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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 236 I L L I N O I S & I N D I A N A til at least 31 Jan (AR, DG). Winter finches were once again sparse in In- diana, though the season was enlivened by a one-day appearance of an ad. male Pine Gros - beak at Merrillville, Lake 10 Dec (BC, m.ob.). This was only the fourth record of the species in Indiana and the first since 2004. Spectro - gram analysis of the recorded calls of a flock of 15 Red Crossbills at Sand Ridge S.F., Mason, IL 23 Jan (TAM) revealed them to be Type 2. Red Crossbills were seen at this location through - out the season but were almost nonexistent elsewhere. The sole White-winged Crossbill re - ported in the Region visited a DeKalb, IN feeder 30-31 Dec (SSh). Common Redpolls reaching the cen. tier included 25 on the Bloomington- Normal C.B.C. in cen. Illinois 14 Dec (fide APC), 2 on the Meredosia Island C.B.C. in w.- cen. Illinois 14 Dec (fide TW), one in Knox, IL 18-19 Dec (PS), and one in Coles, IL 20 Feb (RB). Two Hoary Redpolls were in a flock of Commons at Wolf Lake, Cook, IL 6 Feb+ (ph. †ASA, JL; ph., †MMC; ph., †GAW; m.ob.). Good numbers of Pine Siskins were noted in the Region; the highest count was of 115 at El - burn F.P., Kane, IL 1 Jan (DFS). Contributors cited (subregional editors in boldface): Andrew S. Aldrich, Michael Autin, Amar A. Ayyash, Michael J. Baum, Phred Ben - ham, Brandon Berger, Gary Binderim, Neal Bogan, H. David Bohlen, Aaron Boone, Gary & Lisa Bowman, Ron Bradley, Matt Bredeweg, Kenneth J. Brock (Indiana), Michael R. Brown, Samuel B. Burckhardt, Angelo P. Capparella, John K. Cassady, Jeff D. Chapman, Gary & Jonathon Chupp, Kevin Cornell, Bob Cotton, David Crouch, Ben Cvengros (BCv), Matthew M. Cvetas, Carl & Pen DauBach, Michelle C. Devlin, Colin Dobson, Bud Dodrill, Ryan Doug - las, Jerry I. Downs, John Elliott, Joshua I. En- gel, Brad Feaster, Robert E. Fisher, Matthew E. Fraker, Tyler D. Funk, Urs W. Geiser, W. Sulli - van Gibson, Bob Gillespie, Nathan R. Goldberg, Don Gorney, Judy Groskind, Brendan J. Grube, Aaron Gyllenhaal, P. D. Ryan Hamilton, C. Le - roy Harrison, Don Hartzler, Ted Hartzler, James A. Haw, John Heneghan, Jed B. Hertz, Wayne Hochstetler, Frank R. Holmes, Edward M. Hop - kins, Steven J. Huggins, Robert D. Hughes, Bob Huguenard, Brian Johnson, Dan M. Kassebaum, Amy Kearns, John C. Kendall, Nick Kiehl, Bren - don Lake, Thomas B. Lally, Steven L. Lima, Joshua Little, Travis A. Mahan, Charlene M. Malone, Jim P. Malone, Walter J. Marcisz, Kathy McClain, Kelly J. McKay, Cynthia K. McKee, Keith A. McMullen, John Meredig, Benjamin Miller, John Miller (JMi), Neal Miller, Cathleen & Jason Monson, Jim Mordacq (JMo), Fran R. Morel, D. James Mountjoy, Pete A. Moxon, Ben - jamin Murphy, Landon Neumann, Chris New- Lake Gibson (CN), providing a fifth Jan record for Indiana. Three Pine Warblers were noted: in LaGrange, IN, one visited a feeder from 10-20 Dec (KS, ph. TS), one was in Mason, IL 1 Jan (CAT), and one was at Pyramid 25 Jan (KAM). A female Audubon's Warbler was found at South Bend, IN 11 Dec (GB). The 63 Yellow- rumped Warblers tallied in Warrick 31 Jan (JM) provided Indiana's second largest winter count. A Wilson's Warbler at Perry Farm Park at Bourbonnais, Kankakee, IL 26 Dec (ph. JBH) was quite tardy; there are only four prior Dec records for Illinois, the most recent from 1997. A Spotted Towhee was located at Pyramid 31 Dec (KJM, TWo). Among the 4 Eastern Towhees found lingering in Dec in Illinois's n. tier, only the one at Elsen's Hill, DuPage 20 Dec–10 Jan (LYo, GP, KW) stayed into the new year. Chip - ping Sparrows are lingering and likely winter- ing more commonly in the Region, though the 28 reported in Indiana represented an unusu - ally high total. Reports past the new year in Il- linois included single birds in Putnam, IL 5 Jan (ph. ASA, JL), in Kankakee, IL 5 Jan (ph. JBH), and in McLean, IL 11 Jan (ph. MEF), plus 6 at Olney, Richland 17 Feb (RES). In ne. Indi - ana, a Clay-colored Sparrow found near Howe, LaGrange 1 Dec (BMi) remained through 15 Feb (ph. SP, m.ob.). A lingering Vesper Spar - row was found in Chicago 6 Dec (ph. TBL); sightings of 3 other individuals were scattered among cen. and s. Illinois C.B.C.s during Dec, while the biggest surprise was a Vesper Spar - row near Howe, IN 11 Feb (JMi). The sighting of 8 Savannah Sparrows at Fort Sheridan F.P., Lake, IL 27 Dec (WSG, NRG, SJH, GAW) was unusual because so many were at one location in the north. Perhaps as the result of frigid Feb temperatures, there was a spike in Fox Spar - row movement on 19 Feb, as 25 birds were reported by eight observers at nine different In - diana locations. Three Lincoln's Sparrows were notable: one was at the Morton Arboretum, Du - Page, IL 14 Dec (JDC), one at Marian College in Indianapolis 28 Dec (DSc), and one in Knox, IN 30 Dec (G&LB); this species is infrequent in the n. tier during winter. A Harris's Sparrow was found in Perry, IL 31 Dec (KJM, TWo). An - other Harris's Sparrow regularly visited a feeder in Edwards, IL 27 Dec+ (RES) and was joined by an Indigo Bunting 16 & 19 Feb (RES). The imm. male Rose-breasted Grosbeak that visited a Warrick, IN feeder in late Nov lingered until 16 Dec (SR). Two Western Meadowlarks were observed at Union County C.A., Union, IL 6 Feb (KAM, MSS). Prior to 2014, only 10 Yellow-headed Blackbirds had been reported in Dec in Indiana. This year, 3 were reported: a first-cycle male in Daviess 10 Dec (AK) and 2 first-cycle males at Bluegrass F.W.A., Warrick 27 Dec (ES) that remained un - A notable exception was a bird found in the far n. part of the state near Middlebury, Elkhart 28 Feb (JT). A Sage Thrasher in Putnam, IL 18 Dec–3 Jan (DFS, m.ob.) was the fourth to be seen in Illinois from 2009 to date. An American Pipit was seen at Montrose Point in Chicago's Lincoln Park 25 Dec (†GAW, JIE et al.); they occur quite infrequently in the n. tier during early winter. A Bohemian Waxwing in Chi - cago's Jackson Park 15 Feb+ (BB, †RLS, ph. †GAW, m.ob.) represented Illinois's fifth record in the last five years. Good winter numbers of Lapland Longspurs were reported in Indiana, highlighted by 3500 at Lake Gibson 23 Feb (ES), Indiana's third largest count. Lingering warblers included single Orange- crowned Warblers in Kane, IL 8 Dec (BL), at West Branch F.P., DuPage, IL 20 Dec (UWG, CAS), and in Chicago's Lincoln Park 26 Dec (AFS), plus Common Yellowthroats at Spring Bluff F.P., Lake, IL 5 Dec (ASt), at Willowbrook Wildlife Center, DuPage, IL, 12 Dec (GP), and at McKee Marsh, DuPage, IL 20 Dec (REF, KW et al.). On 4 Jan, a Palm Warbler was found near Discovered in Chicago's Jackson Park by Brandon Berger, this Bohe- mian Waxwing remained for two weeks, 15-28 (here 28) February 2015, and was seen by many. Photograph by Sid Padgaonkar. Andrew Aldrich and Josh Little spotted this Hoary Redpoll in a flock of Common Redpolls in southeastern Chicago 15 February 2015, and later a second Hoary was also found in the flock. Photograph by Geoffrey A. Williamson

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