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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 237 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A observations but could not be personally ac- knowledged; all have our thanks for their con- tributions. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– James D. Hengeveld, 6354 Southshore Drive, Unionville, Indiana 47468 ( Keith A. McMullen, 1405 DeSoto, O'Fallon, Illinois 62269 ( Geoffrey A. Williamson, 4046 North Clark Street, Unit K, Chicago, Illinois 60613 ( David StClair (DSc), Lee W. Sterrenburg, An- drew Stewart (ASt), Alan F. Stokie, Douglas F. Stotz, Carl A. Strang, Del Striegel, Craig A. Tay - lor, Joseph Troyer, Jim Tudor (JTu), Lynn Ver- non, Jude Vickery, Jeffery W. Walk, Tony Ward, Kyle Wiktor, Vern W. Wilkins, Daniel T. Wil - liams, Jr., Geoffrey A. Williamson (Illinois), Marisa Windell, Cole Wolf, Ted Wolff (TWo), Dennis Workman, Leon Yoder, Leslie Yoshitani (LYo), David Zickuhr. Many others submitted man, Brainard Palmer-Ball, Randy J. Pals, Glenn Perricone, Sam Plew, Phil J. Reyburn, David Ro - gles, Aidan Rominger, Steve Rose, Jeremy Ross, Kirk Roth, Sandy Schacht, Beau J. Schaefer, Matt Schamberger, Kenneth Schrock, Timothy Schrock, Peter E. Scott, Mark S. Seiffert, Spike Selig (SpS), Adam Sell, Leland R. Shaum, Rob - ert E. Shelby, Sharon Sheron (SSh), Randy L. Shonkwiler, Paul Skrade, Jeffrey R. R. Skrentny, Nicholas Sly, Evan Speck, Stephen G. Spitzer, Western Great Lakes both Michigan, while Minnesota had Lake Su- perior reports from Cook and Lake and an ad- ditional report in Wright 3 Jan (HHD, DF). Bar- row's Goldeneyes were in Otter Tail, MN 19 Dec (SPM), Roscommon, MI 20 Dec (BK, TK, GB), and St. Clair, MI 16 Jan–16 Feb (m.ob.). Up from last winter were 31 Red-throated Loons along Wisconsin's Lake Michigan shore - line. The only Pacific Loon was one that lin- gered through 11 Dec in St. Louis, MN (AL). Rare in winter was an Eared Grebe in Ottawa, MI 15 Dec–3 Jan (m.ob.). Minnesota and Wis - consin each had single Red-necked Grebes, in Lake 3 Feb (JLK) and Ozaukee 2 Dec (DT), re - spectively. The only Western Grebe was in Ot- tawa, MI 15-20 Dec (SK). Great Egrets again lingered in Michigan, with birds in Bay 6 Dec (JMS) and Monroe 14 Dec–31 Jan (m.ob.). VULTURES THROUGH FALCONS A Turkey Vulture in Chippewa 29 Dec (CB) was very rare for Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Away from their normal wintering areas in se. Min - nesota, Golden Eagles were still being reported in Feb from Marshall/Polk, Renville, and Hub - bard; Michigan birders found Goldens in nine counties. Virginia Rails lingered into late Dec in both Michigan and Wisconsin. Minnesota had a late migrant Sandhill Crane in Anoka 13 Dec (RHa), as well as late Killdeer in Lyon 25 Dec and Houston 16 Jan (DB). Michigan had lingering Killdeer in Ionia 20 Dec (JK) and Ber - rien 1 Jan (MKH, RJ). A Greater Yellowlegs in Washtenaw 1 Dec (DA) was Michigan's third winter record. Michigan also had a Sanderling in Berrien 4 Dec (MKH, JG), a Purple Sandpiper in Ottawa 15 Dec (CM), and Wilson's Snipe in Manistee, Muskegon, and Ottawa. Minnesota reported a single Bonaparte's Gull in Itasca 11 Dec (DV), while the only Little Gull was in Ottawa, MI 31 Dec (CM, RB). The first-cycle California Gull found in Duluth in mid-Oct was refound 21 Dec (KJB, JE, JLK, TRK), setting a record-late date for Minnesota. Minnesota's Duluth waterfront hosted Thayer's JF) and singles