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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 233 E A S T E R N H I G H L A N D S & U P P E R O H I O R I V E R VA L L E Y wood, Lancaster 29 Dec (Jim Smith). The Har- ris's Sparrow at the Koch farm was accompanied by a Gambel's White-crowned Sparrow for the season. In what would prove to be its last win - tering season, the Golden-crowned Sparrow survived into spring at its Hancock, OH feeder. A towhee in Franklin, OH 20-21 Feb (ph. Mi - chael Horn, ph. Leslie Sours, m.ob.) appeared to be a hybrid Spotted x Eastern. A Rose-breasted Grosbeak was seen at a feeder in Stahlstown, Westmoreland, PA 17 Dec (Dick Byers), and Indigo Buntings were noted through the season at Oakland Mills, Juniata, PA (Greg Grove, Chad Kauffman, Aden Troyer) and Pennypack Pack, Philadelphia, PA 10 Jan (Todd Fellenbaum). Single Dickcissels were at Newtown Square, Chester, PA 11 Dec (Marilyn Smith) and 9 Jan–late Feb (different bird; Julia Crawford) and at Roxborough, Philadelphia, PA 10 Jan (Michael Darcy). Single Yellow-headed Blackbirds were found in Lancaster and Chester, PA, as usual, but one at Biglerville 20 Dec made a first Adams record (Vern Gauthier, Nathan Zalik). Another was in Montgomery, OH 25-26 Feb (Sarah Lucas, ph. Alex Eberts, ph. Leslie Sours, m.ob.). The familiar male Bullock's Oriole returned 6 Dec to a yard in Gilberts - ville, Montgomery, PA to spend its fifth winter there (Mary Ache). Common Redpolls were s. to West Virginia in Ritchie 2-3 Jan (Cynthia Burkhart), Randolph 3-5 Feb (Randy Bodkins), and Hardy 17 Jan–17 Feb (ph. David Carr). The Hoary Redpoll found at the Philadelphia Navy Yard, PA 17-25 Jan (George L. Armistead) was remarkable for its occurrence in a relative - ly slow redpoll year in the state; this made the third report and first documented record for well-birded Philadelphia. A rare visitor to Ohio in recent years, a single Evening Grosbeak vis - ited a favorite haunt at Mohican S.P., Ashland 13 Dec+ (Chris Collins et al., John Herman, Ed Wrandky, m.ob.). n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Victor W. Fazio, III, 18722 Newell Road, Shaker Heights, Ohio 44122 ( Tom Johnson, 3960 Bayshore Road, Cape May, New Jersey 08204 ( Kistler). Another was well n. of the usual range in Belmont, OH along the Ohio River 25 Jan (Sandie Myers). All but gone from Ohio, a Log - gerhead Shrike was in Adams 28 Dec–4 Jan (Ned Keller, ph. Jacob Roalef, Hallie Mason, m.ob.). Its stronghold in Pocahontas, WV pro - duced 2 birds 14 Dec (fide eBird). Strikingly late, single White-eyed Vireos were document - ed in Richland, OH 20 Dec (Gary Cowell) and along the Scioto River at Kiwanis Riverway Park, Franklin, OH 11 Dec–5 Jan (ph. James Muller, Leslie Sours). The wintering flock of Northern Rough-winged Swallows at the Northeast Water Pollution Control Plant in Philadelphia dwindled from 120 in early Jan to 4 by the end of Feb (m.ob.); insect life there presumably took a big hit with the bitterly cold temperatures later in winter. We have come to expect a few Tree Swallows into early Dec in sw. Ohio, such as the 3 in Hamilton 5 Dec (Joe Kappa). Small numbers along Lake Erie, such as 8-13 at Maumee Bay S.P., Lucas, OH 22- 30 Dec (Tim Thompson, ph. Carl Winstead), are less expected. But Jan birds still raise eye - brows, including 2 remaining at Maumee Bay S.P. 9 Jan (Ryan Jacob) and one in Montgomery, OH 6 Jan (Sarah Lucas, Jeremy Dominguez). A House Wren in Pendleton, WV 16 Dec (fide eBird) was tardy. A Blue-gray Gnatcatcher was on the West Fairview Trail, Cumberland, PA 13- 26 Dec (Ramsay Koury). Hardy Ruby-crowned Kinglets were n. to Trumbull, OH 16 Jan (2; Ethan Kistler) and Champaign, OH 2 Jan (Paul Owens). A Wood Thrush was very unseason - able in a city park at 18th St. and Cherry St., Philadelphia 7-15 Dec (Steve Mason, Jason Weckstein). Similarly, mid-season Gray Cat - birds remained in ne. Ohio in Summit 25 Jan (Gregory Bennett), in Portage 8 Jan (ph. Doug Marcum, Joseph Ford), and in Lake 2 Jan (Jon - athan Oliveras). Northernmost Ohio American Pipits