSv), Joe Swanson (JSw), Wayne Tamminga (WT), Michael C. Todd (MCT), Mark Tower (MTo), Carl Vogel (CV), Steve Wagner (SWa), Chloe Walker (CWa), Nolan Walker (NW), Major Waltman (MWa), Chris Welsh (CWe), James Wheat (JW), Libby Wolfe (LW), Stefan Woltmann (SWo), Mike Wright (MWr), Brian Wulker (BW), Antonio Xeira (AX), Mary Yan - dell (MY), Roy Zimmerman (RZ), Stephen Zip- perer (SZ). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Chris Sloan, 2036 Priest Road, Nashville, Tennessee 37215 ( Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr., Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission, 801 Schenkel Lane, Frankfort, Kentucky 40601 ( (ph. FL et al.), and another was in Warren, TN 3 Jan (SM, MMr). One to 3 American Tree Sparrows were reported from six Tennessee coun - ties 14 Dec–27 Feb. Brewer's Blackbirds were found at three Kentucky locales: 8-10 along Frostburg Rd., e. Hopkins 3 Dec (BP, JBa, MY, SG, TG); 20 ad - jacent to Sauerheber 4 Dec (†DSi); and 6 ne. of Adairville, Logan 6 Jan (ph. RD), with 5 there 10 Jan (RF, MBi). In Tennessee, away from their expected winter range in the w. part of the state, 3 Brewer's were in a traditional location in Sequatchie 2 Feb (KC), and 3 were in Perry 18 Feb (RS). Two Common Redpolls were first seen in a Lexing - ton, KY yard during mid-Jan, with the female seen by many and lingering into Mar (AH, CV et al.). Purple Finches lingered through the season in small numbers constituting a rel - atively normal winter presence for recent years. A second wave of Pine Siskins arrived during early Dec, with moderate numbers remaining locally distributed into late Dec and small num - bers linger ing through the season; most were re ported at feeding stations, with the highest numbers in the e. portion of the Region. Addenda: To the fall 2014 report, add: a Black Scoter and ca. 1600 Bonaparte's Gulls on Bar - ren River Lake 14 Nov (†RD). To the nesting season 2013 report, add: Quite unusual was an American Bittern seen along Mos by Ridge Rd., e. of Edmonton, Metcalfe, KY 11 Jun (†RD). A Lark Sparrow was observed s. of Horse Cave, Barren, KY 1 Jun (ph. RD). Observers: Fred Alsop (FA), Michael Autin (MA), Jamie Baker (JBa), Hugh Barger (HB), Jamin Beachy (JBy), Matthan Beachy (MBy), Colleen Becker (CBe), Tom Becker (TB), Beck - ham Bird Club (BBC), Jane Bell (JBe), Pat Bell (PB), Carol Besse (CBs), Melissa Bishop (MBi), Josh Blackmon (JBl), Tom Blevins (TB), Dustin Brewer (DBr), David Brown (DBn), Gerald Bur - nett (GB), Kevin Calhoon (KC), Ron Canter- bury (RCa), Phillip Casteel (PC), Hap Cham- bers (HC), Steve & Gail Clendenen (S&GC), Lisa Combs (LC), Richard Connors (RCo), John Cox (JC), Charlie Crawford (CC), Brian Davis (BD), Roseanna Denton (RD), Steve Denton (SD), Dan Dolack (DD), Judy Dorsey (JD), Melissa Easley (ME), Tom Edwards (TEd), Bates Estabrooks (BEs), Daniel Estabrooks (DE), Terri Estes (TEs), Buck Evans (BEv), Rand Falls (RF), M. Fawver (MF), Frank Fekel (FF), J.C. Finch (JF), Bob Foehring (BF), Steve Fraley (SF), W. GeFellers (WG), Steve Graham (SG), Teresa Graham (TG), Mark Greene (MG), able total of 3921 Lapland Longspurs along KY 102 between Elkton and Allensville, Todd, KY 31 Dec (RS) nearly matched the state's previ - ous high count of 4000. In Tennessee, a mas- sive flock of 5000 Lapland Longspurs on Elam Rd., Obion 29 Dec also included a McCown's Longspur (†MG), potentially Tennessee's third record. A Snow Bunting at Chickamauga Dam, Hamilton 7 Dec (TRo, ph. MMr) furnished a long-awaited first record for se. Tennessee. A Black-and-white Warbler at Raven Run Sanc - tuary, Fayette, KY 20 Dec (†JC) was a first for the state during win ter; one at Haw Ridge Park, Anderson 3 Jan (ph. EL) furnished Tennessee's second winter record. Single Common Yel - lowthroats were reported from Reelfoot Lake, Obion TN 20 & 24 Dec (MCT, BF; MSm); a female was ob served adjacent to the Doe Val - ley Lake dam, Meade, KY 27 Dec (†EHu, JHu). One to 6 Palm Warblers were reported from 10 locations in Tennessee 5 Dec–16 Feb. A Yellow Warbler at Liberty Park Marina, Montgomery, TN 21-28 Dec (†SWo, JHa) furnished the state's third winter record. There were three reports of Vesper Spar - row: one along Bethel Church Rd., McCracken, KY 30 Dec (KM, ph. BP); one on the Hiwas - see, TN C.B.C. 3 Jan (fide KC); and one s. of Mount Zion, Allen, KY 16 Feb (MBy). A linger - ing Grasshopper Sparrow n. of Dot, Logan, KY was last seen 8 Dec (ph. FL). There were two reports of Le Conte's Sparrow in Kentucky: 2 on the former Gibraltar Mine, se. Muhlenberg 1 Jan (BP); and one along the Middle Fork Clarks River just s. of Murray, Calloway 13 Feb (HC, ME). In Tennessee, one to 5 Le Conte's Sparrows were at Hardin Bottoms, Perry 2-15 Feb (RS); 3 were at Bogota W.M.A., Dyer 19 Jan (KC); and one was at Horns Bluff Refuge, Crockett 26 Feb (MG). An ad. Harris's Sparrow was present near Dot, Logan, KY 8 Dec into Mar Harris's Sparrows turn up in the Tennessee and Kentucky region al- most every year, but few are as accommodating as this individual that wintered (here 20 February 2015) in a yard in Logan County, Kentucky, seen by dozens of observers. Photograph by Frank Lyne. Snow Buntings are very rare winter visitors to Tennessee. This individual at Chickamauga Dam, Hamilton County 28 February 2015 furnished a long-awaited first record for southeastern Tennessee. Photograph by Mike McCloy.

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