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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 241 I O WA & M I S S O U R I found n. of Burlington, Des Moines, IA 3 Dec– 21 Jan (JLF). A russet variant Pine Grosbeak, either ad. female or imm. male, was at Iowa State Univer - sity Horst Farm, Story, IA 20-22 Dec (SJD, JG, TMH, DCH). There were 28 reports of Purple Finch in Iowa, with a high of 43 in Jackson 3 Jan (KJM). In Missouri, a new C.B.C. high count of 160 Purple Finches came 28 Dec on the Trimble C.B.C., Clinton. Seven Red Cross - bills at Hardin County Conservation Head- quarters Segment 7 on 17 Jan (MP) made the only report for Iowa; 10 were at Crowder S.P., Grundy, MO 7 Dec (DW). Up to 8 White- winged Crossbills were at Hartley Cemetery, O'Brien, IA 27-31 Jan (LAS). Thirty-three re - ports of Common Redpoll in Iowa included up to 250 near Lime Springs, Howard 21-27 Dec (LR). In Missouri, 2 Common Redpolls were at Frank Cuculich's feeders in Brashear, Adair 1 Jan (FC), with 8 there 23 Jan–11 Mar, and Missouri's third Hoary Redpoll turned up 14 Feb–11 Mar (FC, JU, PK). Forty-one reports of Pine Siskin in Iowa included 75 at Yellow River S.F., Allamakee 29 Dec (LR). Contributors: IOWA: Danny J. Akers (DJA), Reid Allan (RIA), Elliot Bedows (EB), John Bis - sell (JB), Aaron Brees (AB), Mark Brown (MHB), Raymond L. Cummins (RLC), Stephen J. Din - smore (SJD), Chris R Edwards (CRE), Caro- lyn Fischer (CJF), James Forde (JF), Charles Fuller (CRF), Jay Gilliam (JG), Rita Goranson (RGo), Tyler M Harms (TMH), Doug Harr (DCH), Rick Hollis (RJH), Joe Jungers (JJu), Betty Lucas (BVL), Tucker Lutter (TJL), Kelly J. McKay (KJM), Francis L. Moore (FLM), Wolf - gang Oesterreich (WO), Mark Orsag (MOr), Mark Proescholdt (MP), Larry Reis (LR), Paul Roisen (POR), Lee Schoenewe (LAS), David Shealer (DAS), Tommy Stone (TS), Karen Viste-Sparkman (KVS), Gerald L. Von Ehwe - gen (GLV), Walt Wagner-Hecht (WWH), Hank Zaletel (HZ). MISSOURI: Chris Barringer (CB), Charles Burwick (CBu), Daniel Cornell (DC), Dan Cowell (DCo), Lanny Chambers (LC), Kathleen Cowens (KC), Collen Crank (CC), Frank Cuculich (FC), Jamie Goodspeed (JG), Mark Haas (MH), Christian Hagenlock (CH), Timothy Jones (TJ), Steve Kinder (SK), Peter Kondrshov (PK), Corey Lange (CL), Jean Le - onatti (JL), Pat Lueders (PL), Charlene Malone (CM), Jim Malone (JM), Steve Martin (SM), Kristi Mayo (KM), Marky Mutchler (MM), Mary Namecek (MN), Jane Nicholas (JN), Al Smith (AS), Justyn Stahl (JS), Greg Swick (GSw), Dorothy Thurman (DT), Joshua Uff - man (JU), Darrin Welchert (DW). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Francis L. Moore, 336 Fairfield Street, Waterloo, Iowa 50703 ( Marsh Wrens popped out of the snow at Chillicothe, Liv - ingston 19 Dec (SK), and one was observed at Binder Lake, Cole 14 Dec–28 Dec (CB). A Sedge Wren in St. Louis, MO was unusual for winter 21 Dec. A Townsend's Soli - taire was at Mines of Spain, Dubuque, IA 19-24 Jan (MHB, CRE, DAS), and another was just e. of Waterman, O'Brien, IA 20 Jan (TMH). There were eight reports of Hermit Thrush this year in Iowa, with 11 individuals found. Hermit Thrushes also had a good showing in Missouri, setting record-high counts of 6 on the Kansas City C.B.C., Jackson, MO and 6 on the Trimble C.B.C., Clinton, MO; 9 were seen at General Watkins C.A., Scott, MO 10 Feb (MH). A Varied Thrush was at 90th St. & Holly Ave., Limes Springs, Howard, IA 23-28 Feb (RIA, MHB, CJF JJu, RGo, DP, LR). An American