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N O R T H A M E R I C A N B I R D S 226 F LO R I D A Red-breasted Nuthatch was at Tallahassee 18 Jan (AWr) and another at Tall Timbers 19 Jan (RuT). A single Brown Creeper was found along the Su - wannee River, Suwannee 22 Feb (Earl Scales, Jr.). Rare in winter and restricted to the n. sections of the state, single Winter Wrens were found at O'Leno S.P., Columbia through 26 Dec (JoH), Wa - cissa Springs, Jefferson 2 Dec (AWr), Tall Timbers 6 Dec and Lake Jackson 14 Dec–30 Jan (both Daphne Asbell et al.), and n. of High Springs 16 Dec (Debbie Segal et al.). Nine Golden-crowned Kinglets were reported along the n. tier of coun - ties. Three late Wood Thrush reports included one at Taminco Sanctuary 1 Dec (Les Kelly, Larry Goodman, Bruce Furlow), one at Alligator Point 10 Dec (JMu), and one at Kanapaha Bo - tanical Gardens 14-17 Dec (H. Jones, AKr). Four Sprague's Pipits were found at the only depend - able location for this species in Florida at the Apalachicola airport, Franklin 26 Jan (MBe, JMu). Mild winter weather was probably respon - sible for the report of 20 total species of war- blers. Single Blue-winged Warblers were re- ported at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 14 Dec (AdZ, Steve Collins) and at the Deering Estate 1 Jan+ (RaD). Five Louisiana Waterthrushes were found: Celery Fields 12 Dec (R. Harrod), Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 30 Jan (HRo), O'Leno S.P. 3-11 Feb (JoH et al.), Frog Pond W.M.A. 10 Feb (A&MA), and Merritt Island N.W.R. 27 Feb (MiH). Swainson's Warblers were seen at Elaine Gordon Enchanted Forest Park, Miami- Dade 8 Dec+ (AxH), Fairchild Tropical Botanical Gardens 30 Jan–21 Feb (AxH et al.), and Long Key S.P. 17 Feb (Tim Rodenkirk). There were three reports of late Tennessee Warblers, includ - ing one at Melbourne 3-7 Dec (L. Pernas-Giz), one at Leffis Key 4 Dec (Stu Wilson), and one at Deering Estate 14 Dec (RaD). Nashville War - blers occur regularly in winter, and there were five reports this year. Three Cape May Warblers were reported including one n. at Vero Beach 1 Jan (BiW). A Yellow Warbler of the Caribbean subspecies group (Golden Yellow Warbler) was found at Matheson Hammock Park 4-15 Feb (CSa). A Chestnut-sided Warbler at Fort De Soto Park 8 Dec+ (Matt Hafner et al.) provided the fied winter report for Florida and an exceptional record for anywhere in the United States on that date. As many as 5 Least Flycatchers wintered at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. (DGa, HRo et al.), one at Oviedo, Seminole 3 Dec (Graham Williams), one at Overlook Park, Seminole 6 Dec (Graham Williams), 2 at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 6 Dec–15 Feb (AdZ), one at Stump Pass Beach S.P. 13 Jan (MiM), and one at Barr Hammock Preserve, Alachua 31 Jan (AdZ). A single Cor - dilleran/Pacific-slope Flycatcher at Tallahas- see 8 Jan (ESc) provided the first Florida record. Two Say's Phoebes were seen this season, one at Morning Star Rd., Palm Beach through 1 Feb (CoC et al.) and one along NE Four Mile Grade Rd., DeSoto 31 Jan+ (Susan Daughtrey, Claire Herzog et al.). Seven Vermilion Flycatchers were scattered the length of Florida, from the north - ernmost that wintered at St Marks N.W.R. (Jeff O'Connell) to a female that spent the winter along L-31W Canal, Miami-Dade (LaM et al.). Seventeen Ash-throated Flycatchers were reported in the state, with concentrations of as many as 6 wintering at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. (DGa, HRo et al.) and as many as 5 at Paynes Prairie Preserve S.P. 12 Dec–31 Jan (JoH et al.). The s. tip of the mainland was the place to find Brown-crested Flycatchers, with 9 reported in - cluding one at West Delray R.P., Palm Beach 4 Dec and 11 Feb (Carlos Valenzuela et al.), one on Gumbo-Limbo Trail, Everglades N.P. 14 Dec (CSa), one at Deering Estate 27 Dec (RaD), one at "Dump Marsh" 13 Feb (A&MA), 4 at Canal-111E on 14 Feb+ (CSa), and one at Frog Pond W.M.A. 17 Feb (DPe). A La Sagra's Flycatcher appeared at the Deering Estate 30 Dec–15 Feb (Judd Pat - terson, RaD). Two Tropical Kingbirds wintered at L-31W (LaM et al.), and as many as 2 wintered at S.T.A.-5 (MEn et al.). A Cassin's Kingbird spent its third winter near Bunnell 13 Jan–7 Feb (D. Segal, DoR). Western Kingbirds wintered in good numbers, with 42 reported, including as many as 25 at Cox Rd., Polk through 4 Dec (Na - than Langwald et al.), 7 at Helen Cooper Floyd Park, Duval 19 Dec (Donald Pridgen), and one at Apalachicola 26 Jan (MBe, JMu). Rare in winter, a Gray Kingbird wintered at S.T.A.-5 (MEn et al.), and one was at Lake Seminole Park 16 Feb (Ma - rie Hughes). Twenty-nine Scissor-tailed Flycatch- ers were reported; one along Bermont Rd. 2 Dec (DPe) provided a first Charlotte record. Horned Larks, rare in the state, were at their usual locations, with up to 5 at Concord Rd., Jackson through 27 Dec (ESc et al.) and 2 near Greenwood, Jackson 4 Jan (Mike Miller, JMu). Rare in Dec, 3 Purple Martins may have been early migrants at Spring Hill 22 Dec (Clay Black). Cliff Swallow is rare in winter, so one along the Coastal Prairie Trail, Everglades N.P. 8 Dec (GDa et al.) was noteworthy, as was a single Cave Swal - low at Lyn Haven, Bay 27 Feb (Neil Lamb). A ton, DPe) was very rare and one of only a hand - ful of winter records for Florida. DOVES THROUGH HUMMINGBIRDS A single White-crowned Pigeon was rare so far n. at J. N. "Ding" Darling N.W.R., Lee 25 Dec–17 Feb (Howard Youth). An African Collared-Dove was at St. Petersburg 20 Dec (BAh, DGo et al.). Three Key West Quail-Doves wintered at Long Key S.P., Monroe (AxH, ReG, Joel Wilcox et al.), and another was on the Deering Estate, Miami- Dade 28 Dec–1 Jan (RaD et al.). A Yellow-billed Cuckoo at Arthur R. Marshall Loxahatchee N.W.R. 10 Dec (ph. RSc) provided the only defi - nite Dec record for the state. Very hard to find in winter, 2 Mangrove Cuckoos turned up at R. Hardy Matheson Preserve, Miami-Dade 27 Dec (D. Smyth). A single Smooth-billed Ani appeared along Snake Rd., Broward 19 Jan–15 Feb (Trey McCuen et al.). Groove-billed Anis were again re - ported well s. into the peninsula, with one win- tering at Fort De Soto Park (R. Harrod et al.), as many as 2 at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. through 24 Feb (L. Reiners et al.), and one at Orlando Wet - lands Park, Orange 31 Jan–3 Feb (Jim Meyer). One of the state's most interesting finds of the winter was a Flammulated Owl at Liberty City, Miami and brought into Pelican Harbor Seabird Station 10 Dec, where it later expired (fide Chris - topher Scott Boykin, RaD); this represents the first Miami-Dade and fourth state record. A simi - lar instance occurred at the other end of the state, in n. Okaloosa 13 Dec, when a Long-eared Owl was taken into rehab where it later expired (*UF, fide B&LDu). A Short-eared Owl was at Lake Apopka N.S.R.A. 28 Dec and 14 Jan (HRo). A Lesser Nighthawk appeared at Fort Pickens, Es - cambia 1 Jan (Perry Doggrell), and 5 were found at Eco Pond, Everglades N.P. 16 Jan (MBe). In addition to numerous reports of Ruby- throated Hummingbirds, five additional species of hummingbirds were detected in the state, including a Buff-bellied Hummingbird at Apala - chicola 26 Dec (Chris Wood et al.), a Black- chinned Hummingbird at Valrico 24 Dec–15 Feb (StB), and a Calliope Hummingbird at Tallahas - see 2-13 Feb (T. & H. Roth). Rufous Humming- birds were found throughout the state, includ- ing as many as 3 that wintered at Valrico, Hill- sborough (StB), one at Delray Beach, Palm Beach through 1 Dec (CoC), one at Miami Shores, Miami-Dade 18 Dec–16 Feb (AxH), and one at Tallahassee, Leon 1 Jan+ (Fran Rutkovsky). A rare Allen's Hummingbird was banded at Pan - ama City Beach, Bay 16 Jan (Odessa & Donald Kelley, banded Fred Bassett), providing only the third record for Florida. PASSERINES An Acadian Flycatcher at Royal Palm, Ever- glades N.P. 16 Dec (AxH) provided the first veri- This Cordilleran/Pacific-slope Flycatcher provided Florida's first record of the Western Flycatcher complex on 8 January 2015, in Tallahassee, Leon County. Photograph by Elliott Schunke.

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