in Huron, Ottawa, and St. Clair. Three Mute Swans overwintered on the Missis - sippi River, and Tundra Swans were reported through late Dec in Dakota and Wabasha and 3 Jan in Goodhue (PEJ), all Minnesota. Minnesota also had a late American Wigeon in Benton 2 Dec (HHD), Blue-winged Teal in Itasca 19 Dec and a 2 Jan (SC), and up to 8 Northern Shovel - ers that overwintered in Scott. Four Northern Pintails lingered until things froze in Duluth, St. Louis 19 Feb, along with other mid-Feb reports in Benton, Chippewa, and Dakota. Minnesota's post-Dec Greater Scaup reports were a female in Dakota/Washington 10-19 Jan (KDS, m.ob.) and a male in Cook 2 Feb (CLW, LS). The only King Eider was in St. Clair, MI 24 Jan+ (m.ob.). A female Common Eider of the Pacific subspecies v-nigrum spent the winter moving back and forth between Duluth, MN and Superior, WI. A Common Eider also wandered up and down the Lake Michigan shoreline, spending 22 Dec–4 Jan in Ottawa, 16-23 Jan in Mason, and 17 Feb+ in Muskeg - on (m.ob.). Wisconsin birders found 3 female Harlequin Ducks in two Lake Michigan coun - ties, while Michigan had females in Alger 2-3 Dec (AG, MJH) and Allegan 24-27 Feb (TC, m.ob.). Minnesota's Harlequins were a male in St. Louis 7-9 Dec (RH, JLK, m.ob.) that moved to Lake 1-10 Feb (AL, GH, m.ob.), a pair in Lake 8 Dec (MLH), a female/imm. in Cook 15- 17 Dec (fide JWL), and a first-winter male in Cook 2 Feb (CLW, LS). Wisconsin's 13 Surf Sco - ters in three Lake Michigan counties was simi- lar to last winter, but 55 White-winged Scoters in nine counties was just over one quarter of last winter's numbers. Wisconsin also had 12 Black Scoters in five counties, with 2 found inland, away from Lake Michigan. Minnesota had 2 White-winged Scoters in Cook 8 Dec (MLH), a first-year bird in Cook 8 Feb (CLW, LS), and one in Lake 12 Feb (DS), as well as a single Black Scoter in Cook 11 Dec (KCR, GHa). Long-tailed Ducks peaked at 10,000 in Allegan (KVV, JL) and 8000 in St. Clair 31 Jan (AMB), Adam M. Byrne –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– D ecember and January were mild, with temperatures and precipitation near average for both Michigan and Wis - consin. Minnesota temperatures dipped below average for the month of January, before Feb - ruary ushered in extremely cold temperatures, ranging from 8-13° F below normal. No major snowfall events were reported. Snowy Owls moved into the Region in num - bers that rivaled last winter. Lingering much later than normal was a Lark Sparrow in Wis - consin and White-eyed Vireo and Clay-colored Sparrow in Michigan. Common Redpolls and Pine Siskins were the most widely encountered of the winter finches, but Hoary Redpolls were also noted in decent numbers in all three states. Rarities were not overly abundant this sea - son. Wisconsin had a brief visit from Bram- bling, and Minnesota and Wisconsin shared a Common Eider. Other Minnesota highlights were California Gull and Golden-crowned Sparrow, while Michigan birders found a Com - mon Eider and Slaty-backed Gull. WATERFOWL THROUGH HERONS Greater White-fronted Geese were found in four Michigan counties, including a rare Up - per Peninsula record in Marquette 24-26 Dec (AO, JF). White-fronteds went undetected in Minnesota, but Snow and Cackling Geese lin - gered into late Dec, and a single Ross's Goose was in Stearns 20 Dec (HHD). Michigan had 2 Ross's Geese in Allegan 31 Dec–1 Jan (CS, KO,

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