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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 230 O N TA R I O 10-26 Dec (CC). At least 4 Pine Warblers attended feeders late into the winter season, including birds at Chatham, Chatham-Kent 27 Jan–2 Feb (WK), London 15 Dec–20 Jan (DF), Port Weller 16 Jan–28 Feb (ND), and Presqu'ile P.P. 3 Jan–20 Feb (BK). Completing the group of unseasonable warblers at Sedgewick Park in Oakville, a Wilson's Warbler continued 29 Nov through 6 Jan (SEM, m.ob.). SPARROWS THROUGH FINCHES Single wintering Spotted Towhees in Thunder Bay were at Marathon mid-Nov–28 Feb+ (WRLet al.) and Thunder Bay 7-28 Feb+ (BDRe et al.). A Clay-colored Sparrow that visited a feeder at St. Isidore, Prescott and Russell 8 Feb (JMB) provided one of very few winter records for Ontario. Very late for Greater Sudbury was a Vesper Sparrow at Lively 3-7 Dec (CGB). Two Har - ris's Sparrows were reported during the winter, single imms. at St. Catharines, Niagara 14 Dec (BNC, RZD) and Bronte, Halton 7-28+ Feb (MWJ, m.ob.). Oregon Junco sightings included birds at St. Isidore 8 Feb (JMB), Camden East, Lennox and Addington 31 Oct–25 Jan (WVB), Strathroy, Middlesex 23 Dec (DSk), Fort Erie 5 Dec (JDV, DES), St. Catharines 7 Nov–31 Dec (ARa), Puce, Essex 9-10 Jan (CL), and Murray Town - ship, Hastings 11 Jan–28 Feb+ (NG). Three Rose-breasted Grosbeaks were reported coming to feeders into the winter, including birds at St. Isidore 13-29 Dec (CAT), Red Rock, Thunder Bay late Nov–29 Jan (JSw), and Longlac, Thunder Bay 3 Jan (FJJ). A male Painted Bunting was seen by many at Oakville 14 Dec–19 Feb (HEB, m.ob.); the O.B.R.C. has deemed this bird to be of captive origin, based on plumage anomalies. The only Yellow-headed Blackbird report was a young male at Lambs Cor - ners, Haldimand 31 Dec–2 Jan (GVR, NEM). A pair of Brewer's Blackbirds was at Port Rowan, Norfolk 20 Dec (RWW), while another was at Big Creek, Norfolk 20 Dec (RR). A Baltimore Oriole was a surprise visitor at Pickering, Durham mid-Nov–early Dec (fide TLH). Now nearly annual in n. Ontario, a Gray-crowned Rosy-Finch (subspecies tephrocotis) was found at Gun Lake, Kenora 30 Nov–13 Mar (ARh, PRh). Most of the "winter finches" remained in the boreal forest this winter, though moderate numbers of Common Redpolls were observed in the south. Three Hoary Redpolls were reported in the G.T.A., and scattered individuals were also reported with flocks of Com - mon Redpolls in e. Ontario. A Hoary Redpoll of the n. subspecies hornemanni frequented a feeder at South Porcupine, Cochrane 3-27 Feb (RDF, GD), and anoth - er was at Bronte 10 Dec (MWJ). Evening Grosbeaks were scarce in s. Ontario, though one was at Wals - ingham, Norfolk 11 Jan (DSa) and another at Point Pelee N.P. 15 Dec (KJR). Marking the second winter record for Ontario, a Eurasian Tree Sparrow showed up at a feeder in Niagara-on-the-Lake 24 Nov–7 Jan (BMC, m.ob.). Observers (subregional editors in boldface): Ab - dulmagid Alfrgany Alglid, Rick Baker (RiB), Erica P. SA Throughout s. Ontario, a number of warblers were reported in late autumn, with many lingering into early winter. It is not unusual for several late individuals to appear, but the large number of Oreothlypis warblers in particular was unprecedent - ed. A remarkable 21+ individual Orange-crowned Warblers were reported into Dec, along with 3 Nashville Warblers and a Tennessee Warbler (Table 1). In addition to the Oreothlypis warblers, several other out-of-season warbler species included Cape May Warbler (2 at feeders) and both a Wilson's Warbler and Northern Parula. These warblers, along with many others that were undoubtedly never found by bird- ers, likely managed to survive into late autumn due to temperatures that were not un- usually cold throughout Oct and into early Nov. Toronto exhibited Oct daytime highs that were 1.5º C above average, with only one daytime high being less than 10º C (31 Oct, at 7º). November saw a return to more seasonal temperatures, but a surge of warm temperatures later in the month potentially allowed these warblers to survive into Dec. A cold and snowy Dec likely was the fatal blow for these warblers, already with little margin for error after attempting to survive at such a latitude so late in the year. Many of these warblers had been pushed to somewhat sheltered areas in migrant traps along the lower Great Lakes. The best locations had an abundant food source, such as midges from a nearby sewage treatment plant, or open running water surrounded by dense vegetation. Some individuals in more suitable locations survived until early Jan, but even the warblers at famous Sedgewick Park in Oakville failed to be reported past 8 Jan, when consistently frigid temperatures set in. The latest lingering Oreothlypis warbler was an Orange-crowned Warbler at Cranberry Marsh, last reported 11 Jan. Table 1. Records of Tennessee, Orange-crowned, and Nashville Warblers in Ontario, 9 November 2014 through 11 January 2015. No. Location County Date(s) Finder(s) Tennessee Warbler 1 Oakville (Sedgewick Park) Halton 27 Nov-6 Jan LPM, LMT Orange-crowned Warbler 1 Etobicoke (Col. Sam Smith Park) Toronto 9 Nov -14 Dec IDMF 1 Bronte (South Shell Park) Halton 19 Nov-23 Dec MWJ 1 Toronto (Tommy Thompson Park) Toronto 22 Nov-2 Jan OS 2 Oakville (Sedgewick Park) Halton 22 Nov-6 Jan (first) 1 Dec-4 Jan (second) CES 3 Rondeau P.P. (one continued until 5 Jan) Chatham-Kent late Nov-26 Dec JTB, BAM 2 Mississauga (R.K. MicMillan Park) Peel 3 Dec-4 Jan DIP 1 Port Credit Peel 11-12 Dec RWW, SAM 1 Waupoos Prince Edward 13 Dec BER 2 Etobicoke (Humber Bay Park East) Toronto 13-24 Dec DIP 1 Hamilton (Bayfront Park) Hamilton 14 Dec LPM 2 Shrewsbury Chatham-Kent 14 Dec MWJ, AW 1 Mississauga (Springbank Park) Peel 19 Dec RDM 1 Port Rowan Norfolk 20 Dec SAM 1 Wheatley Chatham-Kent 22 Dec KRO, JTF 1 Port Glasgow Elgin 27 Dec JPP, CM 1 Cranberry Marsh Durham 7-11 Jan AAA Nashville Warbler 1 Oakville (Sedgewick Park) Halton 24 Nov-8 Jan JRe 1 Wheatley Chatham-Kent 22 Dec JTF, KRO 1 Rondeau P.P. Chatham-Kent 31 Dec BAM

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