mid-season were in Erie 16 Jan (Paul Sherwood), Marion 15 Jan (Ron Sempier), and Holmes through 18 Jan (ph. Vic Fazio, Kevin & Amy O'Neill, m.ob.). Two Black-and-white Warblers were on the West Fairview Trail, Cumberland, PA 7 Dec, with one still there 22 Dec (Ramsay Koury, Annette Mathis). An Orange-crowned Warbler lingered in Ashland, OH 19 Dec (Gary Cowell); a Nashville Warbler in Franklin, OH 14 Dec (Alex Champagne et al.) was the only Regional report. A Clay-colored Sparrow, rare in winter, visited feeders in Reading, Berks, PA 8-28 Feb (Matt Spence). A Lark Sparrow was at Carlisle, Cumberland, PA 4-5 Jan (Ramsay Koury, Joan Renninger). Three Harris's Sparrows were re - ported in Pennsylvania, with birds settling in at Big Spring, Cumberland 29 Jan–19 Feb (Vern Gauthier) and the Koch farm, Northampton (Ar - lene Koch). The third was seen briefly at Holt- tricia Williams) and another at Cumberland St., Philadelphia 25 Jan (Linda Widdop) are notewor - thy for their mid-winter timing. Inland Thayer's Gulls (away from Lake Erie) remain noteworthy. Singles were well documented from Montgom - ery, OH 6 & 20-21 Feb (ph. Eric Elvert, ph. Daniel DeLapp, ph. Brad Elvert, m.ob.), Stark, OH 27 Feb (ph. Kent Miller), and Pittsburgh Point, Allegheny, PA 28-31 Jan (juv. Ben Coul - ter, Geoff Malosh) and 17 (ad.; Ben Coulter) & 20 Feb (ad.; Geoff Malosh, Shannon Thompson, Dave Wilton). Ohio Iceland Gulls were inland to Alum Creek Reservoir, Delaware 10 Feb (ph. Robert Batterson) and along the Great Miami River at Dayton, where 1-2 appeared sporadi - cally through the season beginning 10 Jan (Jeff Bartosik, ph. David Brinkman, ph. Dee Long, John Shrader, m.ob.). Very rare in West Virginia, 1-2 were on the Ohio River at Pike Island Dam 30 Jan – 24 Feb (M. Dietrich, ph. Mike Slaven, Joe Hildreth, m.ob.). One was also found just upstream in adjacent Brooke, WV 24 Feb (Terry Bronson et al.). In the highlands, 2 more were well documented on the Monongahela River at Morgantown, Monongalia 22 Feb (ph. Mike Slaven). Pike Island further yielded 1-2 Glau - cous Gulls 31 Jan–24 Feb (ph. David Daniels, Joe Hildreth, m.ob.), with another downstream in Wetzel, WV 22 Feb (Wilma Jarrell). Yet an - other Glaucous Gull was an outstanding find on the Kanawha River in Kanawha, WV 17 Feb (ph. Richard Gregg). New locations for the Eurasian Collared-Dove in Ohio included Clinton 15 Feb (2; ph. Andrew Cannizzaro) and Auglaize 2 Jan (2; ph. Troy Shiveley). A goodly irruption of Snowy Owls into the Region had singles s. in Ohio to Butler 12 Dec (ph. Andrew Cannizzaro, m.ob.), in Madison 14 Dec (ph. in eBird), and Preble 18-19 Jan (Sam Fitton, William Buskirk, m.ob.). Pennsylvania had reports of ca. 17 individuals, with 11 in Erie alone (fide Jerry McWilliams), and singles in Berks, Dauphin, Cumberland, Lebanon, and Nor - thumberland, plus 2 in Crawford. Central West Virginia was treated to one in Taylor 22-24 Jan (Ross Britain, ph. Mike Slaven, ph. David Dan - iels, m.ob.). A Rufous Hummingbird from the fall period remained at a Morgantown feeder, Monon - galia, WV through 7 Jan (ph. Mike Slaven); oth- ers were at the Phipps Conservancy, Allegheny, PA 27 Dec–19 Jan (Hannah Floyd, m.ob.), at Landenburg, Chester, PA through 20 Dec (Gail Bush), and at Albion, Erie, PA through 17 Dec (Mike Lipinski). Pennsylvania's second Crested Caracara was documented with a trail camera in Pike Twp., Berks 26-28 Dec (fide Rudy Keller). PASSERINES An Eastern Phoebe once again attempted over- wintering in ne. Ohio at the Mosquito Creek W.T.P., Trumbull, seen through 16 Jan (Ethan SA The most puzzling record of the sea- son was clearly the European Robin seen on six days between 21 Feb and 7 Mar in a private yard in Lower Makefield Twp., Bucks, PA (Pam Newitt et al.). The bird was seen by few observers, as news was not publicized widely during the bird's stay. Although records from Iceland indicate an above-average fall season for the species, the lack of precedent makes this occur - rence a challenging one to interpret.

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