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VOLUME 69 NO2 2016

A Quarterly Journal of Ornithological Record Published by the American Birding Association. The mission of the journal is to provide a complete overview of the changing panorama of our continent’s birdlife.

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V O L U M E 6 9 ( 2 0 1 6 ) • N U M B E R 2 231 O N TA R I O Brenda D. Remus (BDRe), Kory J. Renaud, Alex Rheault (ARh), Pat Rheault (PRh), Ian M. Rich - ards, Ron Ridout, Maureen Riggs, Garth V. Ri- ley, Bruce E. Ripley, Jamie E. Robertson, Janice Robinson (JRo), Paul Roedding (PRo), Denby Sadler (DSa), Paul Schoening, Tim A. Seburn, Langis Sirois, David Skinner (DSk), Roy B. H. Smith, William F. Smith, James Spence (JSp), R. Terry Sprague, Pamela M.S. Stagg, Cyndi Stockman, Christopher E. Street, Owen Strick - land, Judy Swanson (JSw), David E. Szmyr, Barbara L. Taylor, Cynthia A. Taylor, Lisa M. Teskey, Rodney C. Thompson, Ronald G. Toz - er, James A. Turland, Simon Turland, Joshua D. Vandermeulen, Ray Webster, Angie Williams (AWi), Kenneth Williams, Ross W. Wood, Alan Wormington, Gregory Zbitnew. n –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– Joshua D. Vandermeulen, 568 Myers Road, Cambridge, Ontario N1R 5S2 ( Gromoff, Kevin C. Hannah, Michael Hatton, Fred M. Helleiner, Tyler L. Hoar, Peter B. Ho - genbirk, Brandon R. Holden, Raymond P. Hol- land, Marcie L. Jacklin, Eric Jeffery, Frederick J. Jennings, Mark W. Jennings, Barry Kant, William Koopmans, Walter R. Lake, Christo - pher A. Law, John G. Lemon, Carmen Loew (CL), Stuart A. Mackenzie, Blake A. Mann, Leonard P. Manning, Steven Marks, Reuven D. Martin, Beverly McBride (BMc), Sheldon E. McGregor, Kevin A. McLaughlin, Candy McManiman, Nancy McPherson, Martha L. Miller, Ian Miron, Brian L. Morin, Bev Mo - ses (BMo), David Mudd, Miranda O'Hara, Ben Oldfield, Karl R. Overman, Lynn Pady, Gavin C. Platt, Jonathan S. Pleizier, Paul D. Pratt, J. Paul Prevett, David I. Pryor, Donald N. Pye, Rayfield R. Pye, Andreas Radman (ARa), Bri - an D. Ratcliff (BDRa), Iain Rayner, Mark D. Read, Peter A. Read, Joanne Redwood (JRe), Barkley, Roland Bastarache (RoB), Erwin D. Batalla, Sandra N. Bateman, Christopher T. Bell, David M. Bell, R. John Blaney, Christo - pher G. Blomme, Joshua R. Bouman, Michael P.J. Bouman, Jacques M. Bouvier, William V. Bradford, Robin Brown (RBr), Christine Bru - net, James T. Burk, Douglas J. Burrell, Kenneth G. D. Burrell, Michael V. A. Burrell, Heather E. Burrow, Robert M. Burt, A. Geoffrey Car - pentier, Richard P. Carr, Alain Carriere (ACa), J. Peter Chapman, Aaron Charbonneau (ACh), Stephen R. Charbonneau, Barbara N. Charl - ton, Chris Cheatle, Brianne Corcoran, Mark H. Cranford, Nel Dekker, Bruce M. Di Labio, Rob - ert Z. Dobos, Gary Dowe, Carolle D. Eady, David H. Elder, Nicholas G. Escott, Don Fair - bairn, Roxane D. Filion, Iain D.M. Fleming, Tom Flinn, James T. Fox, Christian A. Friis, Ed Gatner, Scott Gibson, Clive E. Goodwin, David L. Goodyear, Regan C. Goodyear, Nick Representing one of very few winter records for Ontario, this Clay-colored Sparrow was a brief visitor at a feeder in St. Isidore, Prescott and Russell United Counties on 8 February 2015. Photograph by Jacques Bouvier. With fewer than ten records for Ontario, this Eurasian Tree Sparrow was a surprise at Niagara-on-the-Lake, Niagara Region from 24 November (here 5 December) 2014 through 7 January 2015. Hundreds of birders were able to view it during its prolonged stay. Photograph by Joshua D. Vandermeulen. Eastern Highlands & Upper Ohio River Valley dividuals were at The Wilds, Muskingum, OH 1 Jan (Mike Smith), on the Ohio River, Wood, WV 25 Jan (Jason White), and at Ethel Springs Lake, Westmoreland, PA 10-11 Jan (Steve Gosser, Jes - sica Botzan). Equally uncommon within the e. Panhandle of West Virginia, 3 were at Harper's Ferry, Jefferson 1 Jan (J. Farley et al.) and 2 in Mineral, WV 17 Jan (Kyle Kotz). Snow Geese typically do not linger within West Virginia, so one (or more) at several locations in Wood 25 Jan (Jason White, Jon Benedetti, m.ob.) was un - expected. Ross's Geese were surprisingly wide- spread in West Virginia, from the Ohio River to the Allegheny Front. Notable singles were in Washington 4 Dec (Kyle Carlsen), Putnam 20 Dec (Cynthia Ellis), Pocahontas 5 Feb (Catherine Bailey, Sharon Kearns), Lewis 7 Dec (ph. Dav - ette Saeler), and Hardy 6 & 25-30 Dec (Freder- ick Atwood, Diane Holsinger, m.ob.). Two ad. Barnacle Geese were at Weir Lake, Monroe, PA 11-31 Dec (Bruce Johnson). Rare for the Ohio prevalent on waterways, with waterfowl con- gregating in what little water remained open after mid-February, by which time the Great Lakes were also, again, almost completely ice- locked. There was a large snowfall event 26-27 January, but widespread, heavy snowfalls were not a common event. Temperatures remained below average well into March. Bird highlights include Pennsylvania's first record of Kelp Gull and second record of Crest - ed Caracara. A record of European Robin is perplexing and is discussed below. For prepa - ration of this report, eBird data and summaries by Geoff Malosh and Greg Grove in Pennsylva - nia Birds were very helpful. WATERFOWL THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS Midwinter Greater White-fronted Geese are now a regular part of the Ohio landscape, with no fewer than 40 found through Jan. They remain rare in the Appalachians, where noteworthy in - Victor W. Fazio, III Tom Johnson –––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––––– T he season was an atypically cold one, with long periods well below freezing. December was fairly mild, but in January, temperatures plummeted. In February, the cold intensified, with average temperatures more than 10° F below average. February was one of the Region's coldest winters ever, and ice was

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