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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 240 I O WA & M I S S O U R I Goose was 460 in Louisa, IA 26 Dec (KJM). The high count for Snow Goose was 2500 at Hitch - cock N.A., Pottawattamie, IA 3 Dec (MOr). Ross's Goose numbers included a high of 3 at North Liberty, Johnson, IA 16 Dec (JF) and a rare blue morph at Port Neal North, Woodbury, IA 20 Dec (TJL, POR). Cackling Goose reports included a high of 218 in Linn, IA 27 Dec (KJM). The highest count for Canada Goose was 5875 at Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA 2 Jan (RLC). Trumpeter Swan numbers reached 850 at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles, MO 17 Jan (PL). In Iowa, there were 91 reports from 27 counties, with a high count of 217 at Beemer's Pond, Hamilton 18 Jan (SJD). The high count for Tundra Swan was 8 in Jack - son, IA 16 Dec (KJM). Wood Duck reports included a late mi - grant in Scott, IA 24 Dec (KJM). Gadwalls en- joyed open water around Missouri with a high of 2300 at Duck Creek C.A., Bollinger 13 Feb (MH). There were four records for this species in Iowa, with the last one at Johnston gravel pits, Polk 19 Jan (RLC). American Black Ducks peaked at 13 at Saylorville Reservoir, Polk, IA 3 Jan (SJD). The highest counts of Aythya in Iowa included 50,000 Canvasbacks at Montrose, Lee 15 Dec (AB), 2 Greater Scaup at Johnston gravel pits, Polk 6 Dec (RLC), and 82 Lesser Scaup at Mississippi River, Clinton 16 Dec (KJM). A Har - lequin Duck was present at the Center Street Dam, Des Moines, Polk, IA 31 Dec–12 Jan (MP, SJD, JB, AB, TMH, HZ, RLC, BVL). Two White- winged Scoters were at Hide-A-Way Harbor, St. Charles, MO 15 Feb (JM, CM). Eleven Buffle - heads were at Mississippi River, Clinton, IA 16 Dec (KJM), and a male Bufflehead x Common Goldeneye hybrid was at Linger Longer Rest Area, Lee, IA 15 Dec (AB). Some 837 Common Goldeneyes were counted at Davenport, Scott, IA 14 Dec (KJM) and 625 along River Rd., Lee, IA the next day (AB). A Common Goldeneye x Hood - ed Merganser hy- brid was observed 4 Dec–17 Feb at Smith - ville Lake, Clay, MO (DW). Hooded Mer - gansers numbered 7 at Davenport, Scott, IA 14 Dec (KJM). High counts of 2400 Common Mergansers at Saylorville Reser - voir, Polk, IA 6 Dec (AB) and 7600 at Red Rock Reservoir, Mari - on, IA 1 Jan (AB) were notable, but the high - est count of Ruddy Duck was only 5 at Daven- port, Scott, IA 14 Dec (KJM). PARTRIDGE THROUGH HAWKS Six reports of Gray Partridge from Iowa in- cluded a high of 8 in Howard, IA 10 Jan (LR). Ring-necked Pheasant was reported from 13 Iowa counties, with 15-75 present in Howard 10 Jan–27 Feb (LR, SJD) and 71 in Boone 7 Feb (RIA). Common Loons overwintered at several locations, including 74 at Stockton Lake, Ce - dar, MO 28 Dec (PL). Two Pied-billed Grebes were at Ada Hayden Park, Story, IA 1-3 Dec and 2 Horned Grebes there 2 Dec (WO). A Western Grebe was unexpected at Riverlands Migra - tory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles, MO 12-20 Dec (AS). American White Pelican numbers peaked at 112 at Weldon Springs C.A., St. Charles, MO (DC, CH); 52 were seen 6 Dec at the overflow spillway, Saylorville Reservoir, Marion, IA (AB) and also 23 Feb at Red Rock Reservoir, Marion, IA (AB). Dunklin, MO hosted the fifth winter record American Bittern 18-20 Dec (TJ). Great Egrets turned up on the Columbia C.B.C., Boone, MO 20 Dec and in Pemiscot, MO 11 Feb (CL) but were otherwise unrecorded. Bald Eagle counts were high: 593 on the Mississippi River, Clinton/Scott, IA 9 Jan (KJM) and 414 at Red Rock Reservoir, Mari - on, IA 1 Jan (AB). Six- teen reports of North- ern Harrier included a count of 3 at Neal Smith N.W.R., Jasper, IA 2-28 Jan (KVS) and 4 in Woodbury, IA 24 Jan (GLV). Five Northern Goshawks were reported: on the Horton-Four Rivers C.A. C.B.C., Ver - non, MO 15 Dec, on the Squaw Creek N.W.R. C.B.C., Holt, MO 17 Dec, at Goose Lake, John - son, IA 14 Dec (RJH), along April Ave., Clayton, IA 3 Jan (DJA), and at Clear Lake, Cerro Gordo, IA 10 Jan (RGo). Rough-legged Hawks ap - peared in above-average numbers in Iowa, with 61 reports totaling 131 individuals (only 3 dark morphs). Some 11-12 were at Lime Springs, Howard, IA 8-21 Feb (LR) and 10 at Sedan Bot - toms, Appanoose, IA 27 Feb (RLC). There were seven reports of Golden Eagle in Missouri and seven in Iowa. CRANES THROUGH FALCONS A Sandhill Crane near Sergeant Bluff near the Missouri River, Woodbury, IA 20 Dec (TJL) made the only report of the season. Least Sand - pipers lingered into Dec, with 26 in Dunklin, MO 30 Dec (TJ), one at Riverlands Migratory Bird Sanctuary, St. Charles, MO 13 Dec (JG), and 5 on the Horton-Four Rivers Conservation Area C.B.C. Vernon, MO 15 Dec. The headline- making ad. Ivory Gull on the Mississippi River near Quincy, IL 2-9 Jan was sometimes vis - ible from the St. Louis, MO side of the river during its (SM, PL, PK, JL). An ad. California Gull made an appearance at Saylorville Reser - voir, Polk, IA 6 Dec (AB); another ad. was at St. Louis, St. Louis, MO 28-31 Jan (KM, MM, DW). There Five Thayer's Gulls in Missouri and 9 in Iowa, 7 Iceland Gulls in Iowa and 3 in Missouri, and 8 Glaucous Gulls in Missouri and 10 in Iowa were all above-average counts. Four Lesser Black-backed Gulls were in Mis - souri, and 11 were in Iowa. Single Great Black- backed Gulls were in St. Louis, MO (DW), at Iowa River Power Dam, Lock & Dam 14, Scott, IA 11 Jan (TGS), and at Cedar Lake, Linn, IA 8-12 Feb (JF, WWH). Missouri's sixth Inca Dove spent a chilly winter at Dan Cowell's residence in Holden, Far less numerous in Iowa than Trumpeter Swan in winter, this Tundra Swan was found on Beemer's Pond, Hamilton County 18 January 2015. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore. This cooperative female Harlequin Duck spent two weeks at Des Moines, Polk County, Iowa, from 31 December 2014 through 12 (here 3) January 2015. Photograph by Stephen J. Dinsmore.

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