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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 245 T E N N E S S E E & K E N T U C K Y in Kentucky, with a diminished number of reports during the latter part of Feb (m.ob.). A Marsh Wren heard on the former Gibraltar Mine, se. Muhlenberg, 1 Jan (BP) was the only one reported in Kentucky; in Tennessee, up to 6 were at Springfield Branch, Blount 12 Dec–25 Feb (TH), 2 were in Fayette 18 Dec (MTOS), and singles were found at Shelby Farms, Shel - by 8 Dec (RHa) and on the Nickajack C.B.C. 27 Dec (TR). A House Wren was found dur - ing the Chattanooga C.B.C. 20 Dec (fide KC). The harsh, late winter weather appeared to be hard on wintering Eastern Bluebirds, with few reports during the latter part of Feb (m.ob.). Six Gray Catbirds were reported: 2 on the Lexington, KY C.B.C. 20 Dec (†MTo, KH, ph. TN, JSw); one on the Chattanooga, TN C.B.C. 20 Dec (fide KC); one in w. Taylor, KY 30 Dec (†RKe); one at Pikeville, Pike, KY 17 Jan (†JBl); and one in Unicoi, TN 18 Jan (TMc, CM). Cedar Waxwings were relatively widespread during the first half of Dec, but the species de parted before midwinter, and there were very few reports during the late winter season, most of those in the w. portion of the Region. A remark - the returning bird from last winter, was seen in e. Hopkins, KY 3 Dec (TG, SG, ph. MY, JBa, BP). Up to 3 Peregrine Falcons were at a regular wintering location at Limestone, Washington, TN through the season (RLK). Elsewhere, scat - tered individuals were reported from six Ten- nessee counties. PASSERINES An Empidonax flycatcher was present at Green River State Forest, Henderson, KY 21-30 Dec (ph./vt. CC). Opinions regarding the identifica - tion of the bird were mixed, and it will likely remain unidentified. After being initially ob - served during late Nov at Anchorage, Jefferson, KY, a linger ing or wintering White-eyed Vireo was also seen 21 Dec (PB, JBe) and 5 Jan (ph. PS). A Blue-headed Vireo found during the Chattanooga C.B.C. 20 Dec (fide KC) and an - other at Amnicola Marsh, Hamilton, TN 21 Jan (HB) represented the state's third and fourth winter records. A Fish Crow at Kentucky Dam Vil lage State Resort Park, Marshall, KY 16 Jan (BP, ph. JBa, BW, SG, TG) represented a first for the state during Jan. Tardy or wintering Tree Swallows were at Ballard W.M.A., Ballard, KY 19-20 Dec (†GB) and in Anderson, TN 3 Jan (EL); 3 at John Se - vier Lake 8 Feb (SHu) were the earliest spring arrivals to be reported. A Northern Rough- winged Swallow, very rare during winter, was well described from the South Holston River, Sullivan, TN 28 Dec–2 Jan (†RLK, RKn). Three to 4 Black-capped Chickadees were re ported to have been banded at Ashland, Boyd, KY during late Nov–mid-Dec (RCa). Red-breasted Nut - hatches were nearly absent this winter, with single birds reported on only three Kentucky C.B.C.s and only a few additional reports (eBird data). One to 2 Brown-headed Nuthatches con - tinued at the Marshall, KY nesting area through the season (m.ob.). The harsh, late winter wea - ther appeared to be hard on Carolina Wrens BJ, BP et al.); a second-cycle on the Ohio River at Meldahl Dam, Bracken, KY 18 Feb (ph. JSt), with perhaps the same individual on the Ohio River at New Richmond, OH/Campbell, KY 23 Feb (DMr); and a first-cycle bird on the Ohio River below Rabbit Hash, Boone, KY 22 Feb (†LMcN). As is the norm, a few Forster's Terns lingered into early Dec on Kentucky Lake, Mar - shall, KY (HC), with a few apparently winter ing on Kentucky Lake, Calloway, KY (HC, ME); 4 were at the Duck River Unit, Tennessee N.W.R., Humphreys, TN 4 Jan (RS). It was not a particularly good winter for Short-eared Owls, with reports from only three Kentucky locales: up to 4 at Sinclair 28 Dec–25 Feb (SG, TG et al.); up to 7 (5 Jan [JSo]) at Sandy Watkins Park, Henderson 14 Dec–18 Jan (CC, EM); and 2 at Spindletop Farm, Fayette 27-28 Feb (ph. BW et al.). In Tennessee, one to 2 were reported from traditional locations in Lake (MCT, RS, SS, JHa et al.), Dyer (DE), and Montgomery (DMs, JHa), and 2 were present for the second year in a row in Macon 12 Jan+ (RS et al.). A well-described Long-eared Owl was at Shelby Farms, Shelby, TN 14 Dec (†SWa, JD). A banded individual was killed after sustain - ing injuries in a mammal trap near Spencer, Van Buren, TN in early to mid-Jan (fide SS); the Bird Banding Laboratory confirmed that it had been banded at Whitefish Point, Chippewa, MI 27 Apr 2012 (fide SS). A Common Nighthawk at Knoxville 8 Dec (CWe) added to the increas - ing number of records of individuals lingering into Dec in Tennessee. The ad. female Rufous Hummingbird in s. Scott, KY lingered into the first week of Feb (LH). Merlins continue to become more regular as wintering birds in the Region; one to 2 were reported from nearly 20 Kentucky and 11 Ten - nessee locales, including 3 at Anderson Road Recreation Area, J. Percy Priest Lake, Davidson, TN 3 Dec (RCo). A Prairie Falcon, possibly This first-cycle Iceland Gull at Middlepoint Landfill, Rutherford County 3-14 (here 6) February 2015 made the sixth Tennessee record. It was originally found by young Chloe Walker and her brother Nolan. Photograph by Mike Todd. Iceland Gulls are rarely reported in the Tennessee and Kentucky region. This first-cycle bird was one of two found in Kentucky in winter 2014-2015, present at Kentucky Dam 8-12 (here 12) February. Photograph by Brainard Palmer-Ball, Jr. Noted in late November 2014 in Jefferson County and found again during early (here 5) January 2015, this White-eyed Vireo provided Kentucky with a fourth winter record. Photograph by Pam Spaulding. This rare Great Black-backed Gull, apparently an ailing bird, was at Old Hicko- ry Lake, Sumner County 16-17 (here 16) January 2015, one of two found in Tennessee during the winter season. Photograph by Mike Smith.

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