Pipit lingered until 2 Jan at Thomas Hill Reservoir, Randolph, MO (JU). A Bohemian Waxwing ap - peared at Big Creek S.P., Polk, IA 31 Jan (SJD). Sixteen hundred Lapland Longspurs in Clayton, IA 4 Jan (DJA, KJM) made the high - est count, and 850 Snow Buntings near Lime Springs Howard, IA 21-28 Feb (LR) did the same. An Orange-crowned Warbler was unex - pected at Iowa City Johnson, IA 17 Dec–4 Jan (JLF, fide Rosemary Plapp). A Cape May War - bler made a few appearances 1-10 Jan in Con- nie Alwood's Ferguson backyard in St. Louis, MO. The six reports of Yellow-rumped War - bler in Iowa included 6 birds in Jackson 19 Dec (KJM). A Pine Warbler n. of Burlington, Des Moines, IA 4 Dec–21 Jan (JLF) and a Palm War - bler was at Rotary Lake C.A., Cape Girardeau, MO 10 Dec (MH) were notably late. Five Spot - ted Towhees were reported from w. Missouri. A Chipping Sparrow tarried along Valley Rd., Keokuk, IA 15 Dec (FLM). Five reports of Fox Sparrow in Iowa included 4 in Muscatine 24 Dec (KJM). An Indigo Bunting at Judan Creek C.A., Cape Girardeau, MO 12 Dec (MH) and a Dickcissel at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctu - ary, St. Charles, MO 2 Jan (JS) made the only reports of these species. Single Yellow-headed Blackbirds turned up at Sergeant Bluff, Woodbury, IA 20 Dec (TJL) and near Hitchcock Nature Center, Pottawatta - mie, IA 3 Jan (EB). Rusty Blackbirds numbered 1007 on the Horton-Four Rivers C.A. C.B.C., Vernon, MO 15 Dec. The high count of Brewer's Blackbirds was 250 at Niawathe Prairie, Dade, MO 30 Jan (DT, KC). A Baltimore Oriole was Johnson, MO (DC, SM). In Iowa, there were 28 reports of Snowy Owl, of which 13-14 were likely distinct individuals. In Iowa, there were only 12 Long-eared Owls reported from nine locations and 4 Short-eared Owls reported from two locations. Fourteen reports of 1-4 Northern Saw-whet Owls in Iowa was above average, with one reported from Missouri. A Rufous Hummingbird was present at a feeder in Jackson, Cape Girardeau, MO 27 Nov–19 Jan (JN, LC). Red-headed Woodpeckers in Iowa peaked at 29 at Syracuse W.M.A., Clinton 17 Dec (KJM). Twenty Merlins were reported from 14 coun - ties in Iowa; 5 were identified as the columbar- ius subspecies and 2 of richardsonii. Missouri had widespread Merlin reports, the majority coming from Kansas City, St. Louis, and Boone. Six Peregrine Falcons were in Iowa during the period, and among several Prairie Falcons in Missouri was one that lasted a week at Penn- Sylvania Prairie, Dade (CBu, GSw). PASSERINES A Say's Phoebe was at Stony Hollow Rd. and 105th Ave., Burlington, Des Moines, IA 12 Dec (CRF). Two Loggerhead Shrikes were in Iowa, but none was reported from Missouri. Twen - ty-six Northern Shrikes were noted in Iowa scattered over most of the state. In Missouri, 5 Northern Shrikes were reported from five n. counties. A Fish Crow was seen at Canton Ferry Access, Lewis, MO 11 Jan (DJA). In Iowa, there were 10 reports of Red-breasted Nuthatch from all areas of the state; in Missouri, the species was very scarce. A House Wren hung on at Del - aney Lake C.A., Mississippi, MO 31 Dec (MH). Five Winter Wrens were reported at Black Is - land C.A., Pemiscot, MO 10 Feb (MH); 14 total were in Iowa during the period. In Missouri, 2 One of seven Iceland Gulls identified in Iowa during winter 2014-2015, this bird was photographed at Des Moines, Polk County on 2 January. Photograph by Linda Rudolph.

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