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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

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Figure 5. The differences in the patterns of upper breast/neck between the two Collared Pratincoles were readily apparent in the field, with the more freshly plumaged bird (left) appearing a bit darker in that area, depending on its posture. Photograph by Anthony Levesque. Figure 6. Although some authors have suggested that the extent of red in the bill, or the shape of the bill, can be useful in distinguishing Collared from Oriental Pratincole, detailed study of these characters has not revealed consistent differences in adults or juveniles (Driessens and Svensson 2005). In this image (and in Figure 3, same individual), the shape of the nostril—a narrow slit, with parallel sides, that is about four times longer than it is broad—indicates Collared rather than Oriental Pratincole, which has an egg-shaped nostril, about twice as long as it is broad (Driessens and Svensson 2005). Afrotropical Collared Pratincoles also have narrow, long nostrils (Driessens 2005). Photograph by Anthony Levesque. Fig. 5 Fig. 6 181 V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 C O L L A R E D P R AT I N C O L E S AT G U A D E LO U P